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The Souls Of A Shoe
No one knows exactly when Sidra Qasim was born. Her mother’s best guess is three or four days before a famous 1986 cricket match in which Pakistan defeated India by one wicket. So in a harbinger of how she would define her life, Qasim chose her own b
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Can You Tell the Future?
“I keep an ear out for what questions people are asking, what studies are coming out, and what’s sparking the curiosity of the Wooden Spoon team. For example, once I started hearing rumblings of, ‘Mushrooms are having a moment,’ I upped our Mushroom
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From The Ground Up
Rachel Aidan grew up between Nebraska, Texas, and New England, one of four children born to religious extremist parents. By the time she was five years old, two of her siblings had died. She had been exposed to group ritual sexual abuse that continue
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Winning Across the Board
After Kerry Sylvester left the military in 2003, she moved to Oklahoma and earned a degree in business management. But she also claimed a more informal distinction—she was the designated “charcuterie person” in her social circle. “When we bring food
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The ‘Dream Job’ That Wasn’t
I used to have a “dream job.” At least, that’s how many people saw it. It was a highly desirable government position that included a guaranteed retirement and a lifetime medical plan. It was also nearly impossible to get fired. But I was miserable ev
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Time to Start From Scratch
IMAGINE THAT you cleared your calendar of meetings, and then only added back the ones that mattered. Even better, what if you scheduled those new meetings for only the amount of time they required? You don’t need to guess the answer. Work management
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The Best Retention Strategy: Careful Listening
Turnover. These days, it’s hard to think of a word that carries a higher price tag for businesses. And yet, many leaders are still blind to their employees’ needs. What’s the problem? My company, Franchise Business Review, surveyed industry leaders a
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Leadership Is a Learned Skill
I’m a great worker, but my leadership abilities are lackluster. What’s the best place to start improving? —JEFF, SAN FRANCISCO ARE LEADERS born or made? It’s a classic question, and the answer is usually: both. Some people possess natural talents tha
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Dogtopia Continues Explosive Growth Into 2022
Dogtopia®, the fastest-growing pet services franchise and leading dog daycare provider in North America, is on a tear again in 2022 on track to open 60 new daycare locations. Since 2016, Dogtopia has awarded almost 500 licenses and currently operates
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Your Customers Aren’t Always Where You Think They Are
Justin Nesloney grew up on the southern coast of Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico, doing just about every job available—from cleaning up oil spills to being a fishing guide. That’s why, when he started towing boats back in 2020, it seemed like just anoth
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Dogged Sustainability
Many brands say they want to be sustainable, but sustainability isn’t just a button to push. It’s a complicated series of decisions and sacrifices—and nobody knows that better than Sandra Bosben, founder and CEO of Shine Pet Food. Bosben never intend
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No Drama With Mama (or Anyone Else)
Considering that United Franchise Group started with a business that creates signs, it makes sense that the walls of its sprawling West Palm Beach headquarters are covered with—you guessed it—a whole lot of signs. Among the most prominent, front and
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Crafting a Different Kind of Culture
East Fork didn’t start out as an equitable workplace experiment. Its 2009 origins were more “intense, heady, craft legacy stuff,” says cofounder and CEO Connie Matisse—in part because her husband and cofounder, Alex Matisse, is the great-grandson of
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The Best Of The Best
Which franchises are the best? There are a few ways to answer that. You could, for example, look at this year’s edition of our annual, definitive ranking, called the Franchise 500. While 500 brands might sound like a lot, consider that it’s only 43%
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Working Out the Kinks
Michelle Kameka was two years old when she was diagnosed with sickle cell disease, an inherited red blood cell disorder that left her with persistent chronic pain. When she was in her 30s, Michelle and her husband, Karim, began searching for holistic
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Big Brand on Campus
Fresh Prints is a thriving business that began with a very bad decision. “We bought the company pretty blind,” says Jacob Goodman. This was 10 years ago, when Goodman and his fraternity brother Josh Arbit were students at Washington University in St.
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Obj Goes Long
Before Odell Beckham Jr. made the largest investment decision of his life, he had dinner with his business partner Ajay Sangha. “If you’re happy, and you think this is going to grow, then I’m doing it,” Beckham said at the table. “You tell me yes or
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Solving the Wildest Problems
Russ Roberts was trained to solve problems. But he has found a kind of problem he cannot solve—at least, not with the tools he was trained with. Roberts is one of the most recognizable names in economics, thanks to his popular podcast “EconTalk.” He’
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When Setting Boundaries Means Letting It All Out
As entrepreneurs, we’re often told to set boundaries. But that can be challenging when work and life are so intertwined—especially in the early stages of a fast-growing company. I’m the founder of Charlie Health, an intensive virtual therapy program
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Hack Your Deadlines
Split keyboards get a lot of attention, but the Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse [$70; logitech.com] encourages working while maintaining your body’s handshake-like alignment. Powered by a single AA battery that should last about two years, and
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When To Pay For Experts
HAVE A PROBLEM WE CAN SOLVE FOR YOU? TELL US AT HELPME@ENTREPRENEUR.COM FOR ENTREPRENEURS, the question of when to outsource work to experts—and when to do it yourself to save money—can feel like a perpetual Catch-22. On the one hand, you’ll never gr
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What’s It Like Working a FOUR-DAY WORKWEEK?
At first it sounded like a crazy academic question: What would happen if people only worked four days a week? Studies were done, like a now famous one at Microsoft in Japan, which found that (no surprise) employee morale went up and (maybe a surprise
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Hard (But Good) Knocks
Kathy Davis has been in motion ever since she was a little girl growing up in 1970s Detroit. She played basketball and baseball. She rode bikes until sunset. As a teenager, she learned ballet, modern dance, and jazz dance. Shortly after college, she
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It Was Never Guaranteed
This was my ticket to the game. That’s what I think every time I see my green card (“Form I-151”), issued in New Orleans in 1950 when I was a 3-year-old refugee from post-World War II Europe. The “soup bowl” haircut was courtesy of a former Royal Yug
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Inspiration Is Terrifying
So you want to be a creator? You have ideas. You think of them before you go to sleep. You’ve mentioned them at cocktail parties, to your spouse, to friends who have started businesses, to fellow engineers, to people who play guitar or do comedy at o
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Don’t Choke
Few experiences are more frustrating: You spend hours, days, or weeks preparing for a high-pressure moment—a presentation, an interview, a client pitch—and when it finally arrives, stress and anxiety get the best of you. Instead of giving the perform
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What Matters Most at Work?
Long before the four-day workweek was in vogue, Justin Mitchell was an evangelist for flexible schedules. It’s baked into the product he sells: He’s the founder and CTO of Yac, an asynchronous meetings platform. “Meetings are the thing that control y
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Why Did It Inspire?
This quote is popular because it gives a quick insight or reminds us in the moment of something we already know. The challenge is that inspiration and ideas alone are not power; they have the potential to be power when integrated and implemented. We
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Tech Up for Summer Hours!
WFH in the summer means sneaking time with the laptop outside on the porch or in the yard—that is, until swarming mosquitoes send you running back indoors. The Thermacell LIV Smart Mosquito Repellent System [from $699; thermacell.com] can fix that. I
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People Are a Limited Resource
Claudine Adeyemi used to work in professional services, where she’d labor away for long hours. “I distinctly remember a period where I just started questioning everything,” she says. Why, for example, did people work five days a week? Was there a goo
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