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Auto Lighting System HID(High Intensity Discharge)

AHLS(Auto Headlamp Leveling System)

Auto Lighting System

Auto lighting system introduction

Auto lighting system is automatically turn on and off

the tail & headlamp device according to surrounding

brightness. That is, when select lighting switch goes to Auto

position, sensor detects surrounding illumination

change, automatically turn on and off the tail and head lamp device without any other operation. The sensor which senses lightness of surrounding has been attached on the crush pad top portion and

become to sensor and module all

Auto light solar sensor Function

Role of Solar Sensor
This sensor outputs an electric current according to the light quantity and transmits it to the control module so that head lamp and tail lamp

relays are driven according to the

light quantity and then lamp relays operate.

Auto light solar sensor - Principle

Principle of Sensing
When electric current is inputted on the base of controller

power transmitter from solar sensor in the following circuit

according to insulation, transmitter turns on so as to light the lamp

Solar Sensor Lamp



Auto light solar sensor Characteristics

Output current Characteristics by quantity of solar radiation
mA 600

Output Current(nano ampere)

500 400 300 200 100 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Auto light sensor module

Item Rated voltage Working voltage Load Working Temperature Conservation temperature Install location 12 volts 9 ~ 16 volts Max 200mA relay load -30 ~ +80 -40 ~ +120 On the crash pad Specification

Auto light inputs & outputs

System Block Diagram Inputs Signal
Auto light switch

CPU for Auto light control TR1 for tail lamp relay TR2 for head lamp relay

IGN, Switch
Solar sensor signal


Tail lamp relay Head lamp relay

Auto light ON & Off condition

Operation by switch position
Switch Position Lamp operation Description According to the position of tail lamp Switch, the tail lamp is ON or OFF. If the drivers side door is opened with the tail lamp ON and Ignition Key OFF lamp is OFF automatically.(Tail Lamp Auto Cut) According to the position of head lamp switch, the head lamp is ON and OFF. If ignition Key OFF is with the head lamp ON the head lamp is OFF.

Tail Lamp Manual

Tail Lamp ON

Head Lamp Head Lamp OFF



The Tail lamp & Head lamp is ON/OFF automatically regardless the driver intention Head Lamp & Tail according to the surroundings brightness. Lamp automatic The auto ON and OFF of lamp is controlled ally ON/OFF by Auto Light Sensor.

Condition of Lamp ON & OFF

Auto Light function condition.
1. Ignition Key S/W ON 2. Light S/W Auto Position

Tail lamp
Turn ON 23.1 Lux(0.52-0.56volt)

Head lamp
6.2 Lux(0.36-0.37volt)

Turn OFF

48.1 LLux(0.86-0.96Volt)

12 Lux(0.52-0.56volt)

Auto Light Operation ON/OFF

Time Chart
500 ms Later ON 3 sec. Later Off

Tail Lamp Illumination


23.1 Lux (0.78 Volt) 48.1 Lux (1.3 Volt)

Head Lamp ON Illumination

OFF 6.2 Lux (0.36 Volt) 12 Lux (0.52 Volt)

Auto Light Operation Characteristics 1

Operation Characteristics 1
Tail Lamp Auto Cut Function (IG S/W ON and Off and Door Open)
ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON(open) OFF(close)

Tail Lamp Switch Tail Lamp

Door SW

Auto Light Operation Characteristics 2

Operation Characteristics 2
Tail Lamp Auto Cut (IG. ON with Door Open)
ON OFF Tail Lamp Switch ON


OFF ON OFF ON(open) OFF(close)

Tail Lamp

Door SW

Auto Light Operation Characteristics 3

Auto Light Operation Characteristics 3
Tail Lamp Auto Cut (Auto S/W ON and Door Open)
IGN. KEY Tail Lamp Switch Auto ON OFF ON OFF

ON Tail Lamp ON Condition OFF

Tail Lamp

ON OFF ON(open) OFF(close)

Door SW

Circuit Diagram
Auto Lighting Circuit
Ignition Switch
AM Acc IG1 IG2 ST Acc ON ST Lo Hi P

Multi Function switch


Pin Voltage check IG. & Auto switch ON

Pin No. at condition at condition of lamp OFF of lamp ON IGN.Off Auto mode IGN.ON Auto mode


Dash Fuse Box Tail Lamp RLY Fusible Link

Tail Lamp 3 5

1 2 3 4
1 6 Auto Light Sensor


5 6


Head Lamp RLY

Head Lamp

HID(High Intensity

HID(High Intensity Discharge) Head-lamp General

The HID System, that is different to currently existing

Halogen bulbs that emit a DC 12V filament, the Ballast

and Igniter changes the voltage of 12V into 20,000V

it is a headlamp that does not contain a filament that

emits light through discharging electrodes from a Xenon Gas Capsule

HID Headlamp characteristics


principle of lighting Characteristics


No light, if the voltage of power is beyond the specification(Specification : 9 ~ 16 volt)


of Bulb gas

XEMON GAS : Fast light On at beginning.

