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Off-the-grid cell towers from Telefónica SA, Spain’s largest telecommunications company, bring internet and cell service to remote areas without wired connections. Half the world’s population remains offline, according to the UN Broadband Commission
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How Murdoch 2.0 Will Be Different
For several decades, the media industry watched slack-jawed as Rupert Murdoch acquired newspapers, magazines, TV channels, book imprints, movie rights, satellite assets, websites, and social networks. He bought from old-money, aristocratic families o
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Buying Is Easy. Selling Is Hard
Princeton economist Burt Malkiel is famous in investing circles for suggesting that blindfolded monkeys throwing darts at a newspaper’s stock pages could build a portfolio that would do just as well as one chosen by expert money managers. A recent ac
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From Sweden With Torque
Over the next three years, Ferrari NV aims to double profits by dramatically boosting sales of fast and fabulous cars such as the $1.8 million Monza, the $2.1 million LaFerrari Aperta, and the Purosangue, a sport utility vehicle that promises to be o
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Does This Mid-rise Look Familiar?
The story—and the risks—behind the boxy apartment buildings that are changing America’s cities
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The Upside Of A Global Downturn
To lure house hunters, sellers of high-end homes are slashing prices by as much as 30 percent. Many metro areas are succumbing to downward pressure from the U.S.-China trade war, uncertainty in Europe, rising interest rates, or a combination of all t
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Plane Crashes On Feb. 12, 2009, Colgan Air Flight 3407 crashed on its approach to Buffalo, killing all 49 people on board and one person on the ground. Since then, there’s been only one passenger fatality in the U.S., thanks in part to lessons learn
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Trump’s Nuclear Blunder
The Trump administration’s decision to pull out of the 1987 treaty with Russia on intermediate-range nuclear forces is a mistake. For all its faults, the pact was one of the West’s great Cold War triumphs, and it continued to serve U.S. interests. Fo
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Diversity Data And the Special-Sauce Defense
Tech companies say detailing how many women and minorities they employ will expose them to harm from competitors
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Valentine’s Comes Out of the Shadows
The mood at the florist’s was as vibrant as the colors. Fake red roses, amaryllis, and peonies were displayed in the window with natural ones waiting in an acclimatized room. There were red paper hearts on sticks with “I LOVE YOU” spelled in white. V
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The Long Reach Of The Last Crash
A decade removed from the housing bust, we’re still feeling its effects, only now in different ways
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Our Very Own Stock Exchange
Does the U.S. need another stock exchange? There’s no shortage of places to trade: Nasdaq, Cboe Global Markets, and Intercontinental Exchange’s NYSE division each run multiple public exchanges, and there are dozens of private markets housed inside ba
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Zillow Wants To Make You An Offer
With its tan stucco exterior and red tile roof, the Rittenhouse home on South Star Canyon Drive looks a lot like the other houses in Power Ranch, a large planned community southeast of Phoenix. Mark, a meat buyer for a grocery chain, and Anne, a nur
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In Brief
• NASA declared Mars Opportunity’s mission complete on Feb. 13. The rover’s planned 90 days of service stretched out to 15 years. Among its achievements: the discovery of evidence that salty water once flowed on the planet. • Amazon founder and CEO
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The Boy Wonder Is Getting Old
Justin Trudeau’s top rival in Canada’s October general election is, technically, Andrew Scheer, a pro-Brexit Conservative Party leader running a campaign of suburban values and smaller government in an attempt to hold the prime minister to one term.
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Who’s Going To The Soviet Reunion?
With its efforts to rebuild a sphere of influence in trouble, Russia for now will be happy if ex-republics are too corrupt to join the West
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Dubai On The Atlantic
Luxury-branded residences are the ultimate statement of wealth—or the pinnacle of ostentation—and they’re as popular as ever with buyers who like the perks that come from being intimately affiliated with names that cater to the wealthy. There are mor
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Wall Street Has Plenty of Green for The New Deal
Even before Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, both Democrats, introduced their Feb. 7 resolution outlining a “Green New Deal,” members of both parties were calling the idea unrealistic or wors
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Sun Burned
On a rare rainy day early last year, my husband, Alex, and I toured what, with any luck, would become the most exciting and daunting purchase of our lives: a cream-colored bungalow-style fixer-upper, built in 1924, a few blocks from our rental in San
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The Safe-looking Fintech Company Has Drawn Waves Of Investors Since Its IPO
Pieter van der Does doesn’t resemble the stereotype of a Silicon Valley executive who favors massive parties and private jets. He spent decades cycling around Amsterdam on the bike he got in high school. R&R generally means hiking with his family, no
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Security Lessons From One of Russia’s Neighbors
Estonia is the first member state in the European Union that might be called Extremely Online. Over the past decade, the Baltic republic of 1.3 million people fully digitized its government services and medical data. More than 30 percent of Estonians
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People Automation
It’s another day at the emergency room of MedStar Washington Hospital Center in the nation’s capital. Patients are streaming in on foot and on stretchers. “I used to stand right here,” says Dr. Ethan Booker, pointing to the spot near the door where h
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The New Way To Deregulate
So-called sandboxes are supposed to give fintechs space to grow. But they may also remove some key consumer protections
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Will Blackstone’s Real Estate Magic Rub Off?
In January the 800 Fifth tower in Seattle was sold for $540 million—the biggest commercial real estate transaction in the Northwest in three years. The buyer isn’t a typical developer, but investment firm Blackstone, a longtime leader in private equi
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When Brad Pitt Tried To Save The Lower Ninth Ward
His Make It Right Foundation built 109 homes in New Orleans, but critics say many are badly flawed
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Iran’s Lost-and-Found Generation
Ashkan Gomrokian is a young man who’s easy to find. Most afternoons he’s in the skate park in downtown Tehran, perfecting his crooked kickflip and lipslide. The commonplace scene would’ve been considered deviant in Iran a few years ago. Gomrokian, 26
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The Strange Case of Dr. Yellen and Chairman Jay
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has just finished his first year on the job—marking the fifth year of what could be called the Yellen-Powell Fed. Together with predecessor Janet Yellen, Powell has presided over the slowest rate-hiking cycle th
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Whoever Wins, Voters Lose
What’s a Nigerian citizen to do when there’s a presidential election coming up and the two leading candidates are a former dictator who’s presided over four years of lackluster growth and an alleged kleptocrat of international repute? This is the ch
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How to Fix American Capitalism
For the past few decades there’s been a rough consensus about how to run a modern capitalist economy. Trade should be free. The gold standard is archaic. Antitrust should protect consumers rather than punish bigness. Tax rates should be (modestly) hi
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The Final Splurge
This year’s bonus might be the last good one you get for a while. Here are 31 incredibly self-indulgent ideas from lifestyle experts, finance bosses, and Hollywood types about how to spend it so you don’t regret it
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