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Wonks Progress Administration
On the night of March 10, Joe Biden’s campaign staff gathered in the foyer of Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center to celebrate the three primary victories that had all but confirmed their boss would be the Democratic presidential nominee. As
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To Depose a President
One chilly afternoon in November 2019, a process server stepped through the gold-rimmed doors of Trump Tower on New York’s Fifth Avenue to deliver a copy of an explosive lawsuit and a court summons to President Donald Trump. In those papers, E. Jean
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Obstruct This, Mitch
Joe Biden could be the first president in more than three decades to enter office without both houses of Congress under his party’s control. Given Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s history of opposing any and all Democratic initiatives, that m
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Red State Rebellion
At four o'clock on a Thursday afternoon, the lobby of Dragonfly Wellness is almost completely full. Clients perch expectantly on the sofas, waiting to be buzzed through the locked door marked PATIENTS ONLY. This might not be an unusual scene elsewher
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“Everyone Is Tired of Always Staying Silent.”
It was still dark when Veronica Perez arrived at Primex Farms, a nut-packing facility in California’s Kern County. Crickets murmured in the almond and pistachio groves stretching for acres in all directions. Once inside the building’s mirrored doors,
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The Mother of Conspiracies
When Kristen Alden moved to Thousand Oaks, California, two years ago, she joined the local moms’ Facebook group, Moms of Conejo Valley. She figured it’d be a good place to find out about activities for her 7-year-old, and she looked forward to unload
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The Flip Side
The first military challenge coins, one story goes, were handed out in 1969 by a US Army colonel to build camaraderie in his Special Forces unit. He took the idea from a National Guardsman who had required his troops to always keep a sixpence coin on
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True Stories
Let's do a little experiment. I’m going to tell you two stories, and at the end of this article, we’ll come back to them. Here’s the first story: Last year, millions of children in the United States received the vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubell
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Diet for Disaster
Before the coronavirus hit in early 2020, a quieter epidemic was already taking its toll across the United States: the near-universal prevalence of diet-related maladies. More than half of the calories Americans consume come from “ultraprocessed” foo
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Mother Jones reporter BECCA ANDREWS is more than a little obsessed with Southern politics. A Southerner herself, she jumped at the opportunity to cover the Reverend Raphael Warnock’s candidacy for US Senate. Her profile of Warnock (“Keeping the Faith
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Why I Became a Journalist
Hi, I'm Jahna Berry. I’ve never started a story like that before, because I spent 15 years as a reporter with the mantra that you never make yourself the story. But today I’m writing to you as Mother Jones’ chief operating officer. I joined the leade
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Ladies Who Launch
"You'll see the signs :)," Megan Bartlett had texted me as I looked for her house in Geneva, Illinois, a 20,000-person town about an hour west of Chicago. The note seemed vague to the point of useless until I arrived. In a maze of massive greige colo
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Win, Lose, Redraw
Heading into the November election, Texas Democrats sounded more bullish than they had in decades, and it wasn’t because of Joe Biden. A burgeoning partisan realignment in the state’s sprawling suburbs over the last four years had brought them to the
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Miami Sound Machine
The Lobby of the Four Ambassadors condo building in Miami wouldn’t look out of place in a Trump property. There are marble floors, fountains, chandeliers, and views of an outdoor pool facing the water. On a Friday evening in September, I passed throu
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Lock Him Up?
Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, James Comey, Christopher Steele, John Bolton, a Time journalist, flag burners—this is just a partial list of the people Donald Trump has wanted to see imprisoned during his ignominious presidency. Yet the mom
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Back From the Brink
On November 3, 76 million Americans said no to Donald Trump and his effort to steer American democracy toward autocracy. As a candidate and as president, Trump had prompted concerns about the fate of democracy within the United States. He had questio
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Keeping the Faith
"This is the day that the Lord has made. We have come to rejoice and be glad in it,” proclaims the Reverend Raphael Warnock during his October 4 sermon at Ebenezer Baptist Church. It’s a normal Sunday, with Warnock’s usual opening line, but it’s not
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A Cure for Mistrust
During the vice presidential debate in early October, Kamala Harris was asked if she’d take a coronavirus vaccine. If it had the blessing of public health officials, Harris said, she would be the first in line. “But if Donald Trump tells us we should
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March to Washington
If Nikema Williams knew November 13, 2018, would end the way it did, she says she would’ve worn a different outfit. That morning, donning a printed dress, red jacket, heeled boots, and a multistrand pearl set, the Georgia state senator said goodbye t
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The Racist Next Time
When the major media outlets finally called the presidential election for Joe Biden, huge numbers of people around the country took to the streets to celebrate. But as they popped champagne, danced alongside their neighbors, and cried tears of joy, t
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Building A Movement
As a girl, Carroll Fife never quite knew what her grandfather James did for a living, but she knew he was a somebody. He was a factory worker, like most everybody else in Muskegon Heights, Michigan, but it was the way people gravitated toward him tha
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Exile On Maine Street
Eighty-year-old Dennise Whitley was born and raised and still lives in Norway, a 5,000-person town in southwestern Maine where her family has resided for more than 100 years. Her grandfather and father worked in its once-thriving shoe manufacturing i
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“Our country is Full”
You need a story. That’s what they say, anyway. You need sympathetic characters, a villain, some violence, maybe a dramatic escape. That’s what it takes to gain asylum in the United States. You need lots of other things, too—a principled Border Patro
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The Social Network
In November 2017, Emily Isaac packed her belongings and flew to Texas. More specifically, to the 21st Congressional District, gerrymandered to include half of San Antonio, a scoop of Austin, and a large rectangle of Texas hill country, where a Bernie
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Raising Arizona
Clipboard in hand, Magda Morales politely approaches people waiting for the bus in downtown Tucson to ask if they’ve signed up to vote. The city’s sweltering transit hub is decidedly less bustling than it was pre-pandemic, but still noisy enough that
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Cop Out
One winter night in Oakland nine years before a police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck, Raheim Brown and his friend Timesha Stewart, both 20, were smoking weed in a Honda, hazard lights blinking. It was 9 p.m., and two cops who had been patrolli
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Break it Up
When the phone rang at 7 a.m. on a January morning in 2010, Eric Butler learned that his sister had just been murdered. He had four sisters—“I’m the only boy in a sea of girls”—and 29-year-old Lanell was eight years younger than him. She’d also fled
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Color By Numbers
Thalia Tringo, a real estate agent in the Boston area, faces a dilemma whenever a homebuyer asks her if the local schools are any good. This can be a dicey topic because buyers’ perceptions of schools are often closely associated with the racial make
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Wrong Division
BOSTON BY THE NUMBERS In 2014, Boston replaced its school desegregation plan with one that prioritizes allowing children to go to nearby schools. Since then, researchers have found that students in predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods south o
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Sacrifice Play
When you walk into the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, and pass through the turnstiles ushering you into the main exhibit, the first thing you see—before the photos and artifacts, the game-worn jerseys and yellowed newspaper c
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