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COVID-19 and Worker Safety: An Absence of Federal Leadership Is Putting Lives at Risk
Our nation’s system for safeguarding the health and safety of working people is in crisis. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has gone from hampered to virtually absent in the face of a pandemic that has killed or sickened tens of thou
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The Moving Forward Act: Ten Ways the House Infrastructure Proposal Will Increase Electric Vehicles, Clean Energy, and Resilient Transportation
Today, US House passed their infrastructure proposal, the Moving Forward Act (H.R. 2)*. The result is a good bill that will pass out of the House – the question, as always, is what will happen in the Senate.
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Don’t Say COVID-19: Fishermen and Women May Pay With Their Lives
NOAA Fisheries has instructed its staff not to mention or explicitly refer to the COVID-19 pandemic or coronavirus in any communications. Now fishermen and women, already engaged in one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, will be less aware of
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Reviving the Gulf Dead Zone Is Worth it: Our New Report Shows the Benefits of Action
Earlier this month, NOAA forecast that this summer in the Gulf of Mexico an area the size of Delaware and Connecticut combined would have so little oxygen that marine life flees from it or dies in it. In 2017, this “dead zone” was the size of New Jer
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Scientists Prevail in Lawsuit Against EPA Science Advice Ban
In a win for independent science, the EPA said yesterday that it will rescind a policy banning many of the nation’s top environmental scientists from serving on the agency’s science advisory committees. The agency was under court order to remove it.
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District of Columbia Sues BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell for Misleading Public on Climate Change
Washington, D.C., Attorney General Karl A. Racine sued four of the world’s largest oil and gas companies on Thursday for misleading consumers about the impact their products have on the climate. Coming just a day after Minnesota filed a similar suit,
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The Violence of Pollution: The Injustice of Rolling Back Clean Air Protections
It is mid-June 2020 and another day of unrest in America. As I scan the news, I learn that the environment has been under attack. Again. President Trump recently signed an executive order to dismantle the process requiring environmental reviews of la
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New Issue Brief: Strengthening Public Input on Solar Geoengineering Research
UCS has published a new issue brief that looks at the essential role of public participation for solar geoengineering research and provides recommendations for decisionmaking on atmospheric experiments.
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Minnesota Sues ExxonMobil, Koch Industries, and Top Oil and Gas Trade Association for Climate-Related Consumer Fraud
On Wednesday, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against ExxonMobil, Koch Industries and the American Petroleum Institute (API), the leading US oil and gas industry trade association. The suit alleges that the two
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Is Your Minnesota Electric Cooperative Still Losing Money on Coal Power?
UCS recently released a new analysis on the costly effects of how electric utilities operate their coal-fired power plants. Using 2018 data from the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) territory, our report—entitled Used, But How Useful?—
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Climate Scientists Confront a Culture of Fear and Self-Censorship in Government Agencies
I strongly believe that unbiased government science is an essential part of the public good, and needs our civil servants to be fierce guardians of it. After being quoted in an article from the New York Times about the war on climate science and wha
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New Dietary Guidelines Could Help Us Kick Our Sugar Habit—But Will Science Win Out?
For the last sixteen months, top health and nutrition experts have been hard at work reviewing the scientific research that will inform the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Yesterday, via webcast, they finally shared the fruits of their la
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How Safe Are Children’s Products? It Might Depend on Trump’s Next Nominee to the Consumer Product Safety Commission
Today the Senate holds a hearing on the nomination of Dr Nancy Beck to chair the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). I doubt you spend much time thinking about the CPSC, but the little-known agency plays a crucial role in ensuring that the pro
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Hurricane Season is Upon Us and Old Sharpies Never Die
I joined former NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco and former NOAA Chief Scientist Richard Spinrad to file a complaint under the NOAA Scientific Integrity policy last September. Three other groups and individuals inside and outside government also com
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Restoring Science, Protecting the Public: 43 Steps for the Next Presidential Term
Federal government scientists should be free to pursue research where it leads and communicate their results without political manipulation. The government should collect reliable data about public health and environmental threats and make it publicl
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A Second Wave of COVID-19 Looms Large—and It’s Not Because of Protests
The potential health impacts of protests pales in comparison to the rioting of the virus and the looting of lives incited by the incompetence of the Trump administration and state decisions to prioritize reopening for business over public health.
