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The U.S. Has Suspended Some Aid To Gabon After The Military Takeover
Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced a "pause in certain foreign assistance programs" to Gabon pending a review of the circumstances that led to the ouster of the country's former leader.
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Canada's House Speaker Has Stepped Down After Inviting A Nazi Veteran To Parliament
Just after Ukrainian President Zelenskyy gave an address in the House of Commons, Canadian lawmakers gave 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka a standing ovation when the House speaker drew attention to him.
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They Were Wrongfully Imprisoned 9 Years Ago. For Yeganeh, The Pain Is Still Fresh
Journalist Yeganeh Rezaian speaks about her time being imprisoned in Iran with her husband, Jason Rezaian, in 2014 and how that experienced has shaped the rest of her life.
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DannyLux: Tiny Desk Concert
"Amar y perder es mejor que nunca haber amado," DannyLux sings — "To love and lose is better than to have never loved." His reflection is hushed and hesitant, and, maybe even more wisely, a little unconvinced: "Crеo que no entiendеs / Que esta situac
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On N.Y.'s Staten Island, Anti-immigration Protests Intensify As Migrants Stream In
New York City has been housing migrants in makeshift shelters throughout the city. In some areas, it has led to protests and court challenges.
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U.S. Allows Israelis Visa-free Entry As Israel Opens Travel To Palestinian Americans
The decision is part of a deal that requires Israel to end bans and restrictions on Palestinian Americans and other Arab Americans traveling to Israel.
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Trump Bets Big On Michigan With Rally On GOP Debate Night As UAW Strike Continues
Seven Republicans will join the second GOP debate Wednesday but the front-runner, former President Donald Trump won't be one of them. Instead, Trump will head to Michigan to court autoworkers.
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Up First Briefing: Trump Skips GOP Debate; FTC Sues Amazon; Prepare For Student Loans
Trump will skip tonight's GOP presidential primary debate to hold a rally in Detroit. The FTC sues Amazon in a monopoly case. Student loan payments are resuming. Here's how to prepare.
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North Korea Expels Travis King, U.S. Soldier Who Allegedly Sought Refuge There
Travis King, a 23-year-old U.S. soldier who crossed into North Korea in July, is now in U.S. custody, according to news reports.
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A History Of Nurses: They Once Had The Respect They're Now Trying To Win
In Taking Care: The Story of Nursing and its Power to Change the World, author Sarah DiGregorio tells how nurses had great stature centuries ago — and how they got pushed into the background.
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Taylor Swift's Star Power Sends Travis Kelce's Jersey Sales Soaring
It takes 106 football players to sell out an NFL stadium — or one Taylor Swift. So when the pop superstar was linked to Travis Kelce, fans immediately took action.
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What Happens When Your Secret Fiancee Becomes Your Boss? Find Out In 'Fair Play'
A power couple crumbles when one gets promoted over the other at their cutthroat hedge fund firm. Fair Play is a withering melodrama, depicting a relationship contaminated by ambition and jealousy.
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Senate Democrats to Bob Menendez: Resign
Democrats are abandoning New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez in the wake of his federal indictment in a corruption scheme involving his wife and local businessmen.
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An Annular Solar Eclipse Is Coming To Parts Of The U.S. In October
Residents from Oregon to Texas may be able to glimpse the annular eclipse, when the moon is deep in its orbit and passes in front of the sun, creating a black circle on the star.
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U.S. Sues Amazon In A Monopoly Case That Could Be Existential For The Retail Giant
The Federal Trade Commission and 17 states accuse Amazon of suffocating rivals and raising costs for both sellers and shoppers. The lawsuit could be existential for the company.
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A Fire At A Wedding Hall In Iraq Kills At Least 100 People And Injures 150 More
There was no immediate official word on the cause of the blaze but initial reports suggested fireworks at the venue may have sparked the fire.
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Hans Niemann Pooh-poohs A Chess Cheating Theory That's Based On Vibrating Beads
Chess prodigy Hans Niemann is competing in the World Junior Chess Championship — but he's also answering questions about an outlandish cheating theory.
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Ford's Theatre Tickets From The Night Lincoln Was Assassinated Sell For $262,500
The two tickets match the marks of what's thought to be the only other used ticket from the night John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln on April 14, 1865.
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A New Climate Change Report Offers Something Unique: Hope
Electric vehicles and solar power are growing quickly and offering hope the world could still meet climate change goals.
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First Of Thousands Of Lahaina Residents Return To Homes Destroyed By Deadly Wildfire
In the days after the Aug. 8 wildfire, some people were able to return to their properties to evaluate the damage. But since then, the burned area has been off-limits to all but authorized workers.
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Irish Gymnastics Group Apologizes After A Black Girl Was Skipped At A Medal Ceremony
Gymnastics Ireland has apologized for the incident. But the girl's mother says the group hasn't done enough. Video shows an official giving medals to a line of girls except the only Black participant.
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Ford Pauses Construction Of Michigan Battery Plant Amid Contract Talks With UAW Union
The move comes as the company is in the midst of national contract talks with the United Auto Workers union, which wants to represent workers at battery factories and win them top wages.
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JPMorgan To Pay $75 Million Over Claims It Enabled Jeffrey Epstein's Sex Trafficking
The Virgin Islands had argued that JPMorgan had been complicit in Epstein's behavior and did not raise any red flags to law enforcement or bank regulators about Epstein being a "high risk" customer.
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Washington Prepares For The Shutdown That Was Never Supposed To Happen
Congress is just days away from a possible government shutdown with few solutions being discussed.
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How To Watch The Second GOP Presidential Debate
Seven Republicans vying for the GOP presidential nomination will take the stage in California Wednesday night for the second GOP debate of the 2024 elections. But the front runner is skipping — again.
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Kamila Valieva Doping Scandal That Rocked The Beijing Olympics May Finally Be Settled
The Court of Arbitration for Sport begins a hearing Tuesday into the doping scandal of Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva. U.S. skaters still haven't received team medals from the 2022 Winter Games.
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Olivia Rodrigo Wants You To Decide What Her Songs Are About
On Guts, the 20-year-old pop phenom is a little louder and funnier than the teenager on her debut — and even more fascinated with what the best songwriters leave out of the picture.
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At Least 20 Dead In Gas Station Blast As Nagorno-Karabakh Residents Flee To Armenia
Separatist authorities in Nagorno-Karabakh said at least 20 people were killed and nearly 300 others injured by an explosion at a gas station as people seeking to flee to Armenia lined up for fuel.
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'People Collide' Is A 'Freaky Friday'-type Exploration Of The Self And Persona
Isle McElroy's novel covers a deep exploration of marriage, love, and the ways we know one another — while also touching on how so much of how we navigate the world depends on how it sees us.
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The U.S. Needs Minerals For Green Tech. Will Western Mines Have Enough Water?
As the U.S. plans new mines for copper, lithium and other metals to use in green technologies, mining projects in the West could threaten scarce water supplies.
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