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New Media Technologies

Blogs, wikis, online social networking, virtual worlds, Wide variety of Internet-based social media and technologies What ties them all together?

Some Possible Frameworks

Enumerate Web 2.0 Old vs New Historical Characteristics

The Enumeration Perspective

Blogs Wikis Mashups Social networking Social bookmarking Video search sites Virtual worlds like SecondLife

The Web 2.0 Perspective

Modern internet applications second generation internet applications Two-way communication (and control) Empowers users, stimulates innovation and growth

The Old Vs. New Perspective

Old media: newspapers, magazines, radio, television Newness of the new media convergence of old and new Transformation of existing media Old vs new doesnt always work do all new media have an old counterpart?

The Historical Perspective

Timeline of innovations: media, technology, commerce, Trend towards interconnectivity and globalization Trend towards ownership of intellectual property

See, e.g., http://

Perspective: Characteristics of the NMTs

What are some of the distinguishing & / or defining characteristics of the new media technologeis?

Media as communication modality Unidirectional Collaborative Networked Viral- Implication of rapid speed of transmission throughout networked society.

New media technologies enable collaboration over the Internet The Wiki: A solution to waste of resources (time, inbox capacity, hard drive and susceptibility to viruses and other malware) Blogs, Google Docs, Facebook, SecondlLife, Skype

Social networking sites: Facebook, MySpace Virtual universes: SecondLife, Webkinz Social bookmarking technologies: Internet connectivity among like-minded people Technology as a great equalizer

User generated content: much more active audience members who create, edit, post and contribute content. Digitization of media promotes creativity Post-purchase behavior- product no longer finished when it goes into production and distribution.

Convergence: a driving force
o Convergence of technology o Convergence of media o Convergence of consumption o Convergence of roles

Convergence of technology
Convergence of computer technology and entertainment: Tivo Web application hybrid: Google Maps

Convergence of media
Old media were distinct and separate New media: convergence due to technology: Newspapers have online presence, blogs. Most of the old media producers have converged into a few large corporations.

Convergence of consumption
Consumers use several media simultaneously: computer, internet, music, newspapers, camera, etc. Which drives which? Relationship between technological convergence and consumer convergence

Convergence of Roles
Blurring of the line among users, developers, distributors, producers, and consumers. User-generated content encouraged, distribution channels provided for aspiring artists.

Characteristics of NMTs:

Characteristics of NMTs:
Communication Collaboration

Characteristics of NMTs:
Communication Collaboration Community

Characteristics of NMTs:
Communication Collaboration Community Creativity

Characteristics of NMTs:
Communication Collaboration Community Creativity Convergence

The 5 Cs!
Defining characteristics Do ALL new media forms have ALL five characteristics?
No, but they have most and will evolve to have all (e.g., community)

Other possible perspectives?
Impact of the new media technologies, e.g., globalization, democratization, etc. By area of study. Every area from politics to business to medicine will be affected by these technologies.