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Motivation is a drive that encourages action or feeling To motivate means encourage and inspire Igniting fire for action It is powerful It can persuade ,convince and propel you to action It is a force that can literally change your action

Motivation is like fire unless you keep adding fuel

to it, it dies. Just like exercise and food don't last long, neither does motivation. However, if the source of motivation is belief in inner values, it becomes long--lasting. Experience has shown that people will do a lot for money, more for a good leader, and do most for a belief. We see this happening every day all over the world. People will die for a belief.

The greatest enemy of motivation is complacency

Complacency leads to lack of effort Comes from the desire to succeed .Once you identify

what causes motivation you can motivate yourself and achieve your goals Moreover you can motivate others also

Internal VS External motivation

Internal motivation is your drive and attitude and is

contagious Comes from within, such as pride, a sense of achievement, responsibility and belief It is a feeling of accomplishment, rather than just achieving a goal It is lasting because it comes from within and translates into self motivation

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs


Inspiration Vs Motivation
Inspiration is thought
Motivation is action

External motivation
Comes from outside
Eg. Money, Societal approval, Fame, fear

Fear motivation
It gets the job done easily
Prevents losses by meeting deadlines Persons performance may improve Eg. Insurance policy No one explained the plan as

clearly as you explained Eg. Pyramids built by slaves constantly watched and reprimanded for non performance

Fear motivation - Disadvantages

It is external motivator in ,motivation on motivator

out, motivation gone Performance is limited to compliance It destroys creativity Getting used results in higher dose

Incentive motivation
Like bonus, commission, recognition
Works very well as long as the incentive is strong

enough This will work if the donkey is hungry enough, the carrot is sweet enough and the load is light enough

The moment the sales people meet their quotas, they

stop working.This is because their motivation is limited to meeting quotas That is external motivation not internal

Internal motivation
Story- soccer boy
Internal motivation comes from within Pride, a sense of achievement responsibility and belief Inner gratification, not for success or winning Feeling of accomplishment than achieving a goal

Recognition and Responsibility

The most important motivators are recognition and

responsibility Recognition means being appreciated , being treated with respect and dignity and a feeling of sense of belongingness Responsibility gives a person a feeling of belonging and ownership and becomes a part of the bigger picture

Motivation -nature
Monetary rewards are temporary and short lived
Not gratifying in the long run Should feel part of a worth while team People should feel that they are being treated like


Motivation can be +or -

Drug addict Father
Elder son - drug addict Younger son- successful in life

Employee Motivation
Motivated In-effective Motivated Effective




Four stages
Motivated ineffective open minded, receptive and

easy to mould to the culture of the organisation. Training and orientation imperative Motivated effective learned what to do and do it with enthusiasm

Demotivated effective doing just enough so that the

employer has no reason to fire him. Marginal performance . Bring them back to the second stage Demotivated ineffective At this stage the employer does not have much choice, but to fire the employee

Demotivators vsmotivators Belief that we are

Unfair criticism
Negative criticism Public humiliation

Lack of drection
Low self esteem Office politics

Lack of priorities
Rewarding the non

responsible for our actions and behavior Give recognition Give respect Make work interesting Provide training Throw a challenge Encourage Goal setting


Goal Setting
Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about

your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn this vision of the future into reality. DARE TO DREAM a blue print for your ultimate achievements 1. Think your dream -Brain storming 2. Visualize your dream 3. Plan your dream

Vision is the act of seeing things invisible to others
Without a vision, people will perish Vision Mission Objectives Strategies Tasks

Plan your dream

For loan? See the business plan
Three steps 1.Write a personal mission statement 2.Break your dream into goals 3.Write your DAILY TO DO LISTS

MISSION of INTI publishing

To empower the average person to recognize the entire

value of personal development and the vast benefits of vast enterprise through quality books, tapes and seminars My personal mission statement
My mission in life is to put my God given talents to good use everyday; to improve my relation with God, my family, my friends,and to give back more than I take

Why people dont set goals?

A pessimistic attitude
Fear of failure Fear of success Lack of abilities Fear of rejection Procrastination Low self esteem

Ignorance of importance of goals

Lack of knowledge about goal setting

Write down your goals?

Five Fs
Long term 3 -5 yrs Short term 1 month year Immediate 30 days TO DO LISTS Story of Markita Andrews

S Specific
M Smart A Achievable R Realistic T Time bound



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