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By : Fareed Virk 5/8/12

Introduction 5/8/12 .

• Labor Shortage • Remote Areas with high cost of living Low unemployment rates Seasonal need for employees • • • Administrative functions of the department were viewed as the only contribution of HR to the total organization. 5/8/12 .

Case Overview 5/8/12 .

Labor Shortage in Hospitality Management 5/8/12 .

norms. treating employees fairly. shared values.• Concept of Human Capital • competence. an appropriate hiring process. improvement systems. and attitude and motivation. meeting employee expectations 5/8/12 . performance. Service Oriented Employees • • Human Capital Process Model • training on guest expectations. and goals Strategic Management in HR • • Committed Employees Nurturing psychological bonds. intellectual agility. and a service-oriented culture • Empowered Employees • training on problem solving.

• Co-alignment Principle Model Identify opportunities that exist in the forces driving change in the environment Invest in competitive methods(strateg y choices) that take advantage of these • 1. 2. Co-Alignment Model 5/8/12 .

Purpose of the Study 5/8/12 .

• • • Methodology Questionnaires emailed before-hand. • • • Observation of the implemented strategies in the premises. Face to face interviews Structured questionnaire of 27 questions • • • • 6 Descriptive of resort 5 Forces in environment driving change identified by HR Director.• Focus. 5/8/12 .4 Star Resorts in North Carolina. Researchers enter into the domain of the firm in question. 4 Strategy choices and competitive method utilized 5 How capital nd HR were allocated to competitive methods 8 Firm’s financial performance.

Firm’s Performance Results and discussion 5/8/12 .

HR as strategic Partner.Forces in the environment Economic issues : Labor Unemployment rates Competitive Methods / Strategy Firm Structure Choices H2B. Job sharing Increased HR Budgets. Culture committee Benefits increasing in cost and changing in nature Immigration and diversity of the work force Energy costs for employees Generational mix 5/8/12 . Changing management structure to compliment capital Investment. Flextime. Child care. J-1 Visas. Building loyalty among employees Incentive programs Redefining full-time employment Extending seasons Redefining full-time Employment. Competitive benefits and Salaries. Developing a company Culture.

New competition Competitive Methods / Strategy Firm Structure Choices Renovated Added amenities Increased service quality Package pricing Renovated facilities Added amenities Increased service quality Package pricing Leadership development and increased training Co-branding Focussed marketing Focussed marketing Other Issues Technology Environmental 5/8/12 .Forces in the environment Economic Issues—Guests Growth in family travel due to increasing energy costs or value of time.

Thank You 5/8/12 .

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