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Presented By:Himanshu Verma Shilpa S I Harish P.

Tippasandra Store

Tippasandra store observations

Location is good, customer footprint is high. Customer purchasing power is good. Area- 900 sqft. Per sqft sale- Rs 1600/sqft Sale per month 15 L Store Budget- 1 L 35 K Stock arrival between 7 am to 9 am Competitors
Spencers Foodworld More Reliance Fresh Noble Superstore Store in very haphazard condition More space is required No space for excess inventory Signage of products not there. Vegetable dump is high Cleanliness of product item is not there, so products looks old


Nagwarpalya Store

Nagwarpalya store observations

Store is spacious, has space for more products Located in densely populated area Stock arrives between 7.30am to 9.30am Weekday sales 15-20 K Weekend sale 28-30 K Sale 6-7 L, Target 8 L Competitors
More 7 to 9 supermarket Reliance Fresh M.K. Retail No cross- selling is done Customer footprints are high, but many customer return without purchasing any product. Store has Rs 3 Polybags, since they are targeting lower middle and lower segment, store should be provided with Rs 1/- and Rs 2/- polybags No. of SKU in F&V should be increased Loose staples are not arranged in proper format.


F&V Warehouse, Kannamangala

F&V warehouse Observations

Procurement Hoskote Fruits from Huskur mkt Leafy vegetables from Malur Onions from Nasik

Supplies to BigBazaar and KBs Fair price 3PL by Kaveri logistics Replenishment based on the indent request received from the outlets

Ashok Nagar Store

AshokNagar Store Observations

Opened on 07 May 2012 Area- 800 sqft Catchment area is good. Competitor
Local kirana stores Reliance Fresh

Problems: No. of SKU are less Area available is not utilized efficiently The products which will expire in short time were high due to transfer from other stores.

Proper space must be allotted for the excess inventories. The receiving of stocks timing must be proper so that it does not affect the customer walk-ins. Price tags and daily offers must be displayed.
Softboards which are available behind cash counter should be used to display new offers.

For new stores the product varieties must be more so that we can find which products are selling good in that area.

Store has Rs 3 Polybags, since they are targeting lower middle and lower segment, store should be provided with Rs 1/- and Rs 2/polybags Proper Planograms should be made and followed in all the stores. No. of shelves in bays can be increased to increase the area of displaying the no. of products.
Eg. In Nagvarpalya and Tippasandra store 7ft bays has 5 shelves which can be increased to 6. 5 ft bays should be increased to 6 to 6 ft with more no. of shelves.

Signage board given to the store for displaying current prices of loose commodities should be updated regularly. Team member and team leader attrition is more in stores which can be reduced by training and motivation Proper training should be given to all the store members to develop right attitude and the customer-first mindset.

Wilson Garden Store

-To reduce the dump and shrinkage of the perishables -To find the optimum quantity of fruits and vegetables to be maintained

Prices are more than in local market Freshness and quality is not upto the mark Sometimes stock received from DC is in spoilt condition

Observing the day to day activities Analyzing the data of past one month Checking the market prices Experimenting the customer responses for combi packs Arranging by ABC classification

Offering good quality and fresh FnVs Increase the variety offered Reducing the prices Tippasandra store - FnV racks to right corner Wilson garden store bringing FnV racks to the entrance Benefits and some pros n cons of FnV to be displayed