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Financial Stability
7 Fi In February 2019, about midway into his term as the youngest (he was elected at the age of 26) and the first African American mayor of Stockton, California, Michael Tubbs launched a two-year guaranteed income pilot program that provided $500 per
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Recycling Clothes
● Inside a glass box the size of a shipping container at an H&M store in Stockholm, several technicians in white lab coats press buttons on a counter-height, multistation machine as a customer watches the worn-out T-shirt she’s just dropped off begin
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What to Read
01 The Celestine Prophecy JAMES REDFIELD A great combination of adventure, mysticism, and spirituality. 02 The Autobiography of Malcolm X MALCOLM X AND ALEX HALEY A direct account of the life of one of the most controversial yet impactful people in A
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Aerofarms Color of Change Eat Just HDR IBM Orange 1% for the Planet Account Bank of the West The 2030 Calculator Doconomy Accessible by Design Current Global Air Company Air Company BioFuze Paradise Textiles (Alpine Creations) Black Ambition Black Am
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The Drive-In Renaissance
New York City-based Rooftop Films has specialized in outdoor pop-up screenings of independent and foreign movies since 1996, but as the pandemic began, Rooftop president Dan Nuxoll realized drive-ins might be the only safe way to show films. He teame
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Dance Dance Revolution
American Ballet Theatre principal dancer James Whiteside has built a career playing romantic leads onstage, from Romeo to Swan Lake’s Prince Siegfried. Offstage, he creates experimental music, choreography, and more through bombastic online alter ego
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Imagining A New Digital Workspace
There’s no question how drastically our work lives have transformed over the past year. But in many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic only hammered the final nail in the coffin of the traditional office environment. For many workers, it’s been a not-so-fon
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Solving The Puzzle Of Efficient Shipping
Transportation is a wildly complex industry. For the companies shipping their products and the carriers hauling that freight, there are an endless number of variables to consider, with each affecting delivery times and costs. Where are the carrier’s
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Power In The Hand Of A Worker
After Republicans in Wisconsin passed a law attacking public-sector unions by cutting their pay and limiting their collective bargaining rights, workers occupied the statehouse and led months of creative protests. Although they did not succeed in ove
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The Recommender.
Cotopaxi’s latest windbreaker is made from repurposed fabrics. Created by Salt Lake City-based outdoor gear company Cotopaxi, the waterresistant Teca Half-Zip Windbreaker is constructed from leftover polyester from other companies’ production runs-wh
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The Ascent Of Sara Nelson
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A World-Changing Year
For five years, Fast Company’s World-Changing Ideas Awards have recognized companies and organizations addressing the world’s most intractable problems through technology, science, design, finance, education, and philanthropy. Our WCI coverage is an
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Banking On A Better World
Started by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard in 2002, 1% for the Planet is a global organization composed of businesses—including Honest Tea and Klean Kanteen—that donate a hundredth of their sales to “sustainability oriented” nonprofits. Bank of the
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Making Investing Accessible For Everyone
It used to be that buying stock shares required a phone call to a broker—and a fat commission paid for every trade. That’s changed in recent years as a flurry of financial services and fintech companies entered the scene offering automated, commissio
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Amber Does What
Begins performing improv at venues including Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, iO Theater in Chicago, and Second City in Denver (with Jenny Hagel). Becomes a regular on Derek Waters’s Comedy Central show, Drunk History, retelling such major events as the in
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Backyard Drone Delivery
During quarantine, residents of Grand Forks, North Dakota, didn’t have to rely on a person bringing takeout to their doorstep. Instead, a drone, hovering 80 feet in the air, lowered packages by retractable wire into their backyards. On the horizon fo
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Monitoring Carbon in Soil
Farmland offers a benefit beyond food: carbon sequestration. Emerging regenerative agriculture practices have been experimenting with new ways to draw carbon from the air, store it in soil, and help farmers sell this benefit as carbon credits. But un
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Uncensored Library
4 Lb In countries where governments tightly control the media and ban hundreds of news sites, it’s still possible to access Minecraft, a video game owned by Microsoft since 2014. So the nonprofit Reporters Without Borders created a back door within t
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Fighting Racial Bias In Retail
Nationwide protests calling for racial justice during the summer of 2020 prompted a lot of American companies to rethink their policies around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Sephora, the prestige beauty company, had been thinking about these
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Around The World
In response to COVID-19, the company offers virtual Experiences. They prove popular, with some hosts booking up to $100,000 within two months. Airbnb begins courting boutique hotels to list their properties on the platform. A year later, it acquires
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Workers Mean Business
Even before the pandemic brought to a head the challenges faced by essential employees (low wages, inadequate safety gear, nonexistent sick leave), a diverse set of workers started to rebel against decades of management policies that expand profits a
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6 Creative Ways Workers Are Taking Back Power
WHEN WORKERS ALIGN WITH LOCAL CONSTITUENTS TO FIGHT FOR SHARED GOALS, IT STRENGTHENS THEIR CAMPAIGN. What if unions could help not only their members but also the broader communities where they work? That’s the concept of Bargaining for the Common Go
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Portrait Of The American Worker
BESSEMER, ALABAMA, A TOWN OF 27,000 located 15 miles southwest of Birmingham, drew international attention earlier this year when 5,800 workers at its recently opened Amazon fulfillment center voted on whether to unionize (they preliminarily lost). A
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Addition By Reduction
Want to make DNA from scratch? Just take drops of each of the four bases of a DNA molecule, mix them up in the lab-standard 96-well plate, and voilá! Okay, the process isn’t quite that simple. But scientists have been stitching DNA together from thes
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Exit Strategy.
After more than a year of working from home, you may need some practice before transitioning to the office. ■
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Automated Bee Hives
Over the past half century, the worldwide bee population has nearly collapsed; annual losses are up to 40% due to a variety of factors, including pesticides and extreme weather events driven by climate change. This decline threatens the 75% of global
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My Daily Media Diet
Jules Miller, founder and CEO, The Nue Co. ($30, REI.COM) The eight-piece MealKit Bio, from the design-forward Swedish camping specialist Light My Fire, includes bioplastic plates, bowls, and cutlery. This site offers relief from the regular news cyc
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A Cleaner Freight Train
● A typical freight train runs only on polluting diesel fuel, but a new locomotive built by Pittsburghbased Wabtec includes 18,000 battery cells, producing roughly as much energy as 24 of the most powerful Teslas. Like those in an electric car, the b
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Building A More Equitable Healthcare System
When it comes to healthcare, access and delivery are often divided along racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic lines. Consider that members of Hispanic and Black communities were hospitalized for COVID-19 at a rate nearly three times higher than those in
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Favorite Instagram Accounts
Elsa Majimbo voices what we’re all thinking, and does so with the shadiest laughter. I can always count on absolute foolery. For when I need uncouth wisdom. I look forward to his Sunday drop of new music-his creativity is next level. Khadija Farah/Th
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