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BigCity Promotions

Company Presentation

BigCity : Snap Shot

We are a Pan India Sales Promotions and Incentives Rewards Agency.
We use compelling free to consumer incentives in the domain of Travel, Leisure and Lifestyle which are extended by brands to their customers in tactical sales promotions, loyalty programs and retention campaigns. We hold an Unrivalled portfolio of exclusive free-to-consumer rewards covering genres such as Spa, Dining, Clubbing, Xtreme Sports, Cinema, Travel, Days Out, Health, Fitness and much more.. Rewards that cost our clients, a fraction of their perceived value thereby making it possible to incentivize large customer bases. 5 years of groundbreaking promotions in India Tailor-made promotions Bespoke to a clients requirement , Relevant to their TG. 360 Service offering Covering product sourcing, Redemption delivery ( offline, online and Mobile), Account Management, Creative and Legal. We have executed over 200+ promotions in the last 5 years touching in excess of 2.5 Million Customers.

We have been operational for 5 years, ( Incorporated in 20-11-2007)

BigCity : Snap Shot

Our model has been tried by an electric list of clients which includes companies such as P&G, Standard Chartered Bank, Airtel, Nokia, Arvind Brands, and many others.

We currently work out of 2 offices, Bangalore ( Head Office) @ Kasthurba Road and New Delhi @ Yojana Vihar.
We currently employ over 50 personnel across our 2 locations. We have witnessed 80-100% growth YOY from the 1st year & Achieved BEP before completion of 2nd Financial Year. We have grown the concept organically without any reliance on PE or Bank Loans and we currently have zero debt. We have firm plans to expand our business line into a new proposed B2C venture, Employee Rewards, White Label Product and also enter into the Luxury Space with new offerings. All of this will work in tandem with existing merchant relationships and new relationships which we will create on demand. Our New infrastructure in Bangalore has capacity to house over 150 employees which we project to hire End of FY Yr 2012. We Plan to launch our Mumbai sales office at the start of Q3 in FY YR 2011.

BigCity : Team
Bharat Surana Co founder & Head of Alliances Marketing Bharat manages the strategic vision and key partner relationships @ BigCity Promotions. Bharat is a Commerce graduate from Delhi University, with a Master Degree in information Systems from University of New York and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia.

Bharat has a variety of entrepreneurial experiences. Prior to BigCity Promotions, he ventured into the BPO sector in 2004 and successfully launched One Touch Solutions which currently employees over 350 people across Australia and India.
At BigCity, Bharat, works very closely with our extensive partner network across 100+ Cities and Specialize in designing key customer acquisition strategies, market segmentation strategy, re-positioning, customer retention. He is also in the core team responsible for the client servicing, account management and quality functions pertaining to promotion fullfillment at BigCity Promotions.

BigCity : Team
Vikas Shah Co founder & Head of Business Development
Based out of the Bangalore Head office, Vikas manages the business development and client acquisition initiatives of BigCity Promotions. Vikas a commerce graduate from SBMJC Bangalore with a MBA from La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia. Vikas, has over 6 years of rich experience in Business Development, Key Account Management and Project Transitions. Prior to starting up BigCity, He has worked with TLC Marketing for over 2.5 years. At TLC he was part of the core team which help set up operations in India.

In his previous stints Vikas worked in the BPO industry as a Project Lead with a focus on Operations & Transitions pertaining to the telecom and travel industry. Here he successfully managed sales operations with a team of over 100 people, spread across multiple locations in India and Philippines.

BigCity : Solution
We use Indias most scintillating travel and lifestyle incentives to boost a brands bottom line. Incentives covering genres such as Weekend Holidays, Free Flights, Salon Sessions, Spa Massages, Dining, Clubbing, Extreme Sports, Health, Fitness, Cinema, and many others delivered for Free to the end user ( These are not Discount Vouchers). All offered to end consumers of various brands for FREE. Our clients offer these incentives, in promotional and loyalty programs to incite a positive reaction from their end users. High Perceived Value Incentives delivered to brands at a fraction of their retail cost Tailor made incentives based on in depth research on brand positioning, target audience and consumer lifestyles. End to End solutions covering Incentive Development, Merchant Acquisition, Client Servicing and Fulfillment, Call Center Service, Offline and Online Redemption Support.

In Other Words
Free Holidays Free Flights hotel breaks cruises Weekend breaks holiday
discounts personal training wellbeing Car Spa spa days manicure pedicure reiki massage yoga hair-cut gym pass go-karting diving car hire paintball racetrack stadium tours dining theatre cinema nightclubbing days out zoos theme parks comedy clubs animal sanctuaries tennis golf bowling swimming power boating Eco Friendly Rewards scuba diving moto-X skiing bungee jumping wine tasting water sports horse riding family portrait dance lessons bowling football coaching shooting driving lesson car wash animal sanctuaries tennis golf bowling kite surfing swimming wake-boarding windsurfing surfing power boating mountain boarding bungee jumping reiki World for Free flights to USA and Europe hotel breaks cruises Holiday breaks holiday discounts personal training wellbeing spa days manicure pedicure reiki massage yoga hair-cut gym pass go-karting diving car hire paintball racetrack stadium tours dining theatre cinema nightclubbing days out zoos theme parks comedy clubs sea life centres animal sanctuaries tennis golf bowling kite surfing swimming free drinks, free lunches, free cooking classes, guitar lesons, martial arts, salsa, health checkups and many more...... All offered for free by brands to their end users delivering excellent results.

How Do We DO this?
We create experiential rewards out of spare/excess inventory available at merchants who offer experiential services Eg. Empty rooms @ a hotel, Empty seats @ Spaand create them into rewards used by brands in promotions. Since our partners(merchants) liquidate their excess inventory we get access to these experiences at deeply discounted prices, sometime even for FREE. This makes it possible for us to deliver these incentives at prices which are very cost effective making it possible for brands to incentivize large number of consumers with relevant rewards. We have extended this concepts across Salons, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Hotels, Airlines, Gyms, Cinemas and are constantly adding new products YOY. Our model therefore transcends into all areas of travel, leisure and lifestyle ensuring innovation and new product creation.

Our Business Model

Spare Capacity

BigCity Business Cycle

Benefits for Partners ( Merchants)

Guaranteed New Customers, Repeat business and more footfalls. Use Spare capacity to boost revenue and liquidate unused inventory. Target Specific product lines/Specific Time Periods. Generate Trials

Association with other world class Brands Reach out to lakhs of customers at no cost Up-selling & Cross selling opportunity Viral word of mouth spread

Get the kind of customers you want at specific hours & time. Our concierge will send customers prior to advance reservation . No direct Walk-ins. BigCity call center manages traffic at various partner outlets.

We are a One Stop Shop

Account management Customer fulfilment Concierge and helpline Understanding your business Using knowledge gained worldwide

Professional Delivery

Insight and Analysis

Creative from strategy to delivery. On and offline

Creative Execution

Product Sourcing

Off the shelf or bespoke Research and development

Proposal Development
Communicating ideas Implementing strategies

Project Planning
Agreeing clear objectives Thinking from every angle

Our Clients

Some of Our Partners Merchants..

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