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How Not To Freak Out: Lessons For Surviving Market Volatility
It has been nearly 10 years since U.S. stocks were in a bear market. Time to brush up on some proven techniques.
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Stereotypes Contend That Men Are Always Interested In Sex, Happiest Being The Pursuer And Focused Solely On The Physical. A New Book Disagrees.
What do men secretly want? Long-held stereotypes contend they’re always interested in sex; happiest being the pursuer; focused on the physical rather than the emotional connection. If we discuss male sexuality at all, we tend to focus on the darker,
The Wall Street Journal6 min read
It Takes A Smart Manager To Keep The Star Of The Office Happy While Keeping Everyone Else Productive
Office rock stars who go the extra mile may keep everything running, but depending too much on them may hurt almost as much as it helps.
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Facebook Needs Your Information To Operate Securely, But You Control Whether It’s Used For Advertising, Writes Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook turns 15 next month. When I started Facebook, I wasn’t trying to build a global company. I realized you could find almost anything on the internet—music, books, information—except the thing that matters most: people. So I built a service peo
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Believe It Or Not, There Are Plenty Of Ways For Forgetfulness To Help You Do Your Job Better
Many people worry that forgetting names, facts or tasks on their to-do list is a sign of aging or mental decline. A growing body of research offers a more welcome excuse: Forgetting stuff can actually be a byproduct of rigorous thinking, smooth decis
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Behind The Public Sparring, U.S. And North Korean Spies Have For Years Maintained A Secret Channel Of Communication.
WASHINGTON—U.S. intelligence officials have met with North Korean counterparts secretly for a decade, a covert channel that allowed communications during tense times, aided in the release of detainees and helped pave the way for President Trump’s his
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“They Aren’t Gaming The System. They Own The System.” Amazon Is Using Its Power To Supercharge Its Growing Book-publishing Operation.
The online retail giant, the world’s largest public company, commands an unrivaled customer base for the books, ebooks and audiobooks it publishes. As a result, it’s jolting the publishing industry, creating instant best sellers out of self-published
The Wall Street Journal8 min readSociety
Bill Gates On Why Investing $10 Billion In The Development And Delivery Of New Medicines Beats Any Market Bet He Could Have Made
Technology is a boom-or-bust business, but it’s mostly busts. I’ve always assumed that 10% of my technology investments will succeed—and succeed wildly. The other 90% I expect to fail. When I made the transition from my first career at Microsoft to m
The Wall Street Journal4 min readLeadership & Mentoring
Think You Know It All? Then You Have A Lot To Learn About Advancing Your Career.
Know enough not to act like a know-it-all. Executives who act like they have all the answers often reject input from others—to their detriment. But recovery is possible.
The Wall Street Journal4 min readScience
Thinking Of Dropping Alcohol For A Month? New Data Shows Several Ways It Can Help, Even Six Months Later
Bottoms down: It’s Dry January. Now that the British fad is taking hold in the U.S., research shows that losing booze for a month has several health benefits—sometimes months later.
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Is That Weed-whacker Really Worth Five Stars? Here’s How To Spot Fake Amazon Reviews
Dogs love water!!! My dog loves this pet drinking fountain. He doesn’t care that it’s louder than Niagara Falls when the water level is low, and that the setup instructions were impossible to follow. Oops, this is supposed to be a positive review.
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You Feel You Need A Mental-health Day. Are You Safe Asking For One?
You’re exhausted and can’t focus. Work seems pointless. You’re tempted to snap at friendly colleagues. It’s pretty clear when you need to take a mental-health day. What’s harder is figuring out whether you can afford to ask for one. More people are e
The Wall Street Journal3 min read
The Best Strategies For Paying Off Debt And Why You May Not Be Following Them
Here is a guide to digging your way out of debt most effectively, with an overview of strategies and how to find the one that’s right for you.
The Wall Street Journal5 min readTech
A Smartphone That Detects Your Sadness? A Car That Knows When You’re Tired? Experts In “Affective AI” Are Building Emotionally Intelligent Technology.
In a quest for smarter technology, Google and others in the field of affective AI are developing tools that respond to human emotions and facial expressions.
