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Want Your Employees To Work Harder? Consider Telling Them What You Earn, New Study Suggests
It turns out that bosses who are transparent about their salaries may end up fostering higher workplace morale than those who aren’t. A new study shows, among other things, that employees tend to underestimate their bosses’ compensation, but that the
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Couples Are Supposed To Operate As A Team, But Sometimes They Compete Instead
When Fila and Jason Antwine sat down to play Monopoly a while back with their young son, they had a goal in mind: to show their child how to have fun and compete while being a good sport. Then they forgot he was there. Early on, Ms. Antwine built se
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You Can Hurt Your Organization By Never Saying No To Requests For Help
Offices demand collaboration like never before. But if you don’t set some limits, you could start falling behind, hurting your company and hating your job.
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To Get Along Better, We Need Better Arguments
Our polarized politics keeps us from learning anything from our opponents. Here’s how to fix that.
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Voice Chat Might Be The Communication Of The Future, Combining The Best Of Text Messages And Phone Calls
Steve Jobs should have called it the iText. Maybe the iNstagram, or the iUberEverywhere. The iPhone—like every other phone in 2018—is many things, but it isn’t much of a phone. For decades, the best and often only way to reach someone out of earshot
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Don’t Be Fooled By The Bluetooth Headset: Workers Who Look Busy Aren’t As Successful As Those Who Take Time For Thinking
As we’ve seen in recent weeks, some of the most dramatic moments of the World Cup are the penalty kicks, when the outcome of an entire match can rest on a showdown between the shooter and the goalie. In a penalty kick, the ball is placed 11 meters fr
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App Traps: How Cheap Smartphones Help Themselves To User Data
For millions of people buying inexpensive smartphones in developing countries where privacy protections are usually low, the convenience of on-the-go internet access could come with a hidden cost: preloaded apps that harvest users’ data without their
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Tech’s ‘Dirty Secret’: The App Developers Sifting Through Your Gmail
Software developers scan hundreds of millions of emails of users who sign up for email-based services. Disclosures are often buried in user agreements.
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The Secret To Disconnecting? Bring Back The ‘Away’ Message
When you head out on vacation this summer, you will want to properly get away. No checking in with the office, no sneaking a peek at your inbox and no occasional Twitter browsing just in case Beyoncé drops another surprise album. With the help of an
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Can A Meditation App Help Treat Disease? Headspace Is Wagering It Can
You might know Headspace as a meditation app. What if it were also a prescription medication? The California-based company recently launched Headspace Health, a subsidiary whose executives’ goal is to apply to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as
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How Much Do You Want Flight Attendants To Know About You When You Fly?
Your flight attendant wishes you happy birthday. Is that cute or creepy? Airlines know a lot about you, from date of birth and home address to travel patterns, vacation preferences, beverage purchases and whether your last flight was good or bad. Now
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Why Group Bike Rides Are The New Boardroom
Far & Away, from National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal. ONCE CONSIDERED an obscure sport for kids, commuters and hardcore fitness fanatics, cycling has evolved in the past few years into both a powerful networking tool for executives and
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Meditation Is Getting Competitive
As hard-chargers descend on the ancient practice, they are tweaking the quest for inner peace, such as checking the leaderboard.
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Your Stress At Work May Be More Like A Major League Baseball Player’s Than You Realized
No one likes making a mistake when colleagues or clients are watching, or getting negative feedback in a meeting. Imagine making an error in front of 50,000 booing spectators while your latest performance stats flash in giant letters on a Jumbotron o
The Wall Street Journal4 min readPsychology
The Words That Can Signal You’re Depressed
Feeling down? Pay attention to your language. People who are experiencing depression use different words than people who are not.
The Wall Street Journal7 min readMoney Management
A/B Test Your Life and Save Money
On my last work trip, I learned a valuable lesson about myself while melting chocolate in a saucepan. What I learned changed my dining habits—as well as the way I think about my finances. Let me explain. For many years, I visited fancy restaurants wh
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Tricks for Savoring Summer's Fleeing Delights
Summer’s here, and the time is right for enjoying every moment—except we’re not good at that. Here’s some advice to help.
