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Professional IT services Commercial Datacenter Operator Cloud Service Provider

De Novo 2012

De Novo Basic Values

De Novo shareholders:
De Novo an innovative company and leading provider of professional IT services for medium and large corporations in Ukraine De Novo a top-notch team of industry professionals with more than 10 years of IT experience each and hundreds of projects under their belts. De Novo reliability is guaranteed by our shareholders: o KM Core, an international technology investment company o Intel Capital, the Intel Corporations global investment fund o IFC, the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group
De Novo [...] an example of a company worth emulating, a company in a class of its own.
Natalia Protsenko, PCWeek/UE publisher

De Novo Customers

We work with the leaders and the leaders trust us.

De Novo Business Consulting

Improving business performance by implementing best practices like those in Oracles e-Business Suite Offering industry-specific solutions in retail, logistics and distribution, as well as in manufacturing Providing a team with experience working with global leaders like Herbalife, Chemiroagro, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Agro-Soyuz, TEVA, AS Watson, MMK, Uralkaliy, and XTZ Combining best practices with local business needs Applying industrial methods to business solutions

Industrial expertise + industry-specific know-how = Effective automation of business processes

De Novo Industry Expertise

Retail trade

Logistics and distribution

Processing and power industries

Consulting, implementation, support

We work to increase the efficiency, transparency and managability of your business.

Solutions For Retail Chains

Oracle Retail the foundation of successful retail business:
5,000 retailers in 68 countries use Oracle; Oracle provides 26 different solutions for retailers that are considered best of class
Merchandising and supply chain
Retaili ng
Managing merchandise Master Data Pricing Promotions Importing Sales auditing Costing Orders Stock control Account reconciliati on Wholesale programs Distribution Replacement Supply books

Supply chain

Stores and Points of Sale (POS)

Stor es
Contr ol Receiving at stores Store orders Pricing Shelf stocking POS Point-of-Sale Store operations Printing pricetags Cashflow management

Optimizing retail profits

Retaili ng Supply chain

Planning / optimizing distribution

Financial planning Managing by product group Planning / managing retail space Optimizing retail prices Planning / optimizing promotions

Projecting demand Planning / optimizing product lifecycles Expanded inventory management Optimizing stock Working with suppliers

De Novo Drives Cloud Computing

Solutions for Cloud Computing

IT infrastructure transformation and optimization
o o o o o

Consolidation and virtualization of server & storage infrastructure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions Red Button makes your virtual environment failure-tolerant Convergent networks at DC networking infrastructure DRP Lab the support system for uninterruptible IT

Managing corporate data

o o o o

Systems for centralized back-up and recovery Disaster Recovery Planning Archival data security systems Virtualized data security networks

Cloud Data Centers cloud infrastructure

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Trusted Cloud secured cloud computing infrastructure for corporate clients 99.98% availability of services based on SLA Located in the best commercial DC in the country

De Novo Cloud Models

Functionality and level of automation
Life-cycle management of resource pools and operating environments is automated. Automated reporting and proactive response system is introduced. Self-service portal is launched, along with procedures for resource tracking and billing. At the OS level, DC is protected against local failures, breakdown, data corruption, and malware. Dynamic load balancing and SLA fulfilment monitoring are provided. A procedure for capacity planning is introduced.

PRIVATE CLOUD automation and self-maintenance

CONSOLIDATED system services and functions centralized

With IT services separated from physical infrastructure, mobility is ensured. Resource utilization is made more flexible and efficient.

BASIC virtual infrastructure

Level of maturity

De Novo Cloud Solutions

Red Button Functionality and level of automation
Cloud data security Virtualized workplaces

Autopilot DRP Lab

PRIVATE CLOUD NEW automation and self! maintenance

Hyper Cloud


Transformation Assessment BASIC virtual infrastructure Virtual infrastructure

Virtualization CONSOLIDATED HealthCheck system services and NEW functions centralized ! SAN HealthCheck Storage Progress Planning

Level of maturity

Data Center Consulting: In-Depth Experience Handling Critical Project Points

DC Crisis Point project feasibility study and setting of key objectives, developing a technical concept and a dynamic financial model for the business plan DC Project Appraisal assessment of project consistency and feasibility and the effectiveness of the chosen technical solutions; balancing constraints; thermal modeling (CFD analysis) DC ShakeDown DC stress testing at maximum projected load in order to detect hidden defects in design and installation

DC HealthCheck periodic assessments of the state of the DC, identifying operational risks and developing measures to deal with them

De Novo experts will help eliminate 80% of your project risks before you invest any capital.

Data Center Consulting: Construction Management Company

Construction Management Company professional engineering team that represents the customer interests throughout the project phases, core administration and integration resources of the project.
Integration and management functions - overall project management
(authority having jurisdiction )

IT Requirements Approval Procedures

Operation Permit

Construction Permit

Design Permit

Concept Design, Budget

Source Data

Design Assignment

Bu g t de ad n Pro ct je Pla n Ap r l pova


Construction Activities Technology Infrastructure Implementation Equipment Ordering and Supply Stress Test

Detailed Design Development Site Facility & Risk Assessment Schematic Design

Tendering Procedures

- Customer

and Customer





- Construction Management Company

- Construction Management Company - Subsystem Contractor

Operation Start

Construction Management Company: Project Role Project management and integration functions overall project
management processes focused on achieving target project objectives. Develop design assignment and management committee approval, schematic design (contractors involved ).Namely, these specific project phases define targetfacility specification (in compliance with Customerbusiness objectives), as well as detailedproject budget and timelineto be approved by the Customer. Participate in tendering processes administration according to approved budget define procurement units(components and services), tenderrequirements development (RFP),tender applicants pre-qualification, defining evaluation criteria.Conduct tendering procedures according to Customerstandards in order to ensure competition transparency. Supervise sub-contractors, perform architectural and technical control at installation andcommissioning project stages, acceptance of completed work. Manage the processof passing stateAuthority Having Jurisdiction, AHJ (design documentation, labor safety, fire safety, etc), AHJacceptance and procedure of obtaining operation permit. Data center stress testing under full load, define and eliminate (contractors involved) system defects, launch data center into production.

