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Segmentation Strategy of Pantaloons

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Brajesh Kumar Chandra Bhushan Tiwary Kamlesh Rathore

Market Segmentation:

Market segmentation is the process of dividing the market into groups of customers who share a similar needs and wants. Market segments is formed in that way that differences in the behavior of the buyers within each segment are as small as possible so every segment can be addressed with an individually targeted marketing mix.

Criteria for an effective segmentation

Measurable Relevant Accessible



Pantaloons is the flagship outlet of Future Group, a chain of fashion outlets. Pantaloons store, Bhubaneswar is the first outlet in Orissa, established on October 12th 2007. Spread over 58,000 square feet area. Second largest in India. Provides a new dimension to life style retailing

3 Food Bazaar. Caf. Crockery. Gift.

2-Footwear. Mens Young Fashion. Mens Active wear. Mens Accessories. E-Zone.

Formal. Mens Casual. Mens Suit & Blazers. Mens Party & Ethnic. Kids wear. Toys. Depot.

G-Womens Casual. Womens Formal. Womens Ethnic. Womens Young Fashion. Womens Party Wear. Night Wear. Fine Jewelry. Cosmetics and Fragrances. Gen M. Blue Sky-Watches & Sunglasses. Mela & Gift items

Why and How does Pantaloons segment its market

Segmenting is an effective tool because it helps Pantaloons to manage current customers , develop strategies aimed at specific prospects and reduce the overall costs of marketing and customer acquisition.

Customer Profile
A profile is based on Geographic Demographic Psychographic Behavioural and Media preference data.


: class-1 city. Market size area : more than 1,00,000. Market density : urban, suburban.

Demographic Segmentation

Age group Gender : male and female. Family size : nuclear family. Generation: generation Y , generation X.

Income : 10,000/month and over. Occupation : Students, businessmen, Industrialists, Executives ( junior, middle , senior ) Social class : upper, lower upper, upper middle and middle.

Psychographic Segmentation

Lifestyle: peoples decisions about how to live their daily lives, including family, job, social, and consumer activities.
Interests :fashion.

Behavioural Segmentation

Benefits sought :Quality and service.

Brand loyalty :none, medium, strong. Occasions: Regular and special(holidays and events) that stimulate purchases.
Bhubaneswar: Pantaloons 'Upto 55% Off Sale' commences from January 16, 2009 upto February 15,2009. Some of the popular brands on sale are Indigo Nation , John Miller, Lombard, Urbana, Scullers, RIG, UMM, BARE Denim, BARE Leisure, JM Sport, Ajile, Annabelle, Honey, Akkriti, Chalk, BARE 7214, etc. Also avail of offers on large range of watches in brands like Titan , Timex, Giordano, Espirit , Tommy Hilfiger , etc.

Benefits of segmentation to Pantaloons

Understanding Customer Behavior

Identify the most profitable customers. Focusing on the customers who will be most likely to buy the products. Build loyal relationships with customers.

Promotional Campaign

Improve customer service. Group the customers by factors such as geographical location, size and type of organization, type and lifestyle of consumers, attitudes and behavior .

Decision in Store Location Get ahead of the competition in specific parts of the market. Use resources wisely. Development of Marketing Mix.

Merchandising Decision Identify new products. Improve products to meet customer needs .