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Potential Drug Could ‘Jam’ Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease
Researchers have identified a potential new drug candidate against enterovirus 71, a common cause of hand, foot, and mouth disease in infants and young children. The compound of interest is a small molecule that binds to RNA, the virus’s genetic mate
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Oceans Could Rise More Than A Foot By 2100
If greenhouse gas emissions continue apace, Greenland and Antarctica’s shrinking ice sheets could together contribute more than 15 inches (38 centimeters) of global sea level rise by 2100, a new study warns. That’s beyond the amount Earth’s warming c
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Will Food Prices Keep Rising During The Pandemic?
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the people who buy and sell food, including constraining supplies, spiking prices, and hurting restaurants. “The food economy has been incredibly resilient so far, but now that we’re more than half a year int
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Team Builds Colloidal Diamonds, ‘Holy Grail’ Of Photonics
Researchers have devised a new process for the reliable self-assembly of colloids in a diamond formation. The long-awaited photonic technique could change the way scientists develop and use optical technologies over the next decade. The colloidal dia
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Bonobos Lead Scientists To Crystal-covered Truffle Species
Mushroom-munching bonobos in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have introduced scientists to a new species of truffle. “Truffles aren’t just for gourmet chefs—they’re also for our closest relatives.” Commonly used by Congolese communities to bait
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Pandemics Can Spread Xenophobia And Bigotry
Epidemics and pandemics can exacerbate xenophobia and bigotry, according to a new study. When viruses, parasites, and other pathogens spread, humans and other animals tend to hunker down with immediate family and peer groups to avoid outsiders as muc
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Immune Molecule May Keep Mouse Brains Running Right
Immune cells produce a molecule neurons in the brain absorb that appears to be necessary for normal behavior, according to new research in mice. The findings indicate that elements of the immune system affect both brain and body, and that the immune
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Positive Messages About Blackness Buoy Black Girls
The messages Black girls hear at home about being Black, and about being Black women in particular, can increase or decrease their risk of exhibiting the symptoms of depression, research suggests. Positive messages—and positive feelings about being B
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Tool Reveals Top Spenders On Facebook Political Ads
A new tool to analyze political advertising on Facebook reveals massive discrepancies in party spending on the 2020 presidential election, researchers report. Transparency in political ads is vital to ensuring safe and fair elections, but transparenc
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Male Baboons With Female Pals Live Longer
Male baboons that have close female friends have higher rates of survival than those who don’t, a new study shows. Drawing on 35 years of data with more than 540 baboons in Amboseli National Park in Kenya, the findings suggest that close bonds with t
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Family Experience Shapes Diabetes Management
Watching another person experience diabetes influences type 2 diabetics’ self-management of blood sugar levels, according to a new study. Throughout her 38-year nursing career, Laurel Despins has progressed from a bedside nurse and has worked in medi
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How Will COVID-19 Change Holiday Shopping?
Autumn has just gotten underway, but retailers are already hard at work preparing for the 2020 holiday shopping season, made more difficult this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The year has been extremely challenging for retail businesses of a
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Devices Reflect 99% Of Heat To Up Chance To Turn It Into Power
New heat-harnessing “solar” cells, or thermal photovoltaics, reflect 99% of the energy they can’t convert to electricity. The devices could help bring down the price of storing renewable energy as heat, as well as harvesting waste heat from exhaust p
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‘Sexy Mindset’ Makes Partners Seem Hotter
We see possible romantic partners as a lot more attractive if we have what scientists call “a sexy mindset,” according to a new study. Under the same condition we also tend to overestimate our own chances of romantic success, the researchers report.
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Google Shows Huge Panic Attack Rise During COVID
Based on a Google Trends analysis, psychologists have discovered a major jump in searches related to anxiety, panic attacks, and treatments for panic attacks. The researchers used Google search data to examine trends in mental health during the COVID
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Too Few Social Media ‘Likes’ Can Amp Up Teen Depression
Not getting enough “likes” on social media posts can increase depression and anxiety in young people, a new study shows. The findings suggest this lack of likes can especially affect the most vulnerable populations for whom these platforms may contri
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Did Early Humans Cook With Hot Springs Before Fire?
Early humans may have used hot springs as a cooking resource, for instance to boil fresh kills, long before humans are thought to have used fire as a controlled source for cooking, according to a new study. Some of the oldest remains of early human a
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Team Ties Chronic Itch To Sleep Loss And Potential Heart Disease
A new study links chronic itch to sleep loss and other medical conditions—and could signal an increased risk of heart disease, researchers say. Many people suffer from a skin disorder known as chronic pruritic dermatosis, commonly referred to as “chr
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Lower Energy Light Can Create Polymer Gel Objects
Researchers have demonstrated a way to use low-energy, visible light to produce polymer gel objects from pure monomer solutions. The work, published in Chem, not only poses a potential solution to current challenges in producing these materials, but
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‘Front Of Package’ Food Labels Boost Nutrition
There’s an association between putting nutrition data on “front of package” food product labels and improved nutritional content in those foods, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed 16 years of data on tens of thousands of products and thei
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TB Vaccines For Babies Don’t Protect Against COVID
BCG vaccination during infancy does not protect against coronavirus infection, according to new research. While scientists race to develop and test a vaccine effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, recent studies have indicated
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How Gross ‘Chastity Belts’ Shape Butterfly Evolution
New research digs into the role sexual conflict between male and female plays in butterfly evolution. Some male butterflies go to extreme lengths to ensure their paternity—sealing their mate’s genitalia with a waxy “chastity belt” to prevent future l
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Rainy Days Can Send Nitrogen Runoff To Rivers
Heavy rain events that occur only a few days a year can account for up to a third of the annual nitrogen fertilizer runoff from farmland in the Mississippi River basin, according to a new study. The research, published in the journal Communications E
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‘Toe Spring’ Shoes Can Lead To Long-term Pain
Wearing footwear with an upward curvature at the front of the shoe, known as a toe spring, requires less work from foot muscles. But researchers warn that might not be a good thing in the long run. A new study explains why toe springs are comfortable
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Sex Ed Before ‘First Sex’ May Prevent Teen Pregnancy
Early, frank, and age-appropriate conversations about safe sex can result in fewer unintended pregnancies, research finds. The study affirms that educational intervention before “first sex” can protect the sexual health of Black males. The findings,
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COVID-19 Stress Could Boost Alcohol Abuse Risk
The COVID-19 pandemic has likely caused increases in the risk of alcohol and drug abuse while also making treatment harder to access, Denis M. McCarthy argues. Less social interaction, increased isolation, and more daily life stressors are just some
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2 Of 5 Parents Faced Depression As School Came Home
As schools nationwide suspended in-person education, many parents felt overwhelmed and stressed about teaching their child at home, according to a new report. The COVID-19 pandemic presented parents with new challenges on how best to prepare and supp
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Personality Shifts Might Also Change Your Politics
Changes in personality may also lead to changes in political ideologies, researchers report. “We found this interesting effect where people wanted to improve on things like being more emotionally connected to others—or, becoming more empathetic,” say
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Did Volcanoes Turn Venus Into A ‘Hellish’ Planet?
Some of the oldest terrain on Venus, known as tesserae, have layering that seems consistent with volcanic activity, according to a new study. The finding could provide insights into the enigmatic planet’s geological history. Tesserae are tectonically
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Falls May Signal Alzheimer’s Before Symptoms Appear
Older people without cognitive problems who experience a fall may have undetected neurodegeneration in their brains that puts them at high risk of developing Alzheimer’s dementia, according to a study. The researchers found that, in older people with
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