Monitors your entire physical DC infrastructure 24/7 Can process signals from thousands of sensors in real time Promptly detects events and plans proactive responses Uses De Novo specialists, who are experienced in constructing and utilizing the companys own DC Affordable for even small facilities

SCADA the industrial solution for monitoring DC physical infrastructure

Data Center Control

Dispatching Center

Sensors & Controller

Client DC


Service providers

SCADA Monitor


Our cloud-based SCADA services are backed by experience building and operating the largest commercial DC in Ukraine.

Outsourcing services commercial DC IT infrastructure service

De Novo 2012

De Novos Hyper Cloud

Hyper Cloud provides virtual Private Cloud (Cloud DCs)
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Greater reliability and security than traditional IT infrastructure 99.99% service access set in SLA Uninterrupted hyper cloud operation guaranteed by the countrys best commercial DC Trusted Cloud model Hyper cloud power: 4000 virtual servers (4GHz CPU, 4GB RAM, 150GB HDD) + 300TB disk storage media

Cloud services
o o o

Cloud Data Processing Center Hybrid clouds Cloud disks


The cloud DC model allows you to pay for only the IT resources that your company actually uses.

De Novo Hyper Cloud Architecture

Charg eback High Availabil ity MANAGEMENT AND AUTOMATION LAYER vCl Dir ou ect or Orchesd trator Dynamic Resource Scheduler vSp her CLOU e D OS vCe nte r vS hie ld

E d g e

H Bl o c k

H Bl o c k

To set up hyper clouds, and technologies from VMWare, Cisco, EMC and NetApp.

S- Bl H Bl o o c c N N Bl k k- Bl o o c c we use cutting-edge architecture k k

A B V l o A c - B E k l o c k

vCloud Connect or

Cloud DCs: Consumption Models

De Novo Cloud Datacenter means:
Extremely high levels of fault tolerance Zero maintenance intervals: all maintenance work is carried out by DC operational services without interrupting operations

Back-up DC Virtual Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Repository for back-up copies

Nearly unlimited scalability On-demand resource capacity Highly automated administrative procedures

Cloud DCs: Access Models




vCloud Director (external IP)

Internet Edge Router & VPN-terminator

vCloud Director (internal IP) HTTPS

Edge Route r

CloudNet CorpNet MPLS



Direct vShield Controlled Internet Access

DC/Office internal network


De Novo Commercial DC
De Novo Datacenter is designed to handle both primary and back-up DC sites for banks, telecoms operators, insurance companies, and major media outlets Our engineering systems and are completely prepared for any type computer equipment including enterprise class racks We are ready to implement both Public Cloud and Private Cloud projects Ours is the first DC in Ukraine to meet Tier III TIA-942 standards and specific requirements of NBU
[De Novos DC] is without doubt a project of unprecedented scale for this country. I dont think were going to see anything like it in Ukraine in the foreseeable future. Interview with Volodymyr Dokhlenko, Vice President for IT Commerce in Ukraine and

De Novo DC: Features

UPS system with two independent water-cooling circuits Precision air conditioners with dynamic cooling functions Free Cooling Technology Two independent clusters of high-performance UPSs with up to 95% efficiency DES with 4 diesel generators and back-ups Two independent high-voltage power inputs Real-time CCTV and restricted physical access Independent automatic gas fire extinguishing systems in each module Centralized monitoring and dispatching system 24-hour dispatching service in three shifts Infrastructure ready for Enterprise-class equipment and high-density computing

De Novo Datacenter Specification

Power capacity (overall / IT consumption) Power inputs Number of modules (leased unit) Type of module Telecommunications Ambient temperature Standards met

2117 2 (+720 2 on rooftop)

module: 728 2 office: 271 2

3300/1650 kW 2 independent high voltage + AT group 11L + 20S + 1H (220 racks) S: 4x30kW blocks, L: 8x60kW blocks, H: 50x400kW blocks 2 independent fiberoptic links to L9 communications center, total of 800 Gb -35 to +40 oC TIA-942 III, NBU requirements

De Novo DC for Small to Medium Banks

Solutions to arranging high-quality server premises that meet NBU requirements at a reasonable cost. This project involves two stages:
Tranforming outdated IT infrastructure into modern private cloud infrastructure. Locating 1-2 blocks of the banks transformed IT infrastructure in De Novos commercial DC, which meets NBU requirements based on our certificate of conformity.

Commercial benefits:
Complete compliance with the requirements of NBU Resolution 243. A level of reliability and security that is normally only affordable for a few major banks. Up to 50% reduction in IT infrastructure costs and the capacity to project these accurately. The ability to move banking premises without having to transfer IT infrastructure as well.

Corporate class IT infrastructure with 99.98% reliability and cost-effectiveness for the IT budgets of medium businesses

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