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The Cambridge Analytica Scandal, in 3 Paragraphs
(If you want to skip the preamble, see below for the three indented paragraphs. I promise they’re here.) The Cambridge Analytica scandal is suddenly a major problem for Facebook. On Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission opened an investigation into h
The Atlantic7 min readPsychology
There Used to Be Consensus on How to Raise Kids
Dr. Benjamin Spock, the 20th-century icon of parenting expertise, has been replaced by a chorus of conflicting ideas and advice.
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
A Mideast Nuclear Deal Trump Might Actually Like
Saudi Arabia wants to buy U.S. nuclear reactors—and, in contrast to Iran, it's charming the president.
The Atlantic6 min readPolitics
Trump's Bizarre Response to Putin's Reelection
Sarah Sanders says the U.S. can’t “dictate” to other countries how to run themselves, but Trump has had no problems labeling governments elsewhere in the world repressive.
The Atlantic3 min readPsychology
Can a Simple Test Match You With Your Perfect Dog?
Chaz is a free spirit. Iris is a good girl looking for love. Dylan is a foodie who isn’t sure how he feels about kids. Luke likes long walks—really long walks. All of them are ready for a long-term relationship. In fact, they’d like to move in right
The Atlantic6 min read
The Immense Pressure on Children to Behave as Tiny Adults
When I re-read a beloved series of books from my childhood, I saw all too clearly how society limits kids’ creativity and originality.
The Atlantic6 min readPsychology
When Guilt Is Good
In a world that is growing more divided and atomized, it may be guilt—not empathy—that can bring people together.
The Atlantic6 min readSociety
Marriage Has Become a Trophy
A wedding is no longer the first step into adulthood that it once was, but, often, the last.
The Atlantic3 min readPolitics
The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Secretary of Interior Design
During a congressional hearing, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson defended his purchase of a $31,000 dining set.
The Atlantic2 min readRelationships & Parenting
Introducing The Atlantic's Family Section
When The Atlantic’s founders created this magazine 161 years ago, the American family was not top of mind. The Atlantic, they wrote, would be devoted to literature, art, and politics. Early on, its foremost concerns included the abolition of slavery
The Atlantic9 min read
Can You Sue a Robocar?
A pedestrian killed by a self-driving Uber in Tempe shows that the legal implications of autonomous cars are as important, if not more so, than the technology.
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
The Atlantic Daily: ‘What Lessons Would They Learn?’
The Cambridge Analytica scandal, looking back at the Iraq War, a heated poetic debate, and more
The Atlantic8 min readSociety
What's The Difference Between A Frat And A Gang?
They’re both blamed for predisposing their members to violent acts, but they’ve sparked radically different public-policy responses.
The Atlantic4 min readPsychology
What We Learn From 50 Years of Kids Drawing Scientists
Children are more likely to draw women than in the past—but they become skewed toward sketching men as they get older.
The Atlantic9 min readSociety
A Battle Over Abortion and Free Speech
The Supreme Court is set to hear a case over California’s regulation of “crisis pregnancy centers,” which try to talk their clients out of ending their pregnancies.
The Atlantic6 min readPop Culture
Atlanta's Perfect Satire of the Music Industry in 2018
While aging rock stars attack the standard corporate villains, Donald Glover’s FX show sketches an ecosystem of exploitation.
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
YouTube Removes the 'Hail, Trump' Video From Search
It said The Atlantic’s footage, which captured alt-right members giving Nazi salutes, was “borderline content” under its hate-speech policy. It restored the video after being questioned on Monday.
The Atlantic3 min readPolitics
What Is Donald Trump Hiding?
A report that the president had senior White House staff sign non-disclosure agreements is the latest reminder of how much he conceals from public view.
The Atlantic11 min readPolitics
One Morning in Baghdad
Fifteen years after the U.S. invasion, there’s no satisfying answer to the question: What were we doing in Iraq anyway?
The Atlantic9 min read
The Press at War, From Vietnam to Iraq
The conflicts change, but the factors influencing the quality of the coverage—including ignorance, confusion, and competition—stay consistent.
The Atlantic6 min readTech
Self-Driving Cars Still Don't Know How to See
An Uber autonomous SUV killed a pedestrian. What does that say about the promise of self-driving technology?
The Atlantic5 min readScience
The Controversial ‘Humanity Star’ Is Coming Back to Earth Early
A shiny satellite launched in January will burn up in Earth’s atmosphere a few months ahead of schedule.
The Atlantic8 min readPolitics
The Iraq War And The Inevitability Of Ignorance
There’s a specific reason it is so hard to be president—in normal circumstances—and why most incumbents look decades older when they leave the job than when they began. The reason is that the only choices normal presidents get to make are the impossi
The Atlantic6 min readPolitics
Not Even Cambridge Analytica Believed Its Hype
If the consulting firm’s “psychometric” modeling was really the key to winning campaigns, why would it even flirt with sketchier skullduggery?
The Atlantic10 min read
Writing a Feminist Novel With a Man's Point of View
The author Tayari Jones explains what Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon taught her about the centrality of male protagonists in stories that explore female suffering.
The Atlantic4 min readPolitics
Republicans Don't Want a Primary Challenge to Trump
Contrary to the longings of NeverTrumpers, there’s no groundswell of support among the GOP rank and file for a challenger to the president.
The Atlantic3 min read
Where Is Mark Zuckerberg?
As regulators and chaos circle the company following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook's leader has gone absent without leave.
The Atlantic5 min read
The Heavy Burden of Teaching My Son About American Racism
If my black child has to learn that society will hate him, he should hear about it from someone who unconditionally loves him.
The Atlantic4 min read
The Last Male Northern White Rhino Is Dead
With wide three-toed hooves and no thumbs, Sudan could neither swipe right nor swipe left. But last April, he joined Tinder anyway, making him the only northern white rhino on the dating network. He was, indeed, the only male northern white rhino on
The Atlantic9 min readSociety
Michigan State University Is Botching Its Reputation-Rehab
School officials should be following the post-crisis blueprint from Pennsylvania State. Instead, they’re making things worse.
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