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Shorter Winters Are Stunting The Growth Of Plants
Climate change is shortening winters, bringing earlier springs and plant blooms. Pexels Spring has been coming earlier, prompting plants to sprout and turn green sooner than ever before. This is because carbon pollution has been heating up the planet
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Ethanol Is Renewable, But That Doesn't Mean It's Good For Us
Biofuel isn't necessarily good for the planet. DepositPhotos The Trump administration wants to increase the amount of ethanol in gasoline, a move that could assuage farmers hit by tariffs on soybeans resulting from the President’s trade war with Chin
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What’s The Difference Between A Comet And An Asteroid?
This is the asteroid Ryugu, which is currently being visited by Hayabusa-2. JAXA, University of Tokyo, Kochi University, Rikkyo University, Nagoya University, Chiba Institute of Technology, Meiji University, University of Aizu, AIST In our solar syst
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Here's How To Find Out If You Were Part Of The Latest Facebook Hack
Cross your fingers you don't get one of these alerts in your Facbeook app. Facebook A few weeks ago, Facebook suffered one of its biggest user data debacles ever. The original report claimed up to 50 million or more accounts were at risk thanks to a
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Five Giant Backyard Games To Get You Through Fall
My job is to find cool stuff. Throughout the week I spend hours scouring the web for things that are useful, fun, or ridiculously cheap. Often times, these choices coalesce into a guide of like items—for example, the ultimate guide to making cafe-sty
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Glowing Skin Might Start In Your Genes
The beauty and skin care industry are saturated with products that make perfect skin seem not just attainable but standard. But genetics play large role in our skin's appearance and health. Deposit Photos The beauty and skin care industry are saturat
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A Savvy Shopper's Guide To Spotting Fake Amazon Reviews
Before you buy a product, make sure those good reviews are honest. Depositphotos Amazon’s review system helps shoppers separate the great from the garbage. But as the retail giant grows ever bigger, its sheer number of reviews is expanding—and some o
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Humans Could Survive Underground, But It Would Take A Lot More Than Shovels
How's the weather down there? Deposit Photos At the Whitney Museum of Modern Art, you can stand under a boxy old TV, mounted on the wall just above eyesight, and watch the pixelated clouds from Mario Kart slowly blow across the screen. Stripped of th
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Volcano Decides Eruptions Are Boring, Tries Sliding Into The Sea Instead
But don't panic just yet. University of Kiel Some volcanoes bring disaster the old fashioned way—a violent eruption that floods the surrounding landscape in hot lava and heaps of ash, destroying all the plant and animal life in its wake. But there ar
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How To Set Up Your Home Wi-Fi
Below is the script for the video above. If you want, give it a watch. If you want the info without the sound, read on. Also, while we have you, why don't you subscribe to Popular Science on YouTube? So you're ready to stop stealing your neighbor's i
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Two Astronauts Just Survived A ‘Ballistic Descent’ In A Russian Rocket. Here’s Everything We Know.
Expedition 57 crew members Alexey Ovchinin and Nick Hague pose in front of their Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft before the failed launch. NASA/Victor Zelentsov On Thursday at 4:40 a.m. Eastern time, NASA's Nick Hague and Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin lau
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How To Track The Digital Subscriptions Silently Draining Your Bank Account
Don't keep paying for services you aren't using. rawpixel via Unsplash Subscriptions have a way of gobbling up your monthly budget. At any given time, you might be paying for a Spotify account to stream music, Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime (or all
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Scientists Just Created Healthy Mice With Same-sex Parents
An adult mouse with two mothers, pictured with her own healthy offspring. Leyun Wang Mice ain’t nothing but mammals, but, as a new paper published today in the journal Stem Cell demonstrates, they don’t necessarily need to do it like they do on the D
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Russia's Rocket Failure Could Leave The ISS Without A Crew
What happens now? NASA/Bill Ingalls NASA astronaut Nick Hague and Russian Cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin were headed to the International Space Station Thursday morning when the Soyuz rocket carrying them malfunctioned, triggering an abort sequence that s
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Hurricane Michael Is Slamming Into Florida As A Devastating Category 4
Hurricane Michael. NOAA This post has been updated. Hurricane Michael reached major hurricane status on Tuesday afternoon, and could grow even stronger before making landfall on the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday. Widespread wind damage is likely whe
