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Accountability Matrix Project Environment for cats


The basic idea is to:

To implement a project kind of an environment for the CATs,

Track the performance of CATs on a regular basis, Give equal share of opportunity and responsibility to all the CATs Explore the leadership qualities of each CAT.

how the project environment looks like:

The Plan
To implement the above scenario in the academy, each batch will be divided into 4 teams.

Each member in the team would be assigned a domain and it will be based on their abilities in a particular domain. The domains can be Academic, Presentation, Domain, Blog / Innovation and Extra - Curricular.

The Plan

The member of the team, who holds a particular domain, will be the team leader for the other members in the team.

Graphical Representation
Team 1 has 6 members with each member functioning as TL based on their expertise.





Extra - Curricular


Graphical Representation
For example, A takes care of the academic activities for the rest of the team. He acts as TL for academic activities.

The concept of 24 TLs will thus be implemented.

What We Gain?

We would accomplish the above to enable the following:

To enhance team spirit and build leadership qualities to all the
members in the batch. To learn the science of tracking (Making the CATs aware as to how

things are tracked).

To get the flavor of working in a real time project. To have a seamless transition to the project environment. To enable the CATs to complete the course effectively.

Accountability Metrics

The plan would be implemented by using a standard template called Accountability Metrics This can be used to rate the batch members with the help of the rating details. The rating details would be quantitative in nature. The ratings would be consolidated and the performance of each trainee in each domain can be quantified.


Project Manager Project Lead Kishore Krishnan

Associate Details



Team No Associate ID

Associate Name

A P D Blog I EC A P D Blog I EC EC A

Task Assigned

Task Status

% Comp.

Task Assigned

Task Status

Team 3

Team 2

Team 1

P Blog D I A P D Blog I EC

Team 4


This performance assessment plan would help nurture leadership qualities in every individual and give them a feel of the project work environment.

It would also help improve interaction among all the trainees in a batch and help improve team spirit.