The Wall Street Journal6 min read
‘The World Of Dating Coaching Is Like The Wild West’—so Pick Your Coach Wisely
Jonathan Robinson thought his text exchanges with an attractive woman he met on a dating app were going so well that he asked her out. He was delighted when she said yes. But then she asked about his past relationships. After he said he was divorced,
The Wall Street Journal9 min read
The Secret Buyer Of Vineyards Had An Eye On The Water Rights Underneath.​“It Is Like California Beachfront Property: God Isn’t Making Any More Of It.”
Making a bet on climate change, a university’s $39 billion endowment has been snapping up farmland and the related rights. In a warming planet, few resources will be as strained as water. ‘It was surprising, the prices they were willing to pay.’
The Wall Street Journal3 min readTech
What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence? Here’s A Guide To Its Most Important Concepts, Including Neural Networks And Deep Learning
Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the 1956 Dartmouth College AI workshop, which many consider the birthplace of the discipline.
The Wall Street Journal4 min readPsychology
Fearful Of Public Speaking? How To Get The Butterflies Under Control
Would you get nervous if asked to deliver an impromptu talk at a meeting? Here are strategies to focus your fears and get your act together.
The Wall Street Journal6 min readTech
We All Have Implicit Biases, A Social Psychologist Says. But You Can Work To Counter Them
No matter how open-minded we are, we all have unconscious biases, a social psychologist says. Here’s how to deal with them.
The Wall Street Journal5 min readLeadership & Mentoring
Listening Carefully to Others—Often Not a Strength of Bosses—is a Core Principle of Improv That Can Make Meetings Better
Does anybody like meetings? I think it’s fair to say that most of us consider them to be a waste of energy and time. But instead of just complaining, I set out on a mission, visiting dozens of organizations across the globe, in search of one that con
The Wall Street Journal15 min read
‘How Do I Know If I’m About To Be Fired?’ The Netflix Corporate Culture Can Be A Ruthless Place.
Buzzwords and anxiety fill the hallways as Hollywood giant tries to maintain a winning culture amid breakneck growth; the ‘N-word’ scandal gets ‘sunshined.’
The Wall Street Journal6 min read
You Are More Likely To Make A Bad Financial Decision If Your Smartphone Is Even Within Earshot
We’re bombarded with information, giving us little time to focus on any of it. It’s a recipe for making bad choices about our money.
The Wall Street Journal4 min readPsychology
No Parent Wants To Think About Their Children Sexting, But Proactive Conversations Can Make A Big Difference
Parents face a daunting task educating teens, tweens and even grade-schoolers on the hazards of sexually explicit photos or videos, but these strategies can help.
The Wall Street Journal4 min read
Tony Robbins Says An Early Stock Loss Taught Him That “The Way Someone Looks Or The Kind Of Car They Drive Is Not A Good Barometer Of Fiduciary Savvy”
The motivational speaker recalls the inspirational seminar—and the stock loss—that have taught him much.
The Wall Street Journal4 min read
Don’t Let An Internal Competition For A Promotion Poison Office Morale
More employers are sparking internal competitions by posting job openings online and encouraging interested employees to apply. Here’s how to keep the runners-up from leaving.
The Wall Street Journal5 min read
The New Father-Son Sex Talk
A difficult conversation has become even more complex. But dads should persist. Here’s how.
The Wall Street Journal4 min read
Companies Are Getting More Flexible About Who Gets To Fly Business Class. Here’s How To Convince Your Corporate-travel Office.
Corporate travel departments are getting less stingy with travel perks for employees who travel constantly—at least for now.
The Wall Street Journal8 min readTech
3-D Printed Meals, Edible Bar Codes And Shrimp Made From Algae Are Among The Advances Transforming Food
Printed meals, edible bar codes and facial-recognition technology for cows are among the innovations transforming the food industry.
The Wall Street Journal8 min read
Hackers, Swindlers And Thieves Turn To New Breed Of Cryptocurrency Exchange To Launder Their Dirty Money
A Wall Street Journal investigation documents millions of dollars in suspicious trades through ShapeShift, a company backed by mainstream venture capitalists.
The Wall Street Journal3 min read
What I Learned From Having Steve Jobs Swear At Me
Imagine that your boss told you straight to your face that your project is “dog shit.” Next, imagine that this boss is Steve Jobs. That’s what happened to me when I was working as the principal engineer of iPhone software during Apple’s golden years.
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