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The 10 Best Books of 2018
The editors of The Times Book Review choose the best fiction and nonfiction titles this year.
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Dark and Stormy
“Those Who Knew,” a new novel by Idra Novey, takes place on an unnamed island, but in a world beset by problems unnervingly like our own. A timely dystopian thriller with sexual assault and political corruption at its core.
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Fathers of Geniuses
Colm Toibin's “Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know” recounts the lives of the fathers of Wilde, Yeats and Joyce — and the chaos they created.
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Forest For The Trees
In his new collection of essays, “The End of the End of the Earth,” Jonathan Franzen complains about groups that emphasize climate change at the expense of conservation.
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America — and Judaism — at Its Best
The man accused of the synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh seemed fixated on HIAS, the refugee organization that helped save my family.
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Silicon Valley Can't Escape the Business of War
Many in the tech industry don’t want to be part of the military-industrial complex. But defense work is already part of Silicon Valley’s DNA.
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I Believe in Ghosts
COME TO MY FAMILY’S HOUSE. YOU MIGHT BELIEVE, TOO. Two years ago, faced with the rising cost of living in the greater Boston area, my family decided to put our lots in together and buy a property that could accommodate my middle sister, Kerri; my mot
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How Scientists Cracked the Climate Change Case
The biggest crime scene on the planet is the planet. We know the earth is warming, but who or what is causing it? By Gavin Schmidt, climate scientist and the director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.
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Not Every C-section Is a Bad Birth Story
Rates are rising worldwide. That’s a problem. But don’t forget: This surgery also saves lives.
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Science Confirms It: People Are Not Pets
Research on the efficacy of rewards tells us that we can’t bribe others into doing what we want.
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Why Are We Still Teaching Reading the Wrong Way?
TEACHER PREPARATION PROGRAMS CONTINUE TO IGNORE THE SOUND SCIENCE BEHIND HOW PEOPLE BECOME READERS. Our children aren’t being taught to read in ways that line up with what scientists have discovered about how people actually learn. It’s a problem tha
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Frankenstein at 200
Mary Shelley’s creation is the rare story to pass from literature into common myth, inspiring a seemingly endless stream of adaptations.
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Why Sex Is Not Binary
THE COMPLEXITY IS MORE THAN CULTURAL. IT’S BIOLOGICAL, TOO. Two sexes have never been enough to describe human variety. Not in biblical times and not now. Before we knew much about biology, we made social rules to administer sexual diversity. The an
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It’s time that we men take responsibility for our role in the problem of violence against women.
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It's Still Warhol's World
Raf Simons, the chief creative officer of Calvin Klein, on art, fashion and admiring “people who have an opinion, even if it’s against me.”
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Editors' Choice
THE LIBRARY BOOK, by Susan Orlean. (Simon & Schuster, $28.) In 1986 the Los Angeles Central Library went up in flames, an episode that provides the impetus and central drama for Orlean’s latest book, an unexpectedly fascinating paean to libraries — a
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Inside the List
STRANGE BUT TRUE These days most publishers insist that their authors maintain an online presence, so we decided to visit the websites of everyone on the fiction list to unearth the most interesting thing about each one.
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Paperback Row
TO SIRI WITH LOVE: A Mother, Her Autistic Son, and the Kindness of Machines, by Judith Newman. (Harper, $15.99.) In her frank, and often very funny, memoir, Newman edges into the inner life of her son Gus and explores his affectionate bond with Apple
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In Tuscany, Farms Embrace Nature -- and Visitors
With enthusiasm for natural wines gaining momentum, Tuscany’s growing cluster of biodynamic farms offers tastings and a place to stay.
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In Omaha, a Progressive Approach to Free Time
(Frugal Traveler) Nebraska’s largest city has a vibrant music scene, a coffeehouse that includes a church (or vice versa), and many ways to experience the American West.
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36 Hours in Athens
From the ancient Acropolis to a daring Renzo Piano-designed cultural center, the Greek capital is luring record numbers of tourists to explore its monuments, new and old.
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Looking Beyond Tel Aviv for Israel's New Restaurant Scene
In the coastal lowlands outside the country’s bustling, second-largest city, a quiet dining hub is blossoming, with food rooted in the land.
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Trump Cannot Define Away My Existence
The administration seems to think transgender people like me are as imaginary as hippogriffs. I was surprised to learn on the morning of Oct. 21 that I do not exist. This will come as sad news to my children, to whom I’ve been a mother for over 20 ye
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A Purple Pest Is Chewing Up Ocean Forests
Climate change is ravaging California’s underwater kelp forests. That’s caused what one scientist called a “perfect storm” in the ecosystem.
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Weight Watcher
From Stephen King, master of darkness, a light new tale. King’s slim new novel, “Elevation,” returns us to Castle Rock, where prejudice drives a plot that blends the fantastical with the mundane.
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Anatomy Does Not Determine Gender, Experts Say
Defining gender as a condition determined strictly by a person’s genitals is based on a notion that doctors and scientists abandoned long ago as oversimplified and often medically meaningless. Researchers who have studied gender issues and provided
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Enchanted Matter
Philip Pullman’s “Daemon Voices” casts an entrancing spell. A new collection of essays by the British author best known for the children’s trilogy “His Dark Materials” showcases his boundless curiosity and fascination with storytelling.
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Cross Examination
A (Kafkaesque) legal battle over the author’s papers is at the heart of “Kafka’s Last Trial: The Case of a Literary Legacy.” The new book by Benjamin Balint considers what a lengthy courtroom fight over the rights to Franz Kafka’s literary archive re
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By the Book: Barbara Kingsolver
Barbara Kingsolver, the author, most recently, of the novel “Unsheltered” loves “fiction that educates me on the sly, especially about something I didn’t realize I wanted to know. I’m open to any kind of arcana.”
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Match Book
Books for young readers about the indigenous experience. Young adult and middle grade fiction to educate children in the vast terrain of Native American history.
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