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Competency / Skill Mapping and Skill Enhancement Training (CSET)

About the Training: This intervention aims at basic identification of need recommended by departmental Head or incharge at the beginning with competency / skill mapping, with micro details by direct and confidential interaction with each employee to suit specific need. It emphasizes mainly on skill development and improvement supplemented by essential knowledge based concept. It also aims at multi-skilling approach.

Aims at: Setting the skill/ competency sets for employees against various positions and then mapping their individual competencies leading to Competency Gap Analysis. Skill / Competency enhancement through training.

Training output: At the end of the programme the participants will be able to: Use appropriate tools for specific application. Read different measuring instrumentation, meters and gauges. Interpret technical specifications and ratings different devices and equipment. Analysis the fault systematically. Test & Check the components. Assist Properly to supervisor engg. and managers. Take up few maintenance and repairing jobs independently.

Process Flow / Stages of the Exercise along with Action Plan / Map:
Start Defining Competencies Position wise in consultation with HODs/ Sectional Heads/ Area Incharges.

Time Duration of Actions: One Week One - Two Week* One Day One Two Days

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 9 Step - 8

Individual wise Competency/ Skill Mapping: In consultation with HODs/ Sectional Heads/ Area Incharges and Through individual interviews /interaction by external consultant.

Training Need Identification through Competence / Skill Gap Analysis.

Training Module Formation / Contents Finalisation in consultation with with HODs/ Sectional Heads/ Area Incharges.

Batch & Module Finalisation in consultation with external consultant and departmental sectional head.

One Day One Two Week* One Two Week *

Impart training

Post Training Evaluation Competence / Skill Mapping after 3 months.

Retraining Improvement found in Skill / Competence Gap? Minimum Competence Desired Level achieved?


The duration of the exercise would vary from department to department depending on the number of technicians.

Yes End

Medium of Instruction: Expression in Hindi language associated with English technical terminologies. Evaluation: By observation while on Training. Specific Test. Performance improvement rated by seniors on job after a period of 3 months of training. Employees Covered: SMS-II : 20 employees (6 days module). RUBM : 31 employees (9 days module).