HID Speciation
ITEM Rated voltage Minimum operating voltage Range of operating voltage MAX. Current Starting Current Rated current Output current Housing range of temperature Spec. 12 volts 9 volts 9 ~ 16 volts 20 Ampere Maximum below 17 Ampere for 10 seconds 3.18 Ampere 35W1W at 25 40 ~ 105

Halogen Bulb vs. HID BULB

Halogen Bulb vs. HID BULB Comparison
ITEM Luminous Flues (at 12 volt) Average Luminous Color Temperature UNIT Lm Cd/ K HALLOGEN BULB 1360 3000 3500 HID BULB 3000 6000 4200

Power Consumption (at 12 volt)

Luminous Efficiency (at 12 volt) Life Time (at 14 volt)

Im/w h

26.8 650

85 2000

HID headlamp system components & function

Bulb Igniter Ballast

Igniter Socket



HID Headlamp device waveform & ARC Image

IGN. Key

Heal Light ON Switch OFF

20 Kv

Voltage secure Area(AC current)

85 volt(3A)

400 Hz

Heal Light Bulb Voltage

0 volt

25 ms 500 ms

HID Lamp Main Feature

Low Beam(HID Bulb) Main Feature
Items Low Beam

Center Max. irradiation width

68 m

Max. irradiation width

90 m

Max. irradiation width,(LH/RH)

17.1 m

High Beam(Halogen Bulb) Main Feature

Center Max. irradiation width 155 m Max. irradiation width 165 m Max. irradiation width,(LH/RH) 20 m

Items Hi Beam

Comparison Feature

If HID headlamp does not operate, do checking as follows
- Check voltage of the battery(Low beam operates when it is more than 9volts)

- Check the fuse & relay

- Polarity of power which is supplied to Ballast does check. - Bulb connector check - Bulb glass broken check

HID Lighting Circuit

Fuse:15A +


RH Head Lamp Relay

H.I.D Ballast 12V RH



LH Head Lamp Relay

H.I.D Ballast 12V LH


Caution items while inspect HID Lighting

There is a high voltage around the HID Igniter while HID Bulb is ON. so, that the inspection is allowed only while head Lamp Switch is Off. Do not Head Light Switch On when HID Lamp Igniter Connector is disconnected.(When the switch is On, 20KV is applied to Igniter) The HID BULB manufacturer of RH & LH should be same. Ex : Osram or Philips Do not fix HID Lighting System by customer when it fails.

AHLS (Auto Head Light Leveling System)

AHLS general
This device is to automatically control the headlamp

projection angle that is variable

due to the vehicle loading condition

AHLS operating Sequence 1

1. Load change the amount of vehicle

2. Angle change of suspension

3. Head lamp angle change requirement calculation

4. Head lamp angle change leveling single send to leveling device

5, Head lamp angle leveling device Actuator operating

AHLS operating Sequence 2

Before load detect

Load detect

Head lamp angle leveling device actuator operating.

AHLS composition - AHLS Module

AHLS Module
Detects the height of vehicle and optimize the up & down aiming of head lamp.

Install location

AHLS composition - Auto Leveling Actuator

Auto Leveling Actuator
Adjust the aiming angle of head lamp according to the voltage signal of AHLS control module.

Install location

Auto Leveling Actuator Ballaster


Input / output Block Diagram
INPUTS OUTPUTS IGN. Key(12 volt) Head Light Switch Vehicle Height Sensor Vehicle Speed Sensor Ground HID Signal Leveling Actuator

DLC Connector




IGN. Key S/W Head Lamp Switch
Hs1 Ts


OFF Tail H/L

3 AHLS 1 Actuator 6 E32 Connector

15 ENG. J/Box Fusible Link Head Lamp Relay

M01-1 Connector

M68 Connector 2 4 5 6 8


DLC Connector 1


Vehicle Speed Sensor


Height Sensor Lever

Auto Leveling Condition

There two condition, when do auto leveling according to height change of a car. Condition 1
IG. ON & Head Light Switch ON Mode before take off(Vehicle stop)

Condition 2
Head Lamp Switch ON Mode after take off(while driving)

AHLS Control Module Reset

HALS Reset
When : the SI-ECM is replaced or Using Hi-scan.

Reset condition
- Vehicle empty condition - Flat ground & regular tire pressure SI ECM Output signal Voltage Between SI ECM & AHLS Actuator. : 80% voltage of input voltage to AHLS Control Module. Reset leveling is fixed on vehicle empty condition

Hi-scan diagnosis - Reset

ALHS Reset with Hi-scan

1. Caution : Select the right model 2. Zero setting value : 80 %

Diagnostic Trouble Code Read

Diagnostic Trouble Code

Dynamic Type DTC

Caution : Head lamp switch should be On when conduct self diagnosis C1522 DTC is shown with just IG. Key On.

Diagnostic trouble code description.

DTC DTC ITEM Description SI - ECM Hardware Error SI ECM Software Error ALHS Adjusting Failed(Zero Setting) Heal Lamp Signal line open Circuit Head Lamp ON/OFF Signal Voltage - Lamp Switch ON : Lower-than 2 Volt - Lamp Switch OFF : Higher-than 6 Volt Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal Higher-than 301 Hz MAX. Signal : 300 Hz - ALHS Signal Line Short to BATT. or Short to GND. - When ALHS Signal Line Voltage is beyond the 15~80% of SI-ECM input voltage. - Overturned error when SI ECM Lever is beyond 90 that is normal operating range. - When the temperature of SI ECM EEPROM is over 120 for 2 sec. C1604 ECM(Hardware) Error C1606 ECM(Software) Error C1620 First Setup Not Completed (Not Adjusted)


H/Lamp Switch Signal Line Open

Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction


Output Voltage Short to C2226 battery or GND. (Actuator Control Signal Line) C1255 C1621 RR Height Sensor Circuit (Overturned SI-ECM Level) Excess operating Temperature

Current Data Read

Current Data

Actuator .. % : SI ECM Output Voltage Value MIN : 15 %(60), MAX : 80 %(90) Sensor .. DEG. : Rear Height Sensor Angle. Actuality operation angle : 20. Check if the SI-ECM output voltage is 80% of input voltage at vehicle empty condition. The angle of sensor is zero DEG. at vehicle empty condition.

Hi-scan Actuator test

Actuator test

Input Set Value : Check if the actuator is operated from 15% to 80% of input voltage. SET : Return to basic value 80% if press set button while actuator is operated.