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Quality Assurance Processes

Presented By: Danish Ejaz Danyal Khan

The purpose of this presentation is to explain the QA

Processes and documentation methodology to all the team member working in projects that includes (Project manager, Team leads, Developers and SQAs).

Requirement analysis and gathering phase

SQA should ask for a categorized requirement and

sub-requirement document from the project team. SQA should conduct meetings related to the requirement document understanding. Add the requirement and sub-requirement in the requirement management tool. Manage requirement changes throughout the development cycle.

Developers Involvement
Developer should discuss the complicated

requirements with the SQA and build understanding. Developer and the project manager should convey the change requirement to SQA as soon as it is ask by the client. Developers are required to convey the details of the meetings related to requirement change or any update in requirements document.

Software planning
Test matrix (Template Under progress)
Initial draft of test plan (Template Under progress)

Developers Involvement
In the software planning phase developers are required

to provide and additional requirement that is needed to a specific project. For example: Installing any particular software. Updating any component

Design phase
Complete the test plan
Complete the test cases

Components of Test Plan

Test case generation

Smoke test generation

Functional and regression testing Integration testing

UI testing
Automated testing Post release testing

UAT testing
Release management

Bugs Reporting
Bugs reporting is an important part of the testing

cycle. Posting correct bugs with correct details reduces the frequent communication between SQA and developer. Explain the Bugs Reporting Guideline.

Bugs Reporting Guideline

UI Testing
Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 7

Firefox 12
Google Chrome Safari Desktop Safari IPhone Safari IPad

Smoke Test Generation

A smoke test case document is created for the purpose

of making sure that all the basic feature of the application is tested in every release.
Smoke test case template.

Smoke Test Template

Developers Involvement
Developers are required to have the code freeze while

Smoke test is performed.

If the Smoke test is of 1 hour then developers should

give the internal build an hour before.

No new features should be added

Post Release Testing

A post release document is prepared to make sure that

every build that is deployed on live site goes through the basic set of test cases.
Testing must be such that it should not effect the

functionality on the live site

Post release testing document template.

Post Release Testing Template

Developers Involvement
On deploying the application on the live environment

developers must make sure that every file and feature is up there.
Should be able to resolve any issue arising on the live

Deployment time must be such that post release

testing can be performed at ease and issues, if there can be catered.

Release Management
A document of release notes is prepared to manage the

releases for the projects and identify the known issues and out of scope issues etc.
Explain the release notes document.

Release Document Template

Developers and PM Involvement

Developers are required to provide the latest build

information and the additions and changes made.

Known bugs identified should be resolved in the

coming releases.
Project managers should discuss the out of scope

issues with the clients.


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