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Peter Thiel Touches Everything
Noah Lanard Thiel co-founded Palantir in 2004 with the goal of helping the federal government comb through its massive databases to identify national security threats. The Lord of the Rings superfan named the company after Elvish “seeing stones” used
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The Curry Trap
In August 2021, Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten penned a piece that mentioned his profound dislike for Indian food, which according to him was defined by a single spice: “curry.” The response was immediate and fierce; Mindy Kaling questione
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Swag & Circuses
In 2018, two years before YouTube deplatformed “Dark Web philosopher” and alt-right star Stefan Molyneux for violating its hate speech policies, he was one of the big names featured at the first American Priority Conference in DC. The event was marke
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The Kids are Online
Back in July 2019, the New York Times ran a story on an education nonprofit,, that had a novel idea: online preschool. I did a little digging and found that the organization was urging school districts to pick up its virtual program, Wa
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Insult to Injury
When Albert Diaz, then 41, took his seat in the Social Security Administration’s hearing room in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, in October 2011, he had to lower himself onto his left buttock to avoid stabbing pain in his right leg. His dominant arm, the
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In The Eye Of The Storm
By midmorning on an early October day in 2021, the parking lot is full at the Trust Women clinic in Wichita, Kansas. Cars have been pulling in steadily for hours under a slate sky, droplets from the unpredictable autumn showers pimpling their shiny s
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The Elephant In The Room
In May, during an Aspen Institute Conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the audience, “I want the Republican Party to take back the party, take it back to where you were when you cared about a woman’s right to choose, you cared about the enviro
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Dog Whistle
Republican strategist Lee Atwater is the godfather of the modern political dog whistle. Not because he invented, or even appears to have used, the term—but because in a 1981 interview he offered a concise description. “By 1968 you can’t say ‘[n-word]
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A Dangerous Mind
On the afternoon of February 1, 2016, as Iowa voters prepared for that evening’s caucuses, Bandy Lee sat by the bedside of her mother, who was terminally ill with cancer. An assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Yale, Lee had been too preoccu
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Everybody Loves LKY
Robin Kaiser-Schatzlein In a 2021 interview with the Stanford Review, Blake Masters was asked for a historical figure he admired. He chose two. The first was George Washington, possibly the best-known military general, slave owner, and president in A
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Crisis Diverted
One Tuesday afternoon last October, Roy Sapp heard yelling outside Rock Bar, his workplace in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood. It turned out to be a middle-aged man, thin with stained gray sweatpants, flailing his arms and ranting at no o
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In the spring of 2012, Blake Masters, who was in his final year at Stanford Law, sat in on a computer science class taught by Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal. During a lecture titled “Founder as Victim, Founder as God,” Thiel argued
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The Race Card
Amid the tumult surrounding the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the June 24 ruling that ended Roe v. Wade, one curious detail went largely overlooked. Nestled among Justice Samuel Alito’s arguments laying waste
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Black or Bot?
In late February, just after Russia invaded Ukraine, my Twitter feed began filling up with videos showing Black exchange students being refused passage on trains fleeing the escalating conflict, while white students had no problem boarding. But not e
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The potential visual metaphors for Republicans’ long descent into madness and conspiracy-mongering are endless. For David Corn’s look at this phenomenon, Justin Metz nails the combination of bizarre and grotesque. How we covered abortion and far-righ
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Truth and Punishment
History will judge. History will judge. History will judge. Those were the words that kept ringing in my head as my teenager and I began to watch the January 6 hearings. It was surreal, seeing Donald Trump once more commanding his supporters to “figh
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The Censor
During his time in the White House, no target provoked as much anger from Donald Trump as the American press. In 2017, he declared, “The press, honestly, is out of control.” In 2019, he called it “truly the enemy of the people.” His reelection campai
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God’s Plan
In March, I traveled to Jacksonville, Florida, to attend the 51st annual conference of the anti-abortion group Heartbeat International. Early on a Tuesday morning, I arrived in the lobby of a Hyatt Regency hotel to pick up my badge. Hundreds of atten
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Miscarriage of Justice
On a humid morning in early October, Brittney Poolaw sat in an Oklahoma courtroom waiting on a verdict. Instead of the jail uniform she’d donned for the past 18 months, she wore a yellow-and-white blouse with loose short sleeves. After less than thre
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Debtors’ Vision
As a 28-year-old art student, Thomas Gokey convinced the Federal Reserve to give him bags of shredded currency worth $49,983, the exact amount of his ballooning student loan debt. He pulped the scraps, turned the paste into four enormous sheets of pa
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Girlhood, Interrupted
In May 2016, a secret within the Oakland Police Department exploded into the public eye: Multiple officers were under investigation for sexually exploiting the teen daughter of a 911 dispatcher, including trafficking her when she was underage. The ne
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Zen And The Art Of Political Espionage
Nate Martin always thought there was something a little off about the new couple in town. Beau Maier and Sofia LaRocca had shown up in Wyoming in 2019 with thin resumes and few references and quickly began immersing themselves in the state’s small bu
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With the Grain
When Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in February, the economic fallout could be felt thousands of miles away. Syrians saw prices for bulgur rise by as much as 44 percent within weeks; by April, in the Horn of Africa, heavily reliant on wheat
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Torn Apart
On a summer day in 2017, a Black family was enjoying a picnic in a park in Aurora, Colorado. Among the dozen or so relatives who gathered there was Vanessa Peoples, a 25-year-old nursing student, and her two sons, Malik and Talib, ages 2 and 4. Vanes
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New Fiction to Help us Reenvision Reality
by Vauhini Vara In this mind-bending tale, society has splintered in two. On one side is the Shareholder Government, devoted to “Social Capital” and ruled by a master algorithm; on the other, the Blanklands, islands populated by anarchist Exes. Athen
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Echo Chamber
TV pundits, op-ed columnists, and think-piece writers want the platonic ideal. A sagely figure who views politics from every angle—unconfined by the circumstantial common sense inscribed by their upbringing, geography, or social media algorithm. A pe
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Our Ballots, Our Choice
This is about minority rule. And it always has been. That’s what I found myself thinking as news of the Supreme Court’s leaked draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade broke back in May. I thought about the pregnancies that my loved ones, my friends, a
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ON THE COVER We felt we must respond to Justice Alito’s leaked draft with a cover package, but illustrating abortion can be tricky. Chiara Ghigliazza's bold visual metaphor for the attacks on bodily autonomy perfectly captures our dire situation. Thi
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The Anti-Abortion Architect
When conservative legal provocateur Jonathan Mitchell published his 2018 law review article laying the groundwork for Texas to ban most abortions, some of the ideas he outlined were so far-fetched that they read more like thought experiments than leg
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The Right’s Way
An evisceration of a federally protected right to end a pregnancy. That was what abortion rights defenders feared when a third Trump-appointed judge ascended to the highest court in the land. And Justice Samuel Alito’s contemptuous leaked draft decis
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