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Kickstarter Will Try Out a 4-Day Workweek in 2022
The experiment will be a valuable test of the theory that a shorter schedule can be good, or at least neutral, for businesses’ bottom lines.
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The Inanity of Trump’s Campaign to Overturn the Election
Recently released emails reveal a helter-skelter pressure campaign on the Justice Department.
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The Countries Stuck in Coronavirus Purgatory
Much of Asia cannot (or will not) yet get jabbed, so the region is still having to rely on suppression tactics.
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What Quitters Understand About the Job Market
More Americans are telling their boss to shove it. Is the workplace undergoing a revolution—or just a post-pandemic spasm?
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The Fight Over Canada’s Founding Prime Minister
Attacks on symbols of nationhood are not merely symbolic actions. They strike at the nationhood the symbol represents.
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The Real Problem With Corporate Landlords
Tenants of large, unaccountable housing investors suffer in ways that don’t necessarily show up in data.
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The Most Effective Way to Thank Your Significant Other
One fact of long-term relationships is that humans often take their partner for granted. Think of gratitude as a buffer against that.
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I’m Scared of the Person TikTok Thinks I Am
TikTok’s recommendation algorithm is known for its accuracy and even its “magic.” What does it mean if the videos it picks for you are totally disgusting?
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A Slimy Calamity Is Creeping Across the Sea
The sea snot blanketing Turkey’s coastline isn’t just gross—it’s also smothering animals underwater.
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Remember Who Tucker Carlson Is
When a flagrantly unreliable narrator narrated his own story, people across the media spectrum responded as if he could be trusted. Why?
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Janet Malcolm the Magician
The late author could be bracingly clear or confidingly sympathetic, but her most consistent modus operandi was to obscure and complicate.
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Iran Stops Pretending
The rigged “election” of Ebrahim Raisi as Iran’s next president has the potential to be a turning point for the country. But its significance will be fully understood only in hindsight.
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The Vaccine Donations Aren’t Enough
Developing countries now account for more of the COVID-19s daily global death toll, at 85 percent and climbing, than high-income countries. Thanks to high vaccination rates, deaths in these rich countries have fallen from 59 to 15 percent of the glob
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TV Can’t Stop Thinking About the Female Gaze
On the heels of WandaVision, two new series—Kevin Can F**k Himself and Physical—explore how pop culture can limit the roles that women play in real life.
The Atlantic6 min gelesenChemistry
Blue Animals Are Different From All the Rest
Some of the colors we see on creatures such as blue jays and poison-dart frogs aren’t created by pigments at all.
The Atlantic13 min gelesenGlobalization
The Real Problem With Globalization
Few ideas today are more unfashionable than globalization. Across the ideological spectrum, a once-robust consensus about the liberating power of free trade and financial markets has transformed into the conviction that the world has spun out of cont
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The Dark Side of Fitness Culture
The Apple TV+ series Physical is a reminder that making people hate their body is a thriving pillar of American commerce.
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What the Push to Celebrate Juneteenth Conceals
The recent effort to make the anniversary a federal holiday is undermined by the simultaneous attack on critical race theory and curricula focused on the enduring legacy of slavery.
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The Internet Mocked Her as a Teenager. It’s Embracing Her Now.
The generation that grew up with Rebecca Black’s “Friday” isn’t just nostalgic for that novelty tune—it’s making music inspired by it.
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The Next Major Challenge to the Affordable Care Act
The law’s opponents have a good chance of winning their next showdown, though it won’t threaten the law as a whole.
The Atlantic9 min gelesenPolitics
The Truth About Black Freedom
This year’s Juneteenth commemorations must take a deeper look at the history of Black self-liberation to understand what emancipation really means—and how far the country still has to go.
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The Strange Elegance of Joe Manchin’s Voter-ID Deal
In order to secure his vote on the most significant voting-rights legislation in more than half a century, Senator Joe Manchin is demanding that every American be required to show identification in order to vote. Democrats shouldn’t hold their nose a
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The Books Briefing: Finding Place as a Black American
Carving out room for freedom and self-identification: Your weekly guide to the best in books
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Expect the Unexpected From the Delta Variant
This much is clear: The coronavirus is becoming more transmissible. Ever since the virus emerged in China, it has been gaining mutations that help it spread more easily among humans. The Alpha variant, first detected in the United Kingdom last year,
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Chris Paul Bears the Brunt of Pro Sports’ Vaccination Problem
Leagues are seeing the downside of treating vaccines as simply a matter of personal choice.
The Atlantic7 min gelesenBiology
The Immune System’s Weirdest Weapon
For decades, neutrophils have been miscast as mindless grunts. They’re more like super-soldiers.
The Atlantic6 min gelesenChristianity
The Fight for Religious Freedom Isn’t What It Used to Be
The way the cause is now deployed drives a perception that conservative Christians, who are tightly linked to Republican politics, will be the beneficiaries of its expansion.
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It’s Not Too Late to Avert a Historic Shame
As the U.S. military prepares to leave Afghanistan, it’s running out of time to evacuate the Afghans who have helped the United States.
The Atlantic5 min gelesenPsychology
Dads Just Want to Help
Sacrificing for their kids makes fathers happier. Acknowledging that sacrifice will make everyone happier.
The Atlantic6 min gelesenAmerican Government
There Once Was a Republican Fight for D.C. Statehood
Updated at 9:20 a.m. ET on June 17, 2021. When residents of Washington, D.C., got the chance to vote in the 1956 presidential primaries, their first opportunities to vote since Reconstruction, it was at the behest of a Republican president, Dwight E
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