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International Corporate Finance (9th Edition)

PowerPoint Presentation by Yu Jie-fang

Introduction to International Corporate Finance & importance of learning this course Difference between International Corporate Finance & International Finance Difference between International Corporate Finance & Financial Management (Corporate Finance) How to study this course

Organization of the Course

Part I The International Financial Environment
Chapter 1: Multinational Financial Management: An 0verview (1) Chapter 2: Exchange Rates and International Financial Markets(2&3)

Part II Exchange Rate Risk Management

Chapter 3: Forecasting Exchange Rates(6) Chapter 4: Measuring Exposure to Exchange Fluctuation (7) Rate

Organization of the Course

Chapter 5: Managing Transaction Exposure(8) Chapter 6: Managing Economic Exposure and Translation Exposure(9)

Part III

Short-Term Asset Management



Chapter 7: Financing International Trade(16) Chapter 8: Short-Term Financing(17) Chapter 9: International Cash Management(18)

Organization of the Course

Part IV Long-Term Asset Management and Liability

Chapter 10: Direct Foreign Investment(10) Chapter 11: Multinational Capital Budgeting(11) Chapter 12: International Acquisition(12) Chapter 13: Country Risk Analysis(13) Chapter 14: Multinational Cost of Capital and Capital Structure(14) Chapter 15: Long-Term Financing(15)

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