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How Do We Vote in the COVID-19 Era? California Carves a Path Forward
The country has a long way to go, but California is providing a path to a safe and secure election.
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10 Things That the Scholarly Community Can Do to Stand in Solidarity
Science has a deeply problematic relationship with race. The dimensions of this history are many, and most remain in operation to this day. Don’t expect your Black colleagues or friends to educate you on this history whenever you deem it necessary to
Union of Concerned Scientists6 min gelesenPolitics
With New Manipulation of Benefit-Cost Analysis, the Trump EPA Attempts to Hide Bodies in the Fine Print
Here, now, the agency with its mission to protect human health and the environment is attempting to shovel tens of thousands of pollution-caused deaths off the main page and into the margins to make regulatory inaction pencil out.
Union of Concerned Scientists3 min gelesen
“Fattening” the Curve: Funding Equitable Scientific Research After the Pandemic
After the pandemic subsides, we need to build reliable knowledge on the ground about successes and failures in “flattening the curve” in the hardest hit communities during the early phase of the pandemic. What social rhythms were disrupted and what s
Union of Concerned Scientists6 min gelesen
The Coal Bailout Everybody Is Talking About
Our new UCS report, Used but How Useful, How Electric Utilities Exploit Loopholes, Forcing Customers to Bail Out Uneconomic Coal-Fired Power Plants, found that utilities across 15 states in the heart of the U.S. exploited power market loopholes, cost
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The Second-Life of Used EV Batteries
When an electric vehicle (EV) comes off the road, what happens to the vehicle battery? The fate of the lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles is an important question for manufacturers, policy makers, and EV owners alike. The economic potential f
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Investing in Dietary Guidelines Will Leave Us Better Prepared for the Next Pandemic
As US cases of COVID-19 near 1.7 million, we continue to learn more about the nature of the disease, including the factors that influence susceptibility to COVID-19 and the severity of symptoms. Some of these risk factors, like age and certain health
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BP, Chevron, And ExxonMobil Have A Lot To Answer For On Climate At Their Annual Meetings
We’ve decided to put out our questions for the leaders of fossil fuel companies ahead of their virtual annual shareholder meetings—so that journalists, advocates, and activists can amplify and follow up.
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Renewables Have Beaten Coal 100 Days Already This Year. What You Need to Know.
If you need some good news at a time when there's plenty of the less-good sort, try this: Renewable energy is crossing some really important milestones in its contribution to the US power sector. The latest involve its generation relative to coal’s:
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¿Se Han Convertido Las Procesadoras Cárnicas En Bombas De Relojería Debido A La Orden Ejecutiva De Trump?
El 28 de abril el Presidente Trump pretendió dictaminar, mediante una orden ejecutiva, que los mataderos y plantas cárnicas siguieran fungiendo en plena pandemia por constituir “infraestructura crítica.” La orden advirtió que estos planteles deberían
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COVID-19, Air Pollution and Health Impacts: An Interview with Pediatric Pulmonologist Dr. Denise Serebrisky
Maria Cecilia Pinto de Moura, a senior vehicles engineer for the Clean Vehicles program interviews Dr. Denise Serebrisky, a frontline pediatric pulmonologist at Jacobi hospital in the Bronx, to learn about how pre-existing diseases affect her COVID-
Union of Concerned Scientists8 min gelesen
The First COVID-19 Era Hurricane Season Is Here. Are We Ready?
Today NOAA announced its 2020 Atlantic hurricane season forecast and projected an above average year, with a likely range of 6-10 hurricanes and 3-6 major hurricanes expected. This year, we also face hurricane season amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisi
Union of Concerned Scientists6 min gelesen
Dangerous Hurricane Season To Open Amidst COVID-19
COVID-19 took us by storm but likely won’t be the only storm we will see this year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has just released its Atlantic hurricane season outlook for 2020, forecasting an above-average hurricane se
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Firing of Inspectors General Slides Us Closer to Autocracy
In the past six weeks, the Trump administration has removed five officials from leading their respective agencies’ inspector general offices. Unless we give these actions the forceful response they deserve, we risk looking back and marking these firi
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