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Crash, Arrest Draw More Scrutiny Of Tesla Autopilot System
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration faces pressure to take action on Tesla's partially automated driving system, which has been involved in at least three U.S. deaths.
NPR2 min gelesenMedical
Poll Finds Public Health Has A Trust Problem
A new Harvard poll shows that only half of Americans trust the CDC — other health agencies were rated even lower. During a pandemic, trust is critical to the success of a public health response.
NPR2 min gelesenAmerican Government
Liz Cheney, The Big Election Lie And The Future Of The GOP
Marginalizing Trump critics. Changing election law. Embracing lies. What does it mean to be a Republican in 2021? And what does that say about where the party is headed?
NPR3 min gelesenPsychology
Man Who Is Paralyzed Communicates By Imagining Handwriting
By decoding the brain signals involved in handwriting, researchers have allowed a man who is paralyzed to transform his thoughts into words on a computer screen.
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Cracked Memphis Bridge Remains Indefinitely Closed Disrupting Supply Chain
Arkansas officials said it had the potential to become a "catastrophic event," adding, "the bridge was closed to vehicular traffic and the river was closed to barge traffic as a safety precaution."
NPR5 min gelesenPolitics
As More Migrants Arrive, U.S. Expands Efforts To Identify And Admit Most Vulnerable
More migrants are granted humanitarian exceptions to a pandemic public health order that effectively closed the Southern border. U.S. officials are working with NGOs to identify the most vulnerable.
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South Carolina Governor Bans Mask Mandates
South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster issued a coronavirus mandate preventing schools and local governments from creating mask mandates and requiring proof of vaccination.
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In New Documentary, Two Musical Brothers Bridge The Divide Between The U.S. And Cuba
"Los Hermanos/The Brothers" documents how brothers Ilmar Gavilán and Aldo López-Gavilán came together after being separated for decades by tensions between the U.S. and Cuba.
NPR4 min gelesenPopular Culture & Media Studies
For Some Anti-Vaccine Advocates, Misinformation Is Part Of A Business
The coronavirus pandemic has created an opening for vaccine opponents to peddle alternative therapies, unproven cures and website subscriptions.
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Ellen DeGeneres Will End Her Daytime Talk Show In 2022
The groundbreaking TV host announced her show would end after 19 seasons, citing a desire for new challenges. Ratings had dropped after allegations of a toxic work place surfaced in 2020.
NPR4 min gelesenAmerican Government
GOP Ousts Cheney From Leadership Over Her Criticism Of Trump
This is the second time the Wyoming Republican faced calls for her removal as the No. 3 Republican in the House. But this time, she did not have support from top Republicans.
NPR3 min gelesenBiology
Will COVID-19 Vaccines Still Work Against The Variant From India?
A coronavirus variant is spreading quickly in India, causing a massive surge in cases. Scientists are rushing to see if vaccines will be effective against this variant. So far, the news is hopeful.
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Watch The First Entry To The 2021 Tiny Desk Contest
The first 2021 Contest entry comes from Minneapolis songwriter (and two-time entrant) Kahlen. If you've got big dreams of playing a Tiny Desk concert, we're accepting entries until June 7.
NPR5 min gelesenAmerican Government
At Rancorous Hearing On Jan. 6 Insurrection, Partisan Divide Takes Center Stage
Former Trump officials testified before Congress for the first time on the Jan. 6 insurrection. The proceedings were dominated by the role of former President Donald Trump and his supporters that day.
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'If Hate Is A Virus, There Is No Vaccine': Asian Photographers Speak Out
Nearly two months since shootings at three Atlanta-area spas left eight people dead — including six women of Asian descent — a group of photographers reflect on what it means to be Asian American.
NPR2 min gelesen
A Dog Café Has Created Connections And Community During The Pandemic
From dog biscuits to beef liver bites, StarPups Café in Toronto has more offerings than you can shake a stick at — and it also has those. There's a "stick library" with sticks of all sizes.
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Tina Turner, Jay-Z, Foo Fighters Among Those Inducted Into Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
It's the most diverse collection of inductees in the Hall of Fame's 36-year history, according to the organization.
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Stewie Gets Her Own Sneaks: WNBA Star Pens First Deal In A Decade
Breanna Stewart's new sneaker deal with Puma includes the first signature shoe for a WNBA player in a decade. ESPN's Nick DePaula tells NPR's Mary Louise Kelly what it means for the industry.
NPR2 min gelesenMedical
South Carolina Governor Bans Mask Mandates
South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster issued a coronavirus mandate preventing schools and local governments from creating mask mandates and requiring proof of vaccination.
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Knight Commission Urges NCAA And Schools To Tackle Racial Inequity
Although Black athletes make up about half of D1 football and basketball players, they graduate and get coaching jobs at lower rates than their white peers. The commission says it's time that changes.
NPR2 min gelesenSocial Science
No, You Are Not Imagining It. Prices For A Lot Of Things Did Jump In April
Prices for a range of goods from used cars to bacon surged last month, pushing consumer inflation to 4.2% in April, the highest since September 2008.
NPR4 min gelesenMedical
Citizens Work To Expose COVID's Real Toll In Nicaragua As Leaders Claim Success
Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's government insists the country has low numbers of cases and deaths from the pandemic. A grassroots group is working to reveal the true impact is far worse.
NPR4 min gelesenMedical
Opinion: Africans Shouldn't Have To Pull Strings To Get COVID Treatment
When Maji Hailemariam and her dad got sick with COVID in Ethiopia, she was frustrated by how difficult it was to get tested and treated. She urges governments that it doesn't have to be that way.
NPR3 min gelesenSecurity
In Wake Of Pipeline Hack, Biden Signs Executive Order On Cybersecurity
The order follows a ransomware attack on a company that operates a pipeline that provides nearly half of the gasoline and jet fuel for the East Coast.
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Gas Stations Run Dry In Southeast As White House Seeks To Boost Supplies
The White House is easing more restrictions on fuel shipments as private data shows more than 15% of gas stations running out of gasoline in three states.
NPR3 min gelesen
Colonial Pipeline Restarts: There's No Need To Panic-Buy Gas (And Never Was)
Even before fuel began flowing again after a ransomware attack, experts said any shortages were because of transportation, not supply, and they urged people not to top off their tanks.
NPR2 min gelesenCrime & Violence
Judge Finds Aggravating Factors In Chauvin Case, Paving Way For Longer Sentence
The judge found that Chauvin abused a position of trust, treated George Floyd with "particular cruelty," committed the crime as part of a group, and the offense occurred in front of children.
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Internet Subsidy Gives $50 A Month Discounts For Low-Income Americans
The $3.2 billion temporary pandemic program will last for up to six months after the pandemic is over or until the funds run out.
NPR3 min gelesenPolitics
Amazon Wins Case Against EU Regulators Over Luxembourg Taxes
The European Commission has said the online giant got a sweetheart deal from Luxembourg that amounted to "illegal state aid" worth $303 million.
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Never Mind: Elon Musk Says Tesla Won't Accept Bitcoin For Car Purchases Any More
Tesla's CEO explained on Twitter that the reversal on accepting Bitcoin was prompted by concerns about the "rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels" to mine the cryptocurrency.
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