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Everton Weekes, Last Of The ‘Three Ws’ Of Caribbean Cricket, Dies At Age 95
Cricket ball. Photo by Luke Hayfield on Flickr, CC BY 2.0. Beloved Caribbean cricketer Sir Everton Weekes passed away at his home in Christ Church, Barbados, on July 1, after suffering a heart attack in June. He was the last surviving member of the f
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Justice, Inclusion And An Economy For All: Australian Activists Mobilise At Virtual Progress 2020
Virtual Progress 2020 Final Plenary – Courtesy Australian Progress with permission You would think that activists, especially those working for nonprofits, would be fed up with online meetings after months of video communication from home due to COVI
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India Bans TikTok, 58 Other Apps Amid Rising Anti-China Sentiment, Border Clashes
The border clashes and the stand-off between India and China reached naught after India decided to ban video-creation platform TikTok and 58 other apps due to “security issues”.
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Uyghur Emojis Help Spread Message Of Cultural Resistance Over Social Media
Emojis representing Uyghur characters and culture are now available on the encrypted messenger platform Telegram in an effort by the Uyghur diaspora in Russian-speaking countries to raise visibility.
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Hongkongers Braved The Newly Enacted National Security Law With A Leaderless Protest
One huge banner summed up the defiant mood of protesters. "We f***ing love Hong Kong," it read.
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LGBTQ+ Community And Politicians Salute Montenegro's New Law On Same-sex Partnerships
Only five years ago, police banned the country's Pride March as "too risky" following threats of violence from homophobic groups.
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Made In China: The Draconian Details Of Hong Kong's National Security Law
Beijing's National Security Office "can do anything, wave an ID at local law enforcement, and walk away. Potential for abuse is infinite."
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Milan Kundera's First Czech Biography: Another Public Dressing-down In His Homeland?
"An optimist can still hope there will be a time when the debate around Milan Kundera will overcome its long-lasting neurotic phase."
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Remembering The Heartbreaking Words Of Yugoslavia's War-struck ‘Lost Generation’
"Never in my life [did I imagine] I would shoot at someone or that someone would shoot at me. How can this be? It's not right."
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Russia Scales Up Electronic Voting For Key Referendum, But Misses Security Issues
As Russia goes to the polls this week in a constitutional referendum, several regions will be voting online. But the new digital voting system has some serious shortcomings.
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US And Venezuelan Politicians Accuse Maduro Of Instigating Violence During BLM Protests
US and Venezuelan politicians believe that President Nicolas Maduro was behind the looting and violent protests during Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the United States.
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Police Killings Spark Protests In Trinidad's Capital
Following the killing of three men by police on June 27, residents of communities in Trinidad on blocked roads, burned debris and processed through the streets chanting "Don't shoot!"
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Short Film Demonstrates What It Can Be Like To Be Black In Japan
A boy must endure and somehow learn, own his own, how to deal with the racist taunts of his new classmates.  
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Beijing's National Security Law To Enter Force In Hong Kong
July 1 is a day of destiny for a city that China is determined to bring under its full control.
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Has COVID-19 Provoked A Crisis Of Faith In Georgia's Orthodox Church?
As the Georgian Orthodox Church continued to hold prayers during lockdown, its critics hint at a new crisis of faith in church-state relations.
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Rift Over Solomon Islands’ New ‘One China’ Policy Makes Chaos Of COVID-19 Response
"I call on the government to stop dancing to Beijing’s tune and prioritise our people’s health and safety."
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Mexican Feminists And Workers’ Rights Defenders Faced Wave Of Arrests In June
Susana Prieto, Claudia Hernandez and Kenia Hernandez. Montage made by Global Voices, of photos by IM-Defensoras and a screengrab from a video by Milenio. The health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has not diminished the threat of intimidati
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In The Czech Republic, Controversy Over A Newly Re-erected Catholic Monument Ends In Flames
The reinstatement of a Catholic monument in the middle of Prague historical center brings back a passionate debate about Czech identity and opposing views on historical heroes and villains
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India's Digital ID System Deepens Exclusion Of Vulnerable Communities Amid Pandemic
Banner image credit: Corona crisis in Kolkata 14. Indrajit Das (CC-BY-SA-4.0) This post was first published at Yoti as a part of Subhashish Panigrahi's Digital Identity Fellowship. It has been edited for Global Voices. Before Indian society had the c
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Students Arrested For Demanding Internet Facilities In Balochistan
A number of students were manhandled, baton-charged and arrested in Quetta, Balochistan, for protesting against non-availability of internet after their classes shifted online due to COVID-19 restrictions.
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Protest Art In The Streets Of Tripoli: An Interview With Lebanese Artist Batool Jacob
Batool Jacob paints on topics related to the Lebanese protests through a feminist and libertarian lens.
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Milada Horáková: 70 Years After Her Sham Trial And Execution, Czechs Reflect On Their Communist Past
A creative visual campaign reopens old wounds as Czech society reflects on their communist past and the victims of Stalinist sham trials, including the feminist Milada Horáková.
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Netflix Picks Up ‘Resgate,’ The First Mozambican Film To Appear On The Platform
Resgate (Redemption) featured on Netflix (screenshot by Dércio Tsandzana). For the first time, a Mozambique-made independent film will be shown on Netflix. The feature film “Resgate” (translated in English as “Redemption”) was written and directed by
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What Is It Like To Be A Mainland Chinese Living In Hong Kong And Supporting The Protests?
Pro-protest mainlanders get doxxed by hostile internet users at home and sometimes face discrimination in their adopted city.
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In Brazil, COVID-19 Death Rate For Black Community Is Higher Than For Other Populations
A study by Agência Pública shows that deaths and hospitalizations among black people with COVID-19 rose at a faster rate than among white people in Brazil.
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Network Marketing In Tanzania Turns Billionaire Dreams Into Nightmares
Network marketing companies have mushroomed in Tanzania over the last five years, preying on vulnerable youth with billionaire dreams that often end in huge financial losses.
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Taking Down Statues: France Confronts Its Colonial And Slave Trade Past
Amid global action against racism, France has been divided for several weeks over what to do about statues of historical figures that are connected to slavery and colonialism.
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June 2020, A Month Of #BLM In Japan
Black Lives Matter rallies and marches were held in cities across Japan throughout June, part of a global display of solidarity with demonstrators in the United States and other countries.
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Kyrgyzstan's Journalists Fear Yet Another Hurdle To Freedom Of Speech
Kyrgyzstan's parliament has passed a law against "manipulating information." Given their recent experiences, it's no surprise that the country's journalists worry what it might mean for freedom of speech.
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Activists Demand End To Year-long Internet Disruption In Myanmar's Rakhine And Chin States
In the middle of a global pandemic, access to information is even more critical than usual.
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