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In this we are going to discuss about the Wi-Fi scanning and the process of plotting field strength using

the simple domestic equipment. Plotting the field strength is not a difficult task it can be plotted with the help of the developed technology. The challenging thing in this plotting of field strength is here we are making use of the simple domestic equipment. With the help of the simple and ordinary domestic equipment we are going to do the Wi-Fi scanning and the plotting of field strength. The methodology we followed in this process is also well explained and given in the following. This Wi-Fi availability stops the wire connections which need more maintenance to do. This will give a clear idea about how the process will work in achieving the required results. The word Wi-Fi is a copyright of the Wi-Fi company and the brand name for this technology is using the IEEE 802.11 family of standard.

The overall operations and specifications of the Wi-Fi signals scanner and field strength plotter is discussed here. In the Wi-Fi versions 802.11b is most used due to its high mobility and transmission rate of over 11MBPS. This version uses the direct sequence (DSSS) system. Its also popular due to its backward compatibility. Because the wireless LAN can be upgraded without any replacement of the whole core hardware system. This Wi-Fi signals are transmitted using the spectrum, called as ISM and UNII spectra. Which is used as the carrier for transmitting this Wi-Fi signals. This spectra is varied upon the frequency of the wireless signals. The UNII spectra are high frequency signals and the ISM are low frequency.

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This Wi-Fi has enormous advantage and due to the price reduction of the radios is more developed and spreads throughout the world. Due to its increase its transmission speed up to 74Mbps and 20 MHz channel. It has wide applications. Everywhere it is popular and needed now. In this the best method of scanning the Wi-Fi signals and also plotting the field strength is done with the help of simple domestic equipment. The Wi-Fi technology is the most important one and it needs to be get developed. The advancement in this technology will bring out various new discoveries. This domestic equipment plays a very important role in the process. And hence this is the best method for the plotting the field strength and also to achieve all other required things like Wi-Fi scanning