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Antidepressants Slow Cancer Growth In Mice
Classic antidepressants could help improve modern cancer treatments, according to a new study that shows they slowed the growth of pancreatic and colon cancers in mice. When combined with immunotherapy, the antidepressants even stopped the cancer gro
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18K Years Ago, People Were Nabbing Cassowary Eggs
As early as 18,000 years ago, people in New Guinea may have collected cassowary eggs near maturity and then raised the birds to adulthood, research finds. The scientists used eggshells to determine the developmental stage of the ancient embryos/chick
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Algae Sex Could Save Corals From Climate Change
A little more sexy time for symbionts could help coral reefs survive the trials of climate change, researchers report. And that, in turn, could help us all. Researchers already knew the importance of algae known as dinoflagellates to the health of co
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‘SOFA’ Triage Protocol Disadvantages Black COVID Patients
A patient assessment protocol called SOFA, or sequential organ failure assessment, may disadvantage Black patients seeking emergency room care for COVID-19, research finds. During the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, overwhelmed doctors and nurses in
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Online Students Ask More Questions In ‘HyFlex’ Lectures
Students attending large lectures online ask significantly more questions than do students who attend in person, research finds. During COVID-19, many instructors have learned to teach via Zoom and Teams. In the fall of 2020, students returned to the
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How Babies Look At Objects May Predict Autism
Unusual visual inspection of objects by infants nine months of age and older can predict later diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, a new study shows. The researchers define unusual visual inspection as: “Unusual visual inspection behavior has long
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Negative COVID Vaccine Feelings Aren’t Set In Stone
Vaccination behavior and attitudes among adults changed in the early months of this year, with more people reporting they intended to get vaccinated, according to a new study. Researchers looked at data from January 6 to March 29 of 2021. While one o
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Male Giraffes Have More Social Connections Than Females
Although female giraffes have closer “friends” than male giraffes, males have more “acquaintances” than females, according to a new study. The findings demonstrate that giraffes form a complex multilevel society that is driven by differences in the s
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Farmers Get Smaller Share Of What We Pay For Food
Farmers are getting less of what we pay for food, research from 61 countries around the world finds. The new study in Nature Food examines how much of what consumers pay for food goes to farmers around the world, compared to the rest of the food valu
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No Ears? No Problem. Roundworm Hears Through Its Skin
A species of roundworm that is widely used in biological research can sense and respond to sound, despite having no ear-like organs, according to a new study. The findings offer a new biological tool for studying the genetic mechanisms underlying the
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Teens Who Die By Gun Suicide May Not Show Red Flags First
Teens who die by gun suicide don’t display typical suicidal behaviors, according to a new study that points to the need for strong gun safety measures in homes where teenagers live. The study found that adolescent firearm suicides fell into three cat
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Monkeys Control Single Prosthetic Fingers With Brain Implant
In a first, a computer that could fit on an implantable device has interpreted brain signals for precise, high-speed, multi-finger movements in primates. The advance represents a key step toward giving those who have lost limb function more natural,
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Intense Workouts Boost Fitness 3x More Than 10,000 Steps A Day
Working out with more intensity than, say, walking 10,000 steps over the course of a day—drastically improves a person’s fitness, compared to milder forms of exercise, researchers report. Exercise is healthy. That is common knowledge. But just how ri
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Parents Want More Info About The Costs Of Kids’ Hospital Care
Three-quarters of parents whose children are hospitalized want to talk to a hospital staff member about the projected cost of their child’s medical care, but less than 10% of families have such conversations, a new study shows. The finding boosts the
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Moms And Dads Shape Kids’ Emotional Eating In Different Ways
New research digs into the interplay between the way parents feed their children and emotional eating by parents and children, as well as the influence the parent’s gender has on that association. Most people are familiar with using food as a way to
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Ethnic Studies In 9th Grade Sets Students On Better Trajectory
A ninth-grade ethnic studies class has a remarkably prolonged and strong positive effect on students, increasing their overall engagement in school, probability of graduating, and likelihood of enrolling in college, according to a new study. The find
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Heart Attack Survivors Had Less Hospital Readmission Risk Using New App
Heart attack survivors who used a smartphone app to navigate their recovery process for things like medication management and lifestyle changes, were less likely to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of discharge. According to the study of
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Why Hospitals Should Hire More Nurse Practitioners
Hospitals with more inpatient nurse practitioners have lower surgical mortality, lower cost of care, and more satisfied patients, research finds. Nurse practitioners (NPs) are registered nurses (RNs) with advanced graduate education and expanded lega
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Ancient Beads Are The Earliest Sign Of Communication With Fashion
Researchers have found shell beads in a cave in Morocco that are at least 142,000 years old. The researchers say they’re the earliest known evidence of humans communicating about themselves through their attire. The find also sheds new light on how h
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Babies Of Abused Moms Have Worse Cognitive Outcomes
New research found that infants of women who had only one male partner who abused them had worse cognitive delays compared to infants of women with multiple male partners, only some of whom were abusive. Linda Bullock, a professor emerita at the Univ
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How The Brain Forms Memories That Link Two Unrelated Things
Researchers have discovered specific types of neurons within the memory center of the brain that are responsible for acquiring new associative memories. Additionally, the researchers have found out how these associative memory neurons are controlled.
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To Spare Sperm, Quit Cannabis For 77 Days Pre-conception?
Taking a break from marijuana use may significantly lower some of the epigenetic changes in sperm, research indicates. The study in Environmental Epigenetics follows several others that link cannabis use to alterations in the epigenetic information p
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Spinach-rich Diet May Prevent Colon Cancer
Eating spinach could prevent colon cancer, new research suggests. In the United States, colon cancer is the fourth-most common cancer and second-leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Previous studies have shown that eating green vegetables and fibe
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System Flags 3 Signs Of Delayed Concussion Recovery
A brief, standardized physical exam for sport-related concussive brain injuries in children and adolescents can identify who’s at risk for persistent post-concussion symptoms. The Buffalo Concussion Physical Examination’s Risk of Delayed Recovery (RD
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Mice Have More Synapses Connecting Neurons Than Primates
Primates are generally considered “smarter” than mice, but in a surprising finding, researchers have discovered that mice actually have more synapses connecting the neurons in their brains. In a study comparing the brains of macaques and mice at the
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3 Green Things To Do With Your Raked Leaves This Fall
Many people are coming across top-grade fertilizer in their yard, then simply raking it up and tossing it to the curb. The underappreciated substance is fallen leaves, says Skip Richter, Texas A&M University AgriLife Extension Service horticulture ag
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4 Changes Could Reduce Grad Student Stress
Four types of changes could reduce mental health stress among graduate students, say researchers. Graduate students suffer high rates of depression, anxiety, and mental stress, studies show—a situation that the pandemic made worse. But as campuses re
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The Pandemic Has People Stuck In A Bad Mental/physical Loop
The pandemic has created a cyclical public health problem by harming mental health while also making it more difficult for people to maintain physical activity, report researchers. Their study also reveals that lower-income households struggled more
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Mars May Just Be Too Small For Surface Water
Researchers have come up with a new reason for a lack of liquid water on the surface of Mars: The red planet may be just too small to hold onto large amounts of water. Water is essential for life on Earth and other planets, and scientists have found
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Living ‘Nerve Circuit’ Could Test Opioid Alternatives
Researchers have designed a living bioengineered nerve circuit that mimics the pain transmission pathway in the spinal cord. They designed the living circuit to help scientists test the effectiveness of non-addictive alternatives to opioid painkiller
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