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Report Writing

Where do we find reports?

News Report Budget Report Medical Report of a person The Manager of a bank send a periodical report to the Head Office Sri Krishna Committee report on Telangana issue Committee on Agriculture Committee on Science & Technology A sales manager sends a report on weekly / annual sales A Scientist writes a report that provides scientific data A Progress Report of a student Project Report Seminar Report

What is a Report and their purpose? Def: A report is a formal document written for a specific audience to meet a specific need.

piece of factual writing

A description of the conditions An analysis and interpretation of a particular topic

A written data for a specific purpose

A discussion of a topic in depth Ends with some conclusions and recommendations

Types of Reports
Information and Analytical Reports
Routine and Special Reports Oral and Written Reports Formal and Non-formal Reports

Informational Report
Presents facts of a case, problem,

Analytical Report
Presents data with interpretation

condition, or situation without any analysis, interpretations, or recommendations Relevant information is gathered and compiled

and analysis

Analyses the facts and forwards conclusions or recommendations

For example: Market research reports, Project reports, etc.

For example: Conference reports, Seminar reports, Trip reports, etc.

Routine Reports
Companies, Institutions,

Special Reports
Presentation of specific

Government departments, and Research Establishments depend on periodical reports for various management decisions Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual

information related to a single condition, situation, problem, or occasion Most important decisions are taken These may be analytical or informational

For example: Daily production reports, Monthly sales reports, For example: Research Annual reports reports, Inquiry report

Oral Reports Informal and face-toface presentations of information

For example: Accident reports, Conference reports, etc.

Written Reports Presentation of information in written form

For example; Progress reports, Research reports

Formal Reports It is the result of a thorough investigation of a problem Comparatively longer and need elaborate description and discussion. Have a fixed format Length may vary from a few pages to hundreds of pages. Can be informational, analytical, routine, or special For example: Technical reports, Project reports, Annual reports, etc.

Non-formal Reports A brief account of a specific business activity Comparatively short and dont need elaborate description & discussion. Have printed, letter, or memo form Almost same in length

Can be informational or analytical and may use oral or written form.

Trip reports, daily production reports, etc.

Match the Following 1. Lengthy Reports 2. Presentation of routine information 3. Data on periodic and situational activities without analysis 4. Short Reports 5. Presentation of specific information 6. Analysis of data to persuade readers a. Informational b. Analytical

c. Routine

d. Special e. Formal

f. Non-formal

Formats of Reports
Printed Format

Forms prepared to record for repetitive and routine data Letter Format Short informal reports to be communicated to someone outside an organization Memo Format Short informal reports to be communicated to someone within an organization Formal Report / Technical Report Formal reports printed on plain paper

Printed Form
TOUR REPORT Report on Participation in Professional Conference Office order No. 14789/2005 Dated 04-01-2005 Name of the Officer: Designation: Address: Name of the conference: Name of the Organiser: Place of Conference: Duration of Conference: (a) Sponsors of the Conference:1. (b) Number of sessions: (c) Number of presentations: Date: 27th January, 2005 Signature:

Letter Format
ALPHA CONSULTANCY PVT.LTD. Communication-21/12, Ring Road, Delhi-110 052
January 31, 2005

Mr G Ravi Kiran Chief Safety Officer NDP Limited, NDPL Building 37-D, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kolkata-700 071

Dear Mr Ravi Kiran: The Alpha Consultancy team inspected the AP section of the IV Seam in NDP Colliery to collect various parameters to determine the Rock Mass Rating of the roof. A detailed description regarding different locations visited is given below:
Sincerely, A Prabha General Manager

Structure of Formal / Technical Reports

Part -1 Prefatory Part 1. Cover 2. Title Page 3. Certificate 4. Acknowledgements 5. Contents 6. List of Illustrations 7. Abstract / Summary Part 2 Main Text 1. Introduction 2. Discussions / Finding/ Analysis 3. Conclusions Part -3 Supplementary Part 1. Appendices 2. References and Bibliography 3. Glossary

How to Write a Report Analyze the problem and purpose

Determine the scope of the report Determine the needs of the audience Gather all the information Analyze and organize the information

Write the first draft

Revise, review, and edit

Write the final draft

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