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A Retailer Breaks All The Rules
Don Quijote won a cult following in Japan by giving local stores unprecedented control. Can that strategy work internationally?
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min readTech
Unicorns Can’t IPO Fast Enough to Repay Backers
Among U.S. technology companies, particularly unicorns—those valued at $1 billion or more—2019 is shaping up to be the biggest year since the dot-com bubble in terms of the total value of stock sold in initial public offerings. Lyft had its IPO at th
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This App Finds Food Workers Fast
On a busy Friday night during the 2018 holiday season at the San Francisco restaurant Frances, chef and owner Melissa Perello faced a potential disaster. A dishwasher hadn’t shown up for work, and she was already down a person in the kitchen. “I got
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The 2019 Guide To The New Collectible Cars
It’s driving season. The sunny skies and temperate weather make it just the right time to cruise around town with the top down or take a winding road trip. And with the car auction calendar in full swing, it’s easy to start shopping for the perfect c
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Japan And The Paradox Of Thrift
When the maker of a popular Japanese popsicle decided to raise prices for the first time in 25 years, executives of Akagi Nyugyo Co.—which introduced the treat in 1981—felt a need to apologize to their customers. On the day of the hike, in April 2016
Bloomberg Businessweek6 min read
Who Killed Inflation?
If economics were literature, the story of what happened to inflation would be a gripping whodunit. Did inflation perish of natural causes—a weak economy, for instance? Was it killed by central banks, with high interest rates the murder weapon? Or is
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
Nobody Loves a Currency Fund
Currency-only hedge funds were once a hot corner of the investment world. From 2000 to 2008 the tally of currency funds tracked by the BarclayHedge Currency Traders Index almost tripled, to 145. Now they’re looking more like an endangered species, wi
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Europe’s Far Right Unites, or Tries to
Angelo Ciocca of Italy’s League party is in the European Parliament’s plenary chamber in Strasbourg, France, railing against the European Union’s “crazy, criminal project” to admit Muslim Turkey. Never mind that the body minutes earlier has called fo
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In Brief
• Qualcomm and Apple settled their two-year legal battle. Apple will make a one-time payment to Qualcomm, which in turn will supply chips—including the 5G parts Apple desperately needs—and license its technology to the iPhone maker. Qualcomm’s stock
Bloomberg Businessweek14 min readTech
‘The Ear Is The New Wrist’
Somehow, a strange and brazen corporate fraud case preceded a breakthrough in wearable tech: A hearing aid that’s also a fitness tracker, a health monitor, a fall detector, and a near-instantaneous translator
Bloomberg Businessweek4 min read
Trouble At The Corner Drugstore
When billionaire Stefano Pessina took over as chief executive officer of Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. in 2015, he soon began hunting for his next big deal. By October of that year, he’d found it: a $9.4 billion plan to buy Rite Aid Corp. that would
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The Perils of Overfishing
Overfishing threatens disaster not only for fish, oceans, and the food supply, but also for fishing itself. The industry’s prosperity declines right along with populations of tuna, shark, swordfish, and other species. Yet all over the world, companie
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All the Action Is in Bogotá
The city is awash in refugees, plots, and counterplots from Colombia’s troubled neighbor, Venezuela
Bloomberg Businessweek9 min read
The Death Of the Smart Gun
Firearms makers have resisted a Silicon Valley innovation that could transform public safety
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min readTech
Learning To Mend The Robots
In a former Pratt & Whitney jet-engine-testing facility, a canary-yellow robotic arm is rotating above a table. An instructor taps on a tablet, and the arm shifts to move in a different direction. The demonstration is part of a tour of a new robotics
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Siem Reap’s Green Scene
Angkor Wat may be Cambodia’s crown jewel, but there’s more to take in now at this tourist town, as artists, chefs, and eco-conscious hoteliers reshape its identity.
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Smooth Operator
For all of Italy’s noodle knowledge, the country hasn’t had the same success creating pasta machines. But Marcato’s Atlas 150, produced in Campodarsego, about 20 miles west of Venice, has been around for more than 50 years. At 5 pounds, the $100 dev
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Comments by the U.S. Federal Reserve and other central banks have encouraged investors to keep pouring money into bonds, driving down yields. But two dangers loom. One is the sheer amount of investment-grade debt—it’s doubled, to $52 trillion, since
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Be Prepared For Controversy
When the Boy Scouts of America decided to become simply Scouts, it raised an uncomfortable question: What about Girl Scouts?
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min read
A French Tycoon’s Lousy Year
The past year has been unusually harsh for French billionaire Vincent Bolloré. The former chairman of media giant Vivendi SA was implicated in a bribery scandal in Africa, his electric car-sharing program in Paris shut down, and he’s losing a battle
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min readFashion & Beauty
The Wet Look
Sometimes, dealing with a downpour is all about appearances. Last summer, at the World Cup, French President Emmanuel Macron had a winning public-relations moment when he sat happily through an entire game in his neatly traditional Jonas & Cie. suit,
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min read
WALL STREET Bloodsport
Conventional investing isn’t a zero-sum game: One investor can buy shares of Apple Inc., and another can buy Microsoft Inc., and both can make money. Even if the two companies brutally compete with each other for market share, both can grow as long t
Bloomberg Businessweek4 min read
Could Fukushima Happen Here?
In 2011, after an earthquake and tsunami caused a meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima-Daiichi power plant, Gregory Jaczko, then the chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, had to worry about two things: whether radioactive fallout would harm th
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
Man vs. Machine
Amenity Analytics promises to automatically parse earnings calls, making it easier for investors to wade through information and quickly make trading decisions. Amenity’s text analytics software, which reviews call transcripts, among other sources of
Bloomberg Businessweek4 min read
A Ballet of Airbus Jets
Airbus SE has manufactured planes in a maze of brick- and metal-clad buildings outside Hamburg for the better part of three decades. Every day, whale-shaped cargo planes called Belugas touch down on the adjacent air-strip and disgorge fuselage tubes,
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From Behind The Great Firewall
The next big thing in social media, TikTok, is fun, irreverent, and Made in China. It’s also got some unusual ideas about censorship and free speech
Bloomberg Businessweek4 min read
The No-Buzz Beer Boom
Alcohol-free brews are the fastest-growing part of the market, and brewers are taking notice
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
A Case for Candor
With a deeply integrated cast, The Good Fight offers a rare vision of true workplace diversity.
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
The Internet’s Filthy Roots
The yearslong battle over was proof that even shady characters could help make good web policy.
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Engine Troubles
Since the 1970s, BMW has branded its cars with the “Ultimate Driving Machine” tag line. But it might be more accurate to think of them as having the ultimate internal combustion engine. The one inside the upcoming M3 weighs 381 pounds; its roughly 15
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