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Man Who Sexually Assaulted Airline Passenger Convicted, Could Face Life In Prison
It took a jury less than four hours of deliberation to convict a Detroit-area man of sexually assaulting a woman who had fallen asleep in the window seat next to him during an overnight flight.
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Greece Emerges From International Bailout, But Will Be Closely Monitored For Years
After nine years of a debt crisis that spawned economic upheaval and austerity measures, Athens will regain a degree of control over its finances, but officials say it's not out of the woods yet.
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Firefighters Continue Making Headway Against California Blazes
Steep, rugged terrain has slowed progress on most of the fires raging throughout the state, including the Ranch Fire. But by Sunday, officials said the Ferguson fire was fully contained.
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Vacation Days Piling Up? Here's How To Get The Most Out Of A Short Vacation
Americans forfeited about 200 million days of paid vacation leave last year. And many U.S. workers now take shorter, partial week vacations. But even a mini-break can be good for your health.
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Enter The Crypt, Tomb, Vault, Coffin (And More) Of Horror Comics
Horror comics enjoyed a golden age in the 1940s and '50s, before people got scared about kids reading gore and terror — but they never went away entirely, and now there's a new generation of scares.
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President Trump Attacks Report On White House Counsel's Cooperation With Mueller
The New York Times reports that White House counsel Don McGahn met with Robert Mueller's team for dozens of hours as part of his investigation.
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Rain Starts To Slow After Flooding Displaces 800,000 In Southern Indian State
Tens of thousands of people have been rescued, but thousands more are still stranded after massive flooding and landslides in India's Kerala state.
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VIDEO: The 7 Dwarfs Whistle While They Work To Fight Malaria
There are two animated anti-malarial videos out there — a new one from the "Wallace and Gromit" team and a 1943 Disney cartoon that put the seven dwarfs under bed nets.
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The Sound Made Flesh
Franklin's gospel recordings presented black life itself as a sacred practice. On albums like Amazing Grace, she is less individual genius than willing instrument of the world that created her.
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Why Hospitals Are Getting Into The Real Estate Business
These days hospitals are looking for ways to improve health in their communities to prevent illness and control costs. One hospital in Ohio decided that health might start with affordable housing.
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Once 'Ball Lightning' Gets Rolling, This Sci-Fi Mind-Bender Shines
The novel is Chinese writer Cixin Liu's first in English since his "Remembrance of Earth's Past" trilogy. And that series' radical creativity returns in this tale of scientific striving — eventually.
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ICE Detains Man Driving His Wife To Hospital For Planned C-Section
A pregnant woman had to drive herself to the hospital and deliver her baby after U.S. immigration officials took her husband into custody because of an arrest warrant related to a homicide in Mexico.
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6.9-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Indonesia's Lombok Island
Sunday's earthquake caused power outages and landslides as the island is still recovering from another quake earlier this month that killed more than 400 people.
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The Russia Investigations: Trump On Collision Course With National Security World
President Trump tries to put ex-CIA Director John Brennan in his place by revoking his security clearance. But the further Trump tries to push the revocation gambit, the riskier it gets.
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A Young Woman Claims Her Power In 'Open Me'
Lisa Locascio's novel follows 18-year-old Roxana, whose summer abroad in Denmark becomes both a political and sexual awakening when she falls for the Danish student charged with helping her settle in.
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Report Says Faculty At Connecticut School Sexually Abused Students For Years
A law firm found sexual abuse by seven now-former staffers against 16 students — going back as far as 1969 and lasting until 1992.
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Should You Get That Scan? Your Doctor Might Not Be Great At Helping You Decide
In a new study, researchers found that doctors are better at explaining the benefits of a common cancer screening that its potential downsides. But overtesting comes with risks and costs of its own.
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3 Sweet Reads For August's Hot Days
We're sweating toward the end of summer, and that calls for a romance binge. This month, we've got some suspense, a road trip — destination love — and a gritty look at Regency England.
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As Death Toll Rises, Mourners Gather To Honor Victims Of Italian Bridge Collapse
On a national day of mourning in Italy, questions remain about how a highway bridge gave way, killing dozens.
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Aretha Franklin Knew How To Make Us Laugh, Too
The late, great Aretha Franklin delivered world-class soul ballads like "Ain't No Way" that plumbed the depths of romantic experience and made it feel as if your heart had been squeezed dry like a defeated sponge. Her brazen self-determination anthem
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Millions Of Muslim Worshipers Flock To Mecca For Hajj
Sunday marks the first day of the hajj, the annual pilgrimage of Muslims to Mecca. The journey to the holiest site in the Muslim world is one of the five pillars of Islam, and is expected to draw around 2 million people — making it among the largest
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Aretha's Bridge
Amidst an instantly historic performance in 1971 that led to one of her best-known albums, Aretha Franklin's rendition of a single song carries inside it the weight of pop, soul and gospel history.
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A Medieval Fantasy From 'The Simpsons' Creator Throws A Wench In The Works
Matt Groening's animated Netflix series Disenchantment follows the hard-drinking princess of Dreamland. But the premise isn't the only new thing he's trying out on this show.
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Imran Khan Is Sworn Into Office As Pakistan's New Prime Minister
Khan inherits several big challenges, including Pakistan's faltering economy, and managing relations with China and the U.S.
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The Clergy Abuse Crisis Has Cost The Catholic Church $3 Billion
Years after an investigation in Boston highlighted the dimensions of the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic priesthood, the financial and reputational cost to the Catholic church continues to grow.
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A 94-Year-Old 'Sexpert' Gives India Advice On You Know What
Schools in the conservative country often have no sex ed, and it's a taboo topic at home. That's why Dr. Mahinder Watsa is one of the country's most popular advice columnists.
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Brett Kavanaugh Investigated A President, Then Voiced Concerns About Doing Just That
Trump's Supreme Court pick wanted prosecutors to ask President Clinton explicit questions and wrote the section of the Independent Counsel's report to Congress making the case for impeachment.
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Omarosa Releases Tape Of Trump Campaign's Offer To 'Buy My Silence'
Manigault Newman is a former Trump administration staffer who now calls the president a racist. She is currently promoting a new tell-all book about her time in White House.
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About That Microloan Mention In 'Crazy Rich Asians' ...
In one scene, Rachel Chu, the fictional lead character in the rom-com, chats with a princess about how small loans are helping women. But do they really?
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Calls For Widespread Change Challenge Incoming Head Of U.S. Olympic Committee
The incoming CEO of the U.S. Olympic Committee faces more challenges than just sexual abuse scandals. Elite athletes are calling for a complete overhaul of the USOC financial model.
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