The Wall Street Journal3 min readTech
What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence? Here’s A Guide To Its Most Important Concepts, Including Neural Networks And Deep Learning
Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the 1956 Dartmouth College AI workshop, which many consider the birthplace of the discipline.
The Wall Street Journal4 min readPsychology
Fearful Of Public Speaking? How To Get The Butterflies Under Control
Would you get nervous if asked to deliver an impromptu talk at a meeting? Here are strategies to focus your fears and get your act together.
The Wall Street Journal6 min readTech
We All Have Implicit Biases, A Social Psychologist Says. But You Can Work To Counter Them
No matter how open-minded we are, we all have unconscious biases, a social psychologist says. Here’s how to deal with them.
The Wall Street Journal5 min readLeadership & Mentoring
Listening Carefully to Others—Often Not a Strength of Bosses—is a Core Principle of Improv That Can Make Meetings Better
Does anybody like meetings? I think it’s fair to say that most of us consider them to be a waste of energy and time. But instead of just complaining, I set out on a mission, visiting dozens of organizations across the globe, in search of one that con
The Wall Street Journal15 min read
‘How Do I Know If I’m About To Be Fired?’ The Netflix Corporate Culture Can Be A Ruthless Place.
Buzzwords and anxiety fill the hallways as Hollywood giant tries to maintain a winning culture amid breakneck growth; the ‘N-word’ scandal gets ‘sunshined.’
The Wall Street Journal6 min read
You Are More Likely To Make A Bad Financial Decision If Your Smartphone Is Even Within Earshot
We’re bombarded with information, giving us little time to focus on any of it. It’s a recipe for making bad choices about our money.
The Wall Street Journal4 min readPsychology
No Parent Wants To Think About Their Children Sexting, But Proactive Conversations Can Make A Big Difference
Parents face a daunting task educating teens, tweens and even grade-schoolers on the hazards of sexually explicit photos or videos, but these strategies can help.
The Wall Street Journal4 min read
Tony Robbins Says An Early Stock Loss Taught Him That “The Way Someone Looks Or The Kind Of Car They Drive Is Not A Good Barometer Of Fiduciary Savvy”
The motivational speaker recalls the inspirational seminar—and the stock loss—that have taught him much.
The Wall Street Journal4 min read
Don’t Let An Internal Competition For A Promotion Poison Office Morale
More employers are sparking internal competitions by posting job openings online and encouraging interested employees to apply. Here’s how to keep the runners-up from leaving.
The Wall Street Journal5 min read
The New Father-Son Sex Talk
A difficult conversation has become even more complex. But dads should persist. Here’s how.
The Wall Street Journal4 min read
Companies Are Getting More Flexible About Who Gets To Fly Business Class. Here’s How To Convince Your Corporate-travel Office.
Corporate travel departments are getting less stingy with travel perks for employees who travel constantly—at least for now.
The Wall Street Journal8 min readTech
3-D Printed Meals, Edible Bar Codes And Shrimp Made From Algae Are Among The Advances Transforming Food
Printed meals, edible bar codes and facial-recognition technology for cows are among the innovations transforming the food industry.
The Wall Street Journal8 min read
Hackers, Swindlers And Thieves Turn To New Breed Of Cryptocurrency Exchange To Launder Their Dirty Money
A Wall Street Journal investigation documents millions of dollars in suspicious trades through ShapeShift, a company backed by mainstream venture capitalists.
The Wall Street Journal3 min read
What I Learned From Having Steve Jobs Swear At Me
Imagine that your boss told you straight to your face that your project is “dog shit.” Next, imagine that this boss is Steve Jobs. That’s what happened to me when I was working as the principal engineer of iPhone software during Apple’s golden years.
The Wall Street Journal4 min read
Historian Yuval Noah Harari On The Robot Revolution
The author of ‘Sapiens’ sees a future in which machines make better doctors, AI aids dictatorships, and surveillance has a silver lining.
The Wall Street Journal4 min read
The Elusive Art Of Going Viral On Twitter
For anyone who wants to feel the perverse thrill of going viral on Twitter, online comedians offer their tips — but no guarantees.
The Wall Street Journal5 min read
Your Browser Is The Most Important App You Have—Make Sure You Use The Right One
New web browsers present the perfect reason to test what a modern browser can do and even consider making a change.
The Wall Street Journal5 min readScience
Scary Feats Can Give You a Sense of Strength and Accomplishment. Our Columnist Went Scuba Diving in Iceland to Test the Theory.
Pushing yourself to complete scary but exhilarating activities can give you a lasting sense of strength and accomplishment. Our columnist went scuba diving in Iceland to test the theory.
The Wall Street Journal5 min readLeadership & Mentoring
The Two Ways To Lead By Example That Work—And Some That Don’t
Most leaders know that their actions can influence how a team feels and performs but there are only two ways to lead by example that are ALWAYS positive. George Washington embodied both.
The Wall Street Journal8 min read
He Was Leonardo DiCaprio’s Friend, But No One Really Knew Where His Money Came From.
Armed with a seemingly bottomless supply of cash, Jho Low staged the ultimate Las Vegas party. Who was he? An excerpt adapted from “Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood and the World” by Tom Wright and Bradley Hope.
The Wall Street Journal3 min read
Lessons From Tesla (the Man, Not the Car)
A century ago, Nikola Tesla was a wildly successful inventor, yet a failed entrepreneur. What went wrong?
The Wall Street Journal4 min read
Hunt For Ghosts In Your Home
Increasingly, Americans are hiring ‘house historians’ to investigate the back stories of their dwellings. Here, one Brooklynite shares what she discovered and how to go about it yourself.
The Wall Street Journal4 min read
Here Are Five Important And Often Overlooked Lessons From The Collapse Of Lehman Brothers 10 Years Ago
Ten years after the failure of Lehman Brothers, plenty of important lessons from that collapse still haven’t sunk in. Here are five.
The Wall Street Journal4 min readTech
Startup Touts Unique Talent Pool: Workers with Autism
A tech startup connects remote contractors on the autism spectrum with clients in need of their skill sets.
The Wall Street Journal4 min read
When We’re On The Internet, We’re Just Not Thinking Right
Ever wonder why people’s perception of the incidence of crime, terrorism, kidnapping and other violent acts is often much higher than the reality? Why the U.S. is becoming a low-trust society? Why Americans are collectively in a funk?
The Wall Street Journal5 min read
When Did Conservatives Stop Trusting the Press? A Half Century of ‘Liberal Media Bias’
The chaos at the 1968 Democratic convention changed American politics—and spurred a conservative backlash against the press that is still with us today.
The Wall Street Journal5 min read
People Often Try To Deny Their Feelings, But That Doesn’t Work. Here Are Some Healthier Techniques.
How to transform the emotional pain of loss into something helpful.
The Wall Street Journal4 min read
Which Types Of Exercise Do The Most To Help Fight Off Stress And Depression? A New Study Has Answers
We assume exercise improves our mental health. But what kind of exercise works best? Certain fitness routines do more to help avoid depression, stress or other emotional problems, new research finds.
The Wall Street Journal4 min read
The Tyranny of the Exclamation Point Is Causing Email and Text Anxiety
We’ve become addicted to exclamation points in emails and tests as a way to fill in facial expression and tone. Going cold turkey freaks people out; ‘You’re not your normal, cheery, bubbly self.’
The Wall Street Journal11 min read
A Three-year Journey Through The Internet’s Underbelly: How One Computer Nerd Tried To Retrieve His Lost Bitcoin.
The man who solved bitcoin’s most notorious heist.
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