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Wireless control of electrical appliances over WiMAX

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Electric power and electronic communications are one of the main technologies that enabled rapid development of civilization in the twentieth century. The electric power industry needs to be transformed in order to cope with the needs of modern digital society. Customers demand higher energy quality, reliability, and a wider choice of extra services. WiMAX, unlike Wi-Fi, has range of about 50 kilometres. This enormous range could be used to create a connection of devices and appliances over a wide area. Research objective To investigate the possibility of using a mobile phone to control electrical appliances like oven, washing machine, heaters, etc. To study the characteristics of WiMAX To enable interaction of these devices with a mobile phone
Figure 1 Control of Electrical Appliances over Mobile Phone

To collect the primary data primary research is being done on 100 responded. Some of the major finding of this survey are:
Figure 1: 50 percent of the respondent has given the rating of 3 on the scale of 1 to 5 when asked about the importance of WiMAX in their life.

WiMax Business Model Direct Business Model

WiMax can offer range of services and has a very good capacity of 75Mbit/s over a 20MHz channels.

what is the importance of WiMAX in your life

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Figure7: Comparison of WiMax with other Technology

Figure 4: Block Diagram of Direct Business Model

This is the research project on the topic of Wireless control of electrical appliances using WiMax is successfully completed on time. This project covers all the application and characteristics of WiMax which is helpful in wide area of applications. Critical analysis is being done on the basis of secondary as well as primary research. Recommendation There is a requirement of the development of the WiMax enabled equipment not only for licensed band but also for unlicensed band. There is a huge requirement to developed cost effective technology for wireless control of electrical appliances using WiMax.

Indirect Business Model

which of the following situation WiMAX will perform best 40 30 20 10 Figure 2: 35 percent of the respondent has says that WiMAX will perform better in fixed position. 23 percent confirm it will perform better in Nomadic situation

Materials and methods

The project will be research based project. WiMAX network will be setup. The project will involve setting up devices to connect over the WiMAX network setup earlier. Trial experiments will be conducted to verify the usability of these devices and the concept. Advantages and drawbacks will be studied to analyse the practicality of the system. WiMax. Mobile connection will be integrated with WiMAX network and other electrical appliances, which are to be controlled by mobile. For backup network applications, the WiMAX network will be integrated with the electrical appliances via a secondary Ethernet WAN port on an existing router. Research would be done in 2 ways Primary and secondary. Primary research is being done by market survey of 100 responded, these responded are from same field or have some idea about the topic. Secondary research means analyzing different literature available on the subject. To offer the convincing answer to the research questions we have to explore various articles, researches published recently in journals, Books, Magazines

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Literature cited
Figure 5:Block Diagram of Indirect Business Model what is the importance of WiMAX in electrical appliances 50 40 30 20 10 0 1 2 3 4 5

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Figure 3: 40 percent of the respondent has given rating of 3 on the scale of 1 to 5 when asked about the importance of WiMAX in electrical appliances.

I am thankful to all the people involved in the successful completion of the project. I am specially thankful to my supervisor for great support and help, without his guidance and support I was unable to finish project on time. I would thankful to all the responded of the survey for helping me in finding results of the project.

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