The New York Times6 min read
Silicon Valley's Saudi Arabia Problem
Technology companies can no longer turn a blind eye to the human rights abuses of one of their largest investors.
The New York Times7 min readSociety
An Uneasy Moment for Women Fuels a Boom in Science Fiction
How feminist dystopian fiction is channeling women’s anger and anxiety. A growing canon of female-centered science fiction looks at questions of gender inequality, misogyny and institutionalized sexism.
The New York Times5 min read
Behind the Kidnapping Case That Inspired ‘Lolita’
Two new books, Sarah Weinman’s “The Real Lolita” and T. Greenwood’s “Rust and Stardust,” revisit the story of Sally Horner’s 1948 abduction.
The New York Times5 min read
I'm Just a Middle-Aged House Dad Addicted to Pot
Cannabis should be legal, just as alcohol should be legal. But marijuana addiction exists, and it almost wrecked my life.
The New York Times4 min read
From Harvey Weinstein to Brett Kavanaugh in One Exhausting Year
WOMEN BARED THEIR SOULS. YET SOMEHOW MEN ARE CASTING THEMSELVES AS VICTIMS. I watch a lot of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” Many women I know do too. I’ve seen nearly every episode from 19 seasons, most of them several times. I will watch a doz
The New York Times4 min read
How to Charge Your Phone Faster
You’re about to head out the door, but your phone desperately needs some extra juice before you leave. Thankfully, you can charge your phone faster … if you can separate truth from myth. If you remember your high school physics, electricity is measu
The New York Times6 min read
36 Hours in Tucson
(36 Hours) TUCSON, Ariz. — As Austin is to Texas, Tucson is to Arizona. In this outspoken university town, artists, intellectuals and athletes share their passions for good food and outdoor fun. In Tucson’s case, its location in the southern Sonoran
The New York Times4 min read
Why We Can't Stop Rooting for Tiger Woods
He’s the most talented golfer ever to play the game. But more than ever he’s showing he’s also a human being.
The New York Times6 min read
Neil Armstrong Walked on the Moon. To These Boys, He Was Just Dad.
(Science Times) DALLAS — In the summer of 1969, Rick Armstrong was 12 and whacking the baseball in the Houston-area Little League. He was selected to play in the all-star game — but he had to skip it, because he was at Cape Canaveral in Florida to w
The New York Times6 min read
Battle Scars
Elliot Ackerman’s latest war novel, “Waiting for Eden,” is just as much a story of love. A short novel of love, war, and comrades in arms contains the world in a foxhole, as it keeps an eye on a wounded veteran from the perspective of his dead best f
The New York Times4 min readPolitics
Uber, Lyft And The Urgency Of Saving Money On Ambulances
(The Upshot: The New Health Care) An ambulance ride of just a few miles can cost thousands of dollars, and a lot of it may not be covered by insurance. With ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft far cheaper and now available within minutes in many
The New York Times5 min read
Crime Pays
To write “American Prison,” the prizewinning reporter Shane Bauer spent four months undercover at a privately run Louisiana prison. What he found was shocking.
The New York Times3 min read
Fear and Loathing in Trump's America
In Ben Fountain's new book, “Beautiful Country Burn Again,” the author of “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” turns to the state of our politics in the age of Trump.
The New York Times4 min read
Double Agents
Ben Macintyre’s new book, “The Spy and the Traitor,” recounts the extraordinary stories of the Soviet Oleg Gordievsky and the American Aldrich Ames, spies who betrayed their countries.
The New York Times4 min read
Sensory Overload
“Attention: Dispatches From a Land of Distraction,” a collection of essays by the novelist Joshua Cohen, is a testament of intellectual seriousness from one of America’s most interesting minds.
The New York Times7 min read
By the Book: Andre Dubus III
The author, most recently, of the novel “Gone So Long” is moved by compassion in literature: “The sense that the writer is not poking fun at his or her characters, but instead is genuinely curious about their lives.”
The New York Times2 min read
The Literati: Tolstoy's Last Chapter
When Count Leo Tolstoy, 34, proposes marriage to 18-year-old Sonya Behr in 1862, he is not much of a catch. Although the heir to a vast estate with hundreds of serfs, he has lost much of his fortune through gambling. And, since visiting a dentist tak
The New York Times3 min readPolitics
James Comey: The FBI Can Do This
Despite limitations and partisan attacks, the bureau can find out a lot about the Kavanaugh accusations in a week.
The New York Times4 min read
My Friend Wrote a Book Before He Died. Could I Read His Handwriting?
SAM’S LEGACY DEPENDED ON MY ABILITY TO DECIPHER HIS NOTEBOOK PAGES. I knew my friend Samuel Park’s handwriting well, its curves and spikes and looping lowercase g’s and y’s. I’d first become acquainted with both him and his handwriting in college, wh
The New York Times5 min read
He Got Schizophrenia. He Got Cancer. And Then He Got Cured.
A bone-marrow transplant treated a patient’s leukemia — and his delusions, too. Some doctors think they know why.
The New York Times4 min read
Why I Love Reality Television
Shows like “Love & Hip Hop” offer nuanced portrayals of women of color. They’re not a guilty pleasure.
The New York Times3 min read
In Praise of Mediocrity
THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE HAS INFILTRATED AND CORRUPTED THE WORLD OF LEISURE. I’m a little surprised by how many people tell me they have no hobbies. It may seem a small thing, but — at the risk of sounding grandiose — I see it as a sign of a civiliz
The New York Times3 min readPolitics
Brett Kavanaugh and America's 'Himpathy' Reckoning
Rarely has society’s tendency to sympathize with powerful men been so thoroughly on display.
The New York Times7 min read
Yo-Yo Ma Says Use Bach to Make the World Better
With a new recording and a two-year, 36-city world tour, the classical musician of our civic life is pairing art and community action.
The New York Times5 min readPsychology
Why Mentoring Matters, and How to Get Started
Professional mentorships used to be the workplace norm, but today they’re hard to find, even though they matter more than ever. Here’s how to find one, and how to get the most from it.
The New York Times8 min read
Now Damien Echols Will Teach You the Secrets of Magick
After almost two decades on death row, this member of the West Memphis Three is touring America, teaching the rituals that set him free.
The New York Times4 min read
Padma Lakshmi: I Was Raped at 16 and I Kept Silent
I understand why a woman would wait years to disclose a sexual assault.
The New York Times7 min read
Britons Pay Hundreds for HIV Drugs. Why Do Americans Pay Thousands?
Britain’s National Health Service far outperforms America’s health care system — for far less money — at keeping H.I.V. patients healthy.
The New York Times4 min read
By the Book: America Ferrera
The actor and editor of the new anthology “American Like Me: Reflections on Life Between Cultures” would love to see Harry Potter get the “Game of Thrones” treatment: “I’m here for 80 hours of a darker and more detailed adaptation.”
The New York Times10 min read
Round Table: A Year Without the Nobel
With the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature postponed by scandal, The Times’s staff book critics discuss the award’s history and influence — and whom they would give it to this year if they could.
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