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Tea is said to be the most important labour intensive crop that provide employment to cover million workers both men and women. It provides income to the central and state government through taxes. Tea has been one of Indias fortes in export for decades. According to the report published by the United Planters Association of South India (UPASI) tea is cultivated in 38 countries including India, China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Russia and Brazil. The tea industry in India is about 160 years old. It occupies an important place and plays a useful part in the national economy. Tea cultivation on commercial scale was first started in Assam in 1839. Problem faced by the Tea Industry in India is that In the domestic area the state government continues to have heavy agricultural tax. This is done without taking into consideration of the contribution, providing employment in rural area through the plantation industries.

Tata Tea, Assam Company Ltd(ACL), GOODRICKE GROUP LTD, GODREJ GROUP, etc. are some of the leading companies in tea industry.

Peria Peak Tea estate is established 1992 at Peria, 23 km from Mananthavady, one of the best tea growing area In Wayanad. The partners of the factory are Mr. George Sebastian, Mr. Antony Sebastian, Mrs. Mary Sebastian, and Mrs. Philomina. Antony is the managing partner. The unit is promoted by a partnership firm called Peria Peak Tea Estates. The firm is registered under the tea board and the firm was inaugurated on 2nd march 1992. The Peria Peak Estates Pvt. Ltd. is entirely a production based company. The plant capacity of this unit is 1,60,000 kg. of high quality black Tea per annum. 55% of the capital is invested by these four partners and remaining 45% of investment is raised through term loan. The company has added a new flavor of natural beauty to the hills of Wayanad. People from different countries visit Wayanad in search of eco friendly tourism.

The company produces different grades of Tea Dust.
SL.No. Short Form 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SFD BP BOP FD SRD RD Expansion Fine Dust Super Red Dust Red Dust Pekoe Dust Super Fine Dust Pekoe Orenge Pekoe



Right Product quality and reliability. The company has dedicated work force who strives hard for the growth and success of the company. In the company there is a work culture that fosters individual growth, team spirit and creatively challenges to overcome challenges and attain goals. Management is committed and confident. There is a close relationship between management and labours. Their products have good demand in the market The company is a small player. Scarcity of raw material. New workers does not get off the job training. Machine break down.


Profitability is good and thus development is possible. Location provides easy access to neighboring states. Scope for Eco-friendly tourism. If they given more importance in organic tea cultivation , their products demand will increase.

Legislation could impact as the company is engaged with handling of Materials that may cause environmental pollution There is a chance for societal clash because of the environment pollution. The transportation cost is high, causing problems to raw material transportation as well as the transportation of final goods.


The green leaves are collected only from quality leaves supplied by small growers to produce good quality tea. The firm produces several varieties of dust tea and leaf tea. The machinery are cleaned daily to produce good quality tea. There is no adequate number of material handling equipments. Inadequate training will affect the efficiency of the workers. Lack of experts and efficient personnel for leading the workers of the organization. Canteen facility is not available in the factory.

Trolleys must be used to transfer the fiber for reconditioning. The firm should take more interest in sales promotional activities like discount schemes, gift schemes and advertisements. Installing more conveyer belts for transporting tea dust will increase the efficiency. Proper training on technical knowledge and new skills must be given to the employees who will help to increase the productivity of the organization. Placing experts and efficient personnel as the head to lead the team, this will make the management more professional. Company should provide canteen facility for the workers.

On studying about the industry as a whole it is evident that tea industry is one of the highest foreign exchange earners of the country. The study was so helpful in understanding the managerial and operational functions involved in the process of making final products as packed tea dust. I could apply and see the theoretical portion of my study to a practical side. In my opinion this factory stands best in the industry in this locality. The management and the employees maintain a good industrial relation among them. The company maintains a good quality and the best management. The firm is able to raise its good will with in a short period of its functioning by maintaining consistency in the quality of the tea that sold in auction. The success of Peria Peak Tea Plantation resides with good relationship between employee and employer compared to other firm's interruptions are also not found in the firm as a result of excellent maintenance work done by firm.

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