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He had Such Quiet Eyes

By : Bibsy Soenharjo

Stanza 1
When the persona looked into the young mans sincere-looking eyes, she was deceived into thinking that he needed someone to love. She was not aware that betrayal was second nature to him. His eyes even made her feel compelled to be nice to him.

He had such quiet eyes = They were two pools of lies = Were breathing desolate sighs Imploring her to be nice = And to render him to paradise =

Stanza 2
When the persona was betrayed by the man, she wondered why she had not been wiser. She should have remembered the age-old advice of not believing man blindly. If she had held on to her principles, she would not be asking herself why she had been cheated.

With pleasure-seeking guys = Never to compromise = Shed be free from the hows and whys =

Stanza 3
The poet advises young ladies to be more careful before getting involved in relationships with men. They must make sure they know then men well. They should learn to differentiate between sincerity and falsehood. They will eventually meet the right man, though they may lose their heats to a few times before that.

Be sure that nice really means nice = Then youll never be losing at dice = Though you may lose your heart once or twice =

Theme 1: Strong Moral Values and Self-Respect

1. The woman in the poem was cheated by a man because she gave in to his pleading and his insincere lies. 2. She displayed weakness in her moral standing and lost her self-respect as a result. 3. We should never lower our self-esteem no matter how much we like someone. 4. If a man has respect for the woman he loves, he too would not ...........

Theme 2: Deception in Appearances

1. The woman is taken in by the mans gentle and quiet eyes. 2. She thinks he is a truthful and trustworthy person. 3. Do not judge a persons character by his appearance. 4. A gentle and kind-looking man can actually be a wolf .................

Theme 3 : Consequences

Moral Value 1: Avoid Being Deluded by Looks or Appearance

1. We sometimes encounter people who have ____ intentions towards us. 2. These are ____ men who prey on young women. 3. They look nice and _____ but have bad motives. 4. So we should take _______ against them. 5. We should not judge a book by its cover.

Moral Value 2: Listen to Beneficial Advice

1. We are given good ______ when others feel that we need it. 2. We should ______ to their advice. 3. The advice is for our own good. 4. It prevents us from getting _____ or getting into _______.