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There Is Simply No Precedent For Hurricane Michael
Hurricane Michael made landfall near Panama City, Florida. NOAA Hurricane Michael made landfall near Panama City, Florida, today as an incredibly strong hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 155 MPH. This is one of the strongest hurricanes to eve
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Miranda To Europa: You Think You’ve Got Treacherous Landing Zones? Hold My Beer
Miranda, one of Uranus's moons. NASA/JPL-Caltech Recent research may suggest that Europa is going to be a hard landing for any spacecraft, what with 50 foot ice spikes potentially jutting out at its equator. But there’s one place in the solar system
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Outfit Your Bathroom To Be The Best Space In Your House
How to make your bathroom the shit. Dan Watson - Unsplash Make the bathroom the room in your house you are most proud of. When giving a house guest a tour of your humble abode, make the commode the first stop. Turn your outhouse into the inhouse. Tus
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The Weirdest Things We Learned This Week: Eating Your Own Twin, Embalmed Milk, And Levitating Frogs
Absorbing your womb-mate won't give you super powers. DepositPhotos What’s the weirdest thing you learned this week? Well, whatever it is, we promise you’ll have an even weirder answer if you listen to PopSci’s newest podcast. The Weirdest Thing I Le
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This Wacky-looking Font Can Help You Remember What You Read
The font you won't forget. RMIT University Most fonts are designed for ease of use. Lora, which you’re reading right now, was chosen by the PopSci web team because it’s easy to read, and also free. Reviled for its “childish” look, Comic Sans is nonet
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Hurricane Forecasts Can Be Confusing—here's A Helpful Glossary
Words to the wise. DepositPhotos Most people know at least a little about the weather, but some terms meteorologists use to describe incoming storms are complicated even for experienced enthusiasts. Here’s a quick explanation of some of the terms you
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These Scientists May Be Your Next Members Of Congress
Nurses, nuclear engineers, computer scientists and biochemists all over the country are bidding for seats in Congress. These candidates share a commitment to bringing evidence-based decision-making to government and a desire for elected officials to
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Here’s What Happens When You Turn Off The Microphones And Cameras On Facebook’s Portal Device
The red light means the microphone is off and the lens cover adds extra coverage for the camera. Facebook Whether it’s a laptop, desktop computer, smart TV, smart home hub, or even your smartphone, the number of gadgets that have the capability to se
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This Machine Could Turn Your Power Walking Into Usable Energy
Body movements like walking could create power in the not-so-distant future. Pexels Imagine your body as a human battery. When you walk or run — or do something even slower, like type — you create energy which keeps your smartphone, smartwatch, medic
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So, What's The Deal With Homeopathy?
A history of homeopathy. Depositphotos/erierika Homeopathy traces its roots all the way back to ancient Greek medicine. In 400 BCE Hippocrates prescribed a small amount of mandrake root as a cure for mania, based in the theory that “like cures like”—
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Innovation, War, And Glory: The Soldier-scientist Who Unlocked The Secrets Of The Sahara
The afternoon of January 11, 1941, was sleepy and quiet at the fort deep in the Sahara in Italian-occupied Libya, in an oasis called Murzuq. Though their comrades back home were embroiled in the Second World War raging across Europe, the Italian sold
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All The Cool New Gadgets From Google's Pixel 3 Smartphone Launch Event
Google Pixel 3 launch event. Stan Horaczek Today, Google is throwing an event in New York City to announce some new hardware, including its Pixel 3 smartphones. We're here live at the event and will be providing real-time updates about new products—o
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Voyager 2 Is Almost Outside The Sun's Protective Bubble
Forty years later, Voyager 2 is still out there, approaching the edge of the solar system. NASA Space is vast, but it’s not entirely empty. Take a closer look, and you’ll find that even the gulfs between stars are threaded with speeding particles, su
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What You Should Know About The New Climate Change Report
It's a beautiful day to talk about climate change. Pixabay Even tiny increases in global temperature—give or take just 0.5°C—could severely alter our planet, bringing us hotter days year-round, the total destruction of the world’s corals, more danger
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Will Cracking My Knuckles Give Me Arthritis?
Scientists have conducted fairly rigorous research into the long held belief that cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis, and they've all come to largely the same conclusion—it's probably not true. Deposit Photos When he was a child, Donald U
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