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Global Warming, Fact or Fiction?

Analyzing the two sides of

the global warming debate

Bob Chen

Global Warming Facts, these are accepted to be true

• The world is warming, in the past 30 years it has gone up about 1


• People who are for global warming argue that this is caused by
humans as there is no other way to explain the rapid increase of

• People who are against global warming argue that this is natural as
there are other reasons than human interaction.

• Carbon Dioxide, a byproduct of the burning of fossil fuels, is a

greenhouse gas. Humans are producing more carbon dioxide than

• Computer simulations have shown that in a hundred years, the

temperature of the earth may rise drastically, however, computer
simulations are unreliable.

• However, the negating sides argue that the affirmative are only
giving doomsday reports in order to get more research funding. 2
The Argument for Global Warming,
Supported by Scientists, government, and international organizations

F 1. Carbon dioxide and CFCs are an greenhouse gases and the

A current civilization is pumping more of them into the air
C 2. The fluctuation of the sun is not one of the causes of global
T warming. If it would, it would be insignificant and would follow
S an eleven year cycle
3. Computer models have shown that in an ‘business as usual’
scenario, global warming will increase drastically to almost 3C

1. Ever since the industrial revolution, the earth has been warming,
this shows that the humans are making an difference
N 2. The IPCC reports that global warming does exist and there is a
I consensus by scientists that it exits
N 3. The chief cause of global warming is humans, all other natural
S causes are insignificant.
This Graph show that the
temperature of the earth is
rising. It shows that since the
beginning of the industrial
revolution, the temperature has
been getting higher and higher.

Dec. 1995, pp. 24-34
Has Global Warming Begun?
The Argument against Global Warming,
Supported by Scientists as they believe that global warming does not exist

1. Water is the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide accounts to

one to five percent of the greenhouse effect

F 2. About half of the people who prepared the IPCC report does not
A agree with it, which is not an consensus. Also it does not take
C in account that water is the major greenhouse gas.
T 3. Computer models are unreliable, 17 different models were
S given the same information and they came up with 17 different

O • The sun’s magnetism is also helping global warming

I • There was a little Ice Age just before 1900 and we are just
N simply coming out of it.1
I • Most of the drastic predictions by global warming leaders are
O simply ploys to get money.2
S 1. See following chart
2. Dr. Stephen Schneider, a leading global warming figure, said, “To capture the public imagination… we have to… make simplified
dramatic statements, and little mention of any doubts one might have… Each of us has to decide the right balance between being
effective and being honest” 5
This graph shows that global
warming does not exist and we
are just simply coming out of an
ice age (Third graph)

The other two graphs show a

more long term view, while the
first graph shows that global
warming is nothing new.

21st Century Science & Technology
Winter 1999-2000, pp. 64-75
The Global Warming Folly
Summary of the debate and the conclusion
1. An increase of carbon dioxide would have to be drastic or there
would be little effect on the temperature as it only accounts for 1-5%
of the greenhouse effect

2. The IPCC reports are too unreliable to be considered factual

3. Computer models are too unreliable to predict anything.

4. The sun’s magnetism is too insignificant to affect global warming.

5. The fact that we are coming out of an ice age and that we haven't
completely bounced back yet can explain global warming by itself.

6. Even though global warming may be false, we should try to benefit

from it. Instead of pouring money into it, we should take small steps
for a better earth.

This would be easier if we needed to present it, there is only so much you can fit on a PowerPoint.


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