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Dynamic Routing with Security Considerations

(Asst. Prof. Dept. Of CSE)

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Security is an Important role in all aspects To improve Security, by using Cryptographic Techniques IP Security and SSL are popular propose a dynamic routing algorithm

Existing System
They used Cryptographic Techniques to improve Security Another alternative way for Securityenhanced routing The intension of Security-enhanced routing

Problem Statement
Routing protocols over Networks Distance Vector Algorithms Link State Algorithms Goal is to propose a Distance Vector based algorithms

Demerits of Existing System

Number of Re-transmission is high Cost is high to implement a cryptographic technique It is applicable for wired Networks

Proposed System
The algorithm is easy to implement and compatible with popular routing protocols RIP-wired networks DSDV-wireless networks Improve Security for data transmission is based on multiple path deliveries

Merits of Proposed System

Cost is low compare to cryptographic technique Its applicable for wired and wireless networks Number of retransmission is less No need to modify the basic routing table No memory space is required



C hoose D estination


D ata

R andom Path

C heck D atabase

T ransfer M essage

Step 1: Select the source node S Step 2: Choose the destination D if(S==D) No packets transmitted else Choose Random paths if(path=Routing path) This route is already over else Take other route Step 3: Select the distances from source to destination Step 4: Transmits the message Step 5: Update the Routing table

Topology Construction Random Path Selection Message Transmission Routing Table Maintenance


Check Available


Already Available

Update Node Info

Expected Outcome
Input: Text/Java File Output: File will be split into number of Packets and transmitted on multiple paths.

This paper has proposed a securityenhanced dynamic routing algorithm. The proposed algorithm is easy to implement and compatible with popular routing protocols, such as RIP and DSDV

Future Enhancement
To enhance the security features instead of using random path selection will make use of new cryptographic algorithms, in order to get efficient packets.

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