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By : Fareed Virk 5/8/12

Introduction 5/8/12 .

5/8/12 .• Labor Shortage • Remote Areas with high cost of living Low unemployment rates Seasonal need for employees • • • Administrative functions of the department were viewed as the only contribution of HR to the total organization.

Case Overview 5/8/12 .

Labor Shortage in Hospitality Management 5/8/12 .

and goals Strategic Management in HR • • Committed Employees Nurturing psychological bonds. treating employees fairly. performance. improvement systems. an appropriate hiring process. meeting employee expectations 5/8/12 .• Concept of Human Capital • competence. shared values. norms. and attitude and motivation. and a service-oriented culture • Empowered Employees • training on problem solving. Service Oriented Employees • • Human Capital Process Model • training on guest expectations. intellectual agility.

• Co-alignment Principle Model Identify opportunities that exist in the forces driving change in the environment Invest in competitive methods(strateg y choices) that take advantage of these • 1. 2. Co-Alignment Model 5/8/12 .

Purpose of the Study 5/8/12 .

Researchers enter into the domain of the firm in question. • • • Methodology Questionnaires emailed before-hand. • • • Observation of the implemented strategies in the premises. Face to face interviews Structured questionnaire of 27 questions • • • • 6 Descriptive of resort 5 Forces in environment driving change identified by HR Director.4 Star Resorts in North Carolina.• Focus. 4 Strategy choices and competitive method utilized 5 How capital nd HR were allocated to competitive methods 8 Firm’s financial performance. 5/8/12 .

Firm’s Performance Results and discussion 5/8/12 .

Culture committee Benefits increasing in cost and changing in nature Immigration and diversity of the work force Energy costs for employees Generational mix 5/8/12 . Building loyalty among employees Incentive programs Redefining full-time employment Extending seasons Redefining full-time Employment. Developing a company Culture. Child care. Flextime. Competitive benefits and Salaries. Changing management structure to compliment capital Investment.Forces in the environment Economic issues : Labor Unemployment rates Competitive Methods / Strategy Firm Structure Choices H2B. J-1 Visas. HR as strategic Partner. Job sharing Increased HR Budgets.

New competition Competitive Methods / Strategy Firm Structure Choices Renovated Added amenities Increased service quality Package pricing Renovated facilities Added amenities Increased service quality Package pricing Leadership development and increased training Co-branding Focussed marketing Focussed marketing Other Issues Technology Environmental 5/8/12 .Forces in the environment Economic Issues—Guests Growth in family travel due to increasing energy costs or value of time.

Thank You 5/8/12 .

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