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Animatronics is the use of mechatronics to create machines which seem animate rather than robotics .thi
Animatronics is mainly used in movie making, but also in theme parks and other forms of entertainment.

Animatronics is used in situations where a creature does not exist, the action is too risky or costly to use real actors or animals.

Animatronics was developed by Walt Disney in the early 1960s. Essentially, an animatronic puppet is a figure that is animated by means of electromechanical devices . It has now been developed as a career which may require combined talents in Mechanical Engineering, Control Technologies, Electrical/Electronic.

Creature design

Building the various components used in the animatronic device usually takes the longest time. There are four main categories into which the work splits, with development happening simultaneously across the categories

Electronic Another group develops the electronic control systems needed to operate the animatronic device. Typically starting from scratch and creating their own custom circuit boards, these engineers are essentially building giant remote-controlled toys. Almost all of the movement is manipulated by specialized remote-control systems.

Mechanical Engineers design and build the mechanical system, which includes everything from basic gears to sophisticated hydraulics

Structural All the electronic and mechanical components need something to attach to and control,and the skin must have a frame to maintain its shape.all this is done by designing a plastic and steel frame to increase the realism.. Surface The "skin" is often made from foam rubber, which is a very light, spongy rubber made by mixing air with liquid latex rubber and then curing (hardening) it.

Animatronics-sketch & maquette making

Animatronics- full-size sculpture & mold

Animatronics- animatronic components

Checking the hydraulic system

Animatronics-frame & skin

Painting the skin

Making the frame

Painting the skin

Animatronics-test & onscreen

Some gud &bad things

Make animatronics of human figures be bordered within those large corps, like the Cinemas. The fields will then be responsible to protect the portrayal of human. Use this technology to to replace those body parts of many athletes that got hurt with their hands and legs if possible. Move the technology further for medical needs and better surgery if possible. This way, animatronics is not just for commericals, films, museums, and fun, but it can save people.

The drawback of today's animatronics technology is the emerging makeup & creature effects.
Animatronics of human figures might become house slaves. Robots are different from this drawback because it looks like a robot.