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Personal Selling

Public Relations


Sales Promotion

Direct Marketing


Selling- is direct oral communication designed to explain how an individuals or firms goods, services, or ideas fit the needs of one or more prospective customers

Selling Environments Over-the-counter Field Selling

Selling Types Order taker Order getter Professional salespeople National account managers Missionary salespeople Support salespeople Outbound Inbound


Order taker

Order Getter

A salesperson who only processes the purchase that the customer has already selected Retail outlets that are heavily oriented toward selfservice

Order taker

Order Getter

A salesperson who actively seeks to provide information to prospects, persuade prospective customers, and close sales Personal service oriented stores May practice suggestion selling

Field selling: sales presentations made at prospective customers homes or businesses on a faceto-face basis

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Service: A Type of Field Sales


Professional Salespeople

National account managers

Missionary Salespeople

Support Salespeople

prospective customers to define their needs and then suggest the best means of meeting those needs, even if that requires suggesting that the prospects use a competitive product

Professional Salespeople

National account managers

Missionary Salespeople

Support Salespeople

skilled salespersons who call on key customers headquarters sites, develop strategic plans for the accounts, make formal presentations to top-level executives, and assist with all the product decisions at that level

Professional Salespeople

National account managers

Missionary Salespeople

Support Salespeople

do not seek to obtain a direct order from their customers Primary goal is to persuade customers to place orders with distributors or wholesalers

Professional Salespeople

National account managers

Missionary Salespeople Support Salespeople

the sales force in a number of ways Technical support salespeople assist with technical aspects of sales presentations Merchandisers may set up product displays

Telemarketing: promotional presentation involving the use of the telephone on an outbound basis by salespeople or on an inbound basis by customers who initiate calls to obtain information and place orders

The Telemarketing Company Telemarketing: A Popular Selling Technique



selling: regular contacts over an extended period to establish a sustained sellerbuyer relationship


selling: meeting customer needs by listing to them, understanding -- and caring about -- their problems, paying attention to details, and following through after the sale Cross-selling: offer multiple goods and services to the same customer



do the entire job ( Assumption that there are no other elements present) To service existing accounts ( Maintain contacts with present customers) To search & obtain new customers To secure & maintain customers cooperation in stocking & promoting product line To provide advice & assistance to middlemen on managements problems


keep customers informed on changes in the product line & other aspects of marketing strategy To assist customers in selling the product line To provide technical advice & assistance to customers To assist with training of middlemen's sales personnel To collect & report market information of interest & use to company management

The AIDA Concept and the Personal Selling Process


is identifying or finding prospects i.e. prospective or potential customers. prospect is a lead that has been qualified in terms of need or want, ability to buy, authority to buy, accessibility, and eligibility


to Buy

The lead must have the ability to pay for the product or service

How can the salesperson qualify the lead? Financial status and credit rating Local credit agencies Noncompetitive salespeople Local banks Better Business Bureaus
May ask the lead if they can afford to buy what they want


to Buy

In many firms the actual purchasing authority is not in the hands of the purchasing agent A buying committee often makes the buying decision, and the purchasing agent only carries out the committees mandate



companies sell only thorough distributors or wholesalers. a company sells to direct customers, it may run the risk of alienating its retail customers or wholesalers



leads Telephone Directories Trade and Professional Directories Newspapers Commercial Lists Customer Referrals Cold Canvassing


past sales records View notes about the personal aspects of the customer Qualify new customers Inquire with other salespeople who are with non-competing lines


questions in a pre-visit phone call. Make an appointment to see the prospect in order to have time to explain the features of your product.


an appointment during the preapproach, and arrive early to the appointment. Introduce yourself, smile, and shake hands. Engage in small talk to build a relationship with the customer. Comment on important things to keep the customer interested.


Develop mutual trust and empathy


elements to building acceptance 1) Physical appearance 2) Ability to ask questions 3) Willingness to be a good listener 4) Skill in getting the prospects to talk about themselves or something of interest to them Offering a compliment on something the prospect has done

Why Salespeople Should Plan Their Calls

1) Builds self-confidence
2) Develops an atmosphere of goodwill and trust will buyer 3) Professionalism

4) Increases sales due to preparedness

Features vs. Benefits

How to promote Benefits? Use of visual aids

The Organized Sales Presentation

Feature- Something important or outstanding that the manufacturer, provider, or seller has either included with, eliminated from, or made available in our product or services

Benefit- What the feature will do for, or give to, the prospect


presentation can be improved by demonstration Demonstration is one of the important selling tools EGs: Test drive of cars; demonstration of industrial products in use Benefits of using demonstration for selling are:

Buyers objections are cleared Improves the buyers purchasing interest Helps to find specific benefits of the prospect The prospect can experience the benefit

Why objections?
Prospect may be afraid of purchasing the wrong type of product The salesperson should welcome objections The most difficult prospect to handle is one who says no and gives no reason Objections should not be taken personally


take place during presentations / when the order is asked Two types of sales objections: Psychological / hidden Logical (real or practical) Methods for handling and overcoming objections: (a) ask questions, (b) turn an objection into a benefit, (c) deny objections tactfully, (d) third-party certificate, (e) compensation


of Objections 1) Price 2) Product 3) Timing 4) Source 5) Service 6) Need


as part of the total selling process that will naturally occur if the salesperson meets the desires of the prospect
a question or action by the salesperson intended to evoke a favorable decision from the prospect


How to Close the Sale

Direct close Assumptive close Summative close Demonstration close Special concession close


with the Salesperson


Fear of rejection 2) Wrong attitude 3) Talking too much 4) Inadequate presentation 5) Improper prospecting

Good for repeat business

Set delivery times Purchase terms Other details Reduce cognitive dissonance