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EUC to CS File Share Migration

Function/Sub-function EUC/CS
Milestones / Accomplishments
Daily incrementals in place and awaiting move to production: wwadfs01; wbbnps01; wbbnps03; wlcfs01 Sites in Progress Little Falls ready for 3/23 migration

Project Sponsor: John New Project Manager: George Longdin % Done

50% 25% 25% 100% 25% 25%

Week Ending 09 March 2012 Next Steps

Status G

StatusG Y Y Done G G

File Share Integration agdata04 (COS) wcosps03 (COS) filesan2 (La Jolla) wscsfs01 (SC) wscsfs03 (SC)

Start Date End Date

10/9/11 1/30/12 1/30/12 10/9/11 1/30/12 1/30/12 4/1/12 TBD TBD 1/26/12 4/27/12 4/27/12

Next Steps: Notify Daily Incremental copy sites users of the upcoming changes, and initiate move to production.

Data copies in progress: wscsf01; wscsfs03; wscsfs05

Awaiting filer upgrade: wsonfs01; wsonfs02 The COS filers are in need of additional capacity. The orders have been placed, but the equipment is not expected for 2-3 weeks. Therefore the final cutover date will be determined once the hardware arrives on site. agdata04; wcosps03


5% 5%

wscsfs05 (SC)
wsonfs01 (SR) wsonfs02 (SR)

11/21/11 11/21/11

9/28/12 9/28/12

Common processes required for each site: Understand the unique data requirements for each site Build the file structure on Agilent filers in preparation for the data move

Done G G G Done

100% 95% 95% 95% 100%

wlfcfs01 (Little Falls)

wsqffs01 (Edinburgh) wbbnps01 (BBN) wbbnps03 (BBN) wwadfs01 (Waldbronn) wtelix01 (Israel)

12/13/11 1/13/12 1/13/12 12/6/11 10/9/11

2/10/12 5/11/12 5/11/12 4/20/12 1/21/12

Score Card: Total Sites and Phases : Percent Complete 22 50% Sites and Phases Completed: 11

Plan for data migration

Perform a functional test Conduct an initial data transfer Perform the final data transfer and cutover

Done Done

100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

wchnfs01 (China)
wjhafl01 (Japan) wjfafl03 (Japan) wgurfs01 (India) wmosix02 (Russia) wmpnfl01 (Malaysia) wmpnsf01 (Malaysia) wsgpps01 (Singapore)

11/17/11 10/9/11 12/6/11 10/9/11 11/21/11 11/21/11 12/20/11

1/21/12 1/21/12 2/17/12 2/31/12 3/16/12 3/16/12 2/24/12

Key Decisions / Issues

The 4/5 end date was identified as the end date based upon the published transition date, and will be used to support resource decisions and support decisions throughout the vendor transition. The Russia site users determined that remote access to data was unacceptable, so the server will remain at the site, but support will move to CS in April. The Santa Rosa filers are in need of upgrade before they can accept the additional EUC data. Therefore, these servers will not be migrated until September. CS will take over support of these devices on April 5th when the HP contract expires, and manage the eventual migration to the filers.

Done Done Done Done Done

Rev. 2.3

Varian Status Report CS Infrastructure Agilent Restricted 5/19/2012