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Why The Age Of Tech Superheroes Must End
Silicon Valley has an accountability crisis, and at its root is the idolatry of founder-CEOs. Whether it’s Theranos Chief Executive Elizabeth Holmes or ousted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, or the heads of currently troubled public companies like Evan Spi
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Here’s How To Save That Conversation That’s Going Off The Rails
Carl LaMell had just sat down for dinner at a fundraising event when he realized he was in trouble. He was seated next to the wife of an employee at the nonprofit agency he headed, and “as soon as she started talking, she asked for a raise for her hu
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Feel Like Your Colleagues Are Getting Younger? Here’s How To Stay Current In A Changing Workplace
Do your colleagues at the office seem to be getting younger? It looks that way to the millions of older employees in industries being disrupted in the digital era and favoring younger more digitally savvy workers, such as tech, entertainment, retaili
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Those Privacy-policy Emails Clogging Up Your Inbox? Don’t Delete Just Yet: Here’s How To Read Them Without Actually Reading Them
This policy applies to all operations of the Service. Our lawyers said so. We may refer to the Company as “we,” “us,” or “our”... because companies have feelings, too. Thereto whilst we hope you are discouraged from reading this legalese, henceforth
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Should You Eat Your Wrinkle Cream? That’s The Idea, As Makers Of Snacks And Drinks Add Collagen To Their Recipes
The stuff in beauty creams is appearing in foods, as companies launch pricey snacks and drinks containing collagen—and many consumers are eating it up despite little hard evidence that it works. Valerie Grogan, a 53-year-old teacher’s aide in Torran
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Escape From Planet Google With Tech Columnist David Pierce—and Discover The Best Replacements For All Its Top Apps And Services
About 10 minutes after I decided to try temporarily removing Google from my life—an experiment I hoped would illuminate how much Alphabet Inc.’s giant dominates online existence—I messed it all up. I spotted a video of Donald Glover, co-star of “Solo
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How Big-name Hospitals Have Used Hypnosis To Change The Lives Of People With Painful Stomach Conditions
New York City Sarah Blau settles into a wicker chair, stretching her feet onto an ottoman. In a soothing voice, Laurie Keefer, says, “I’m going to count from one to three, and as I count, your eyelids will get heavy and they’ll close whenever it fee
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Steve Kerr’s Golden Rule Of Coaching: Know When To Do Nothing
Five minutes into the first quarter of a routine Monday night game, Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors broke one of the NBA’s most inviolable laws of coaching. He relinquished his dry-erase board—to a player. As his team gathered for a timeout
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‘Militia At Google,’ ‘Sex Positive At Google,’ ‘Googlers For Animals’: If There’s A Political Argument To Be Had, It’s Happening At Google.
Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder and president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, flew to Silicon Valley earlier this year for a long-planned speech to Google employees. It wasn’t until she sat waiting in a parking lot that a call came through
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You Know Who Collects More Of Your Personal Data Than Facebook? Google—so Why Aren’t We Talking About It?
Recent controversy over Facebook Inc.’s hunger for personal data has surfaced the notion that the online advertising industry could be hazardous to our privacy and well-being. As justifiable as the focus on Facebook has been, though, it isn’t  the fu
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Research Has Shown That Positive Personality Traits Not Only Improve Health But Also Extend Life Expectancy
There are dozens of questions that people can and should ask themselves as they approach and enter later life—about finances, relationships, new paths, etc. Such lists, though, typically overlook something more fundamental: Are you (pick a word) sati
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Networking for Actual Human Beings
The research is clear: People don’t mix at mixers, and don’t feel good about trying. But there are better ways to make meaningful connections.
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The Ultra-cheap Phones Even IPhone Users Will Crave
Hi, welcome to Phones R Us. Can I interest you in a flip phone? What’s that? Why are you laughing? Wait, please don’t leave! OK, fine, I get it. The last time you cared about a flip phone was the early aughts, when Donald Trump was a brand new realit
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