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Why Kanye Is Running for President
The rapper wants to start a movement modeled off of his worldview. But his worldview is about rejecting movements.
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What Lovecraft Country Gets Wrong About Racial Horror
The fantastical HBO series imagines white supremacists as literal monsters but fails to make its Black heroes as compelling.
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What Really Scares Voting Experts About the Postal Service
No matter what Trump says, the USPS has the money and the capacity to handle a huge surge in mail-in ballots. But new restrictions could disrupt the election.  
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American Passports Are Useless Now
I can go just about anywhere with my German passport. But almost no one wants to let in Americans these days.
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We Flattened the Curve. Our Kids Belong in School.
Because the coronavirus is still spreading rapidly in much of the country, not every school district can bring children and teachers back safely and equitably this fall. But among those that can is Somerville, Massachusetts—the city of about 80,000 j
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Yaa Gyasi On The Mysteries Of Faith And Reason
“I’d never written fiction that stays with a single character for hundreds of pages; it almost felt like too much freedom.”
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Just How Far Will Trump Go?
The president has dramatically accelerated the pace of his efforts to weaponize the federal government to his advantage.
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The Plan That Could Give Us Our Lives Back
The U.S. has never had enough coronavirus tests. Now a group of epidemiologists, economists, and dreamers is plotting a new strategy to defeat the virus, even before a vaccine is found.
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The Constitution Is Perfectly Clear About Citizenship
The persistence of birtherism is a depressing feature of our corrupt and hateful national dialogue.
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The End of the Secular Republic
In Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has acted on his yearlong quest to restore the historic Hagia Sophia, once a Byzantine-era cathedral and museum, as a functioning mosque. Three thousand miles away, in India’s northeastern city of Ayodhya, Pr
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This Is What Happens When Society ‘Has to Function’
The Disaster Tourist, a grim satire of capitalism, resonates during a pandemic that has revealed the brutal calculus of “essential work.”
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Can a Protest Movement Topple Netanyahu?
The absence of a government plan to deal with the economic crisis, along with a second wave of COVID-19, has triggered a surge in opposition.
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How To Navigate A Midlife Change Of Faith
When we think of our identities as fixed and unchanging—I am this kind of person; I am not that kind of person—we’re shutting ourselves off from many of life’s possibilities.
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The Good Son
Polished, soft-spoken, and a self-styled moderate, Jared Kushner has become his father-in-law’s most dangerous enabler.
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The Wikipedia War That Shows How Ugly This Election Will Be
At 4:14 p.m. Delaware time Tuesday, Joe Biden’s campaign sent out a mass text message announcing the presumptive Democratic nominee’s choice for vice president: Senator Kamala Harris of California. Four minutes later, a user named Zvikorn updated Har
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Kamala Harris’s Nomination Reopens the Wounds of 2016
The morning before Kamala Harris became the Democratic nominee for vice president, I met Amanda Litman at the Javits Center in New York City, a mammoth building near the Hudson River made almost entirely of glass. Four years ago, Litman spent Electio
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The Atlantic Daily: The President’s Most Dangerous Enabler
Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox. Jared Kushner is the second-most-powerful man i
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College Football’s Great Unraveling
This week, the bottom fell out of college football. The future of the fall season had been wavering for more than a month as the coronavirus continued to burn through much of the United States, and on Tuesday, the Big 10, the conference that comprise
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The Big Reason Lefties Aren’t Upset About Kamala Harris
The far left of the Democratic Party spent much of the primary attacking Kamala Harris, decrying her as an untrustworthy “cop” whose overtures to the left were half-hearted and opportunistic. But with Joe Biden naming the senator from California as h
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Paging Dr. Hamblin: Everyone Wants to Check My Temperature
If fever screens give us a false sense of security, they might be doing more harm than good.
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2020 Came for One of Earth’s Most Famous Telescopes
The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico suffered unprecedented damage this week, the latest in a series of recent misfortunes.
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The Atlantic Daily: Lefties Hope Kamala Harris Will Come Around
Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox. The vice presidency sometimes gets a bad rap. B
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How the Pandemic Revealed Britain’s National Illness
Boris Johnson has faced his share of blame for the country’s death count. But the British system was failing long before the coronavirus struck.
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Pop Culture Failed to Imagine Kamala Harris
Her candidacy meets a culture that, too often, still doesn’t know what to make of women who seek to lead.
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Teachers Respond: Should Schools Reopen?
Readers discuss whether it’s safe for children and educators to go back to the classroom this fall.
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The Other Way Trump Could Destroy the Next Presidency
A brazen refusal by the president to leave office is surely a nightmare scenario. But even if President Donald Trump were to lose and accept the results on November 3 or soon thereafter, he could nevertheless wreak significant damage during the perio
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Trump Is Hobbling the Mail the Old-Fashioned Way
The president and his allies are bringing politics back into the Postal Service—and putting the election at risk.
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I Run a Tutoring Company. I Get Dozens of Calls a Day About Learning Pods.
“I can’t imagine not sending my kids to school, but ​how can I possibly send them?”​ I’ve spoken with well over 100 parents in the past week, and every single one has expressed some version of this dilemma. They come to me because my business partner
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Kamala Harris’s Nomination Is a Turning Point for Democrats
It’s difficult to imagine the party nominating two white men for president and vice president ever again.
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How to Stay One Step Ahead of Donald Trump
The joke, a throwaway quip, somehow captured the man and the moment—the end of one era, and the beginning of another. It was January 2017, and then–British Prime Minister Theresa May was in the White House, the first foreign leader to visit the new p
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