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Sloan Kettering Cancer Researchers Correct the Record by Revealing Company Ties
by Charles Ornstein, ProPublica, and Katie Thomas, The New York Times Top researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center have filed at least seven corrections with medical journals recently, d
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Chasing Leads and Herding Cats: Shaping a New Role in the Newsroom
by Rachel Glickhouse In this ever-changing industry, new roles are emerging that redefine how we do journalism: audience engagement director, social newsgathering reporter, Snapchat video producer. A
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It’s Our Birthday
by Louise Kiernan Get Email Updates from ProPublica Illinois Discove
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Citizens Count on the Illinois Freedom of Information Act but Keep Getting Shut Out
by Mick Dumke When Larry Young started requesting records from police, he just wanted to find out what had happened to his daughter, Molly. More than six years after the 21-year-old was found shot t
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by Finlay Young for ProPublica
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Arrest Throws Texas Voter Registration Dispute Into Further Confusion
A campaign staffer for a Texas Democratic congressional candidate was briefly arrested at the Waller County Courthouse after delivering a letter demanding that the county address problems with the voter registration status of students at Prairie View
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“They’ve Got to Execute You”: St. Luke’s Doctor Faces Discipline After Raising Patient Care Concerns
by Mike Hixenbaugh, Houston Chronicle, and Charles Ornstein, ProPublica Dr. Tomas Rios was upset. He believed that some of his patients at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center had received unnecessary me
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Confusion for Prairie View A&M Students on the Last Day for Voter Registration
Days before the voter registration deadline in Texas, Waller County realized half of registered students at Prairie View A&M, a local, historically black university, were being sent to the wrong polling place. Read more at the Houston Chronicle →
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Another West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Declines to Step Aside in Another Natural Gas Case
by Ken Ward Jr., The Charleston Gazette-Mail In another recusal controversy involving the West Virginia Supreme Court and the natural gas industry, a newly appointed justice declined to step aside fr
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Trump’s Patron-in-Chief: Casino Magnate Sheldon Adelson
by Justin Elliott LATE ON A THURSDAY evening in February 2017, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plane landed at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland for his first visit with President Donald Trump. A
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Coming Thursday: How an Acclaimed American Charity Failed Some of the World’s Most Vulnerable Girls
by ProPublica Katie Meyler captivated Americans with the stories of girls she met in Monrovia, Liberia, who she said were so poor that they had to sell their bodies just to buy clean drinking water.
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Let Us Know About Voting Problems During the Midterm Elections
by ProPublica The election is only 28 days away. If you’re planning to vote, either on Nov. 6 or during your state’s early voting period, we need you to be our eyes and ears as we look for voting pro
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The Hidden Money Funding the Midterms
by Derek Willis, ProPublica, and Maggie Severns, Politico Allies of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell used a blind spot in campaign finance laws to undercut a candidate from their own party this
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Election Experts: We Need You
by Jessica Huseman Electionland is gearing up for the midterms, and we’re looking for experts in election administration and election law to be part of an expert database. We’d love to have you parti
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New Partnership Will Help Us Hold Facebook and Campaigns Accountable
by Jeremy B. Merrill We launched a new collaboration on Monday that will make it even easier to be part of our Facebook Political Ad Collector project. In case you don’t know, the Political Ad Colle
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Texas Panel Faults Lab Chemist in Bryan Case for “Overstated Findings” and Inadequate DNA Analysis
by Pamela Colloff An influential state commission issued a highly critical assessment on Friday of a second key player in the murder conviction of Joe Bryan, saying a Texas Department of Public Safet
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4 Questions to Ask When Comparing Midterm Candidates
by Cynthia Gordy Giwa This year’s midterms are getting more attention than usual, with high stakes for both parties. You’ve probably seen a fair amount of “horse race” coverage focusing on competitio
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The Cost of the Office? Trump’s Billion-Dollar Loss — “Trump, Inc.” Podcast Extra
by ProPublica Nearly 20 years ago, Donald Trump told Fortune magazine that he could run for president and make money doing it. “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to
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Illinoisans on Illinois: Tips and Tales From Around the State
by Logan Jaffe Get Email Updates from ProPublica Illinois Discover w
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Another Court Ruling Against a West Virginia Pipeline, Then Another Effort to Change the Rules
by Ken Ward Jr. and Kate Mishkin, The Charleston Gazette-Mail Time and again, opponents have tried to delay a natural gas pipeline that would stretch from Northern West Virginia to Southern Virginia, us
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You Don’t Earn Much and You’re Being Audited by the IRS. Now What?
by Paul Kiel The Internal Revenue Service audited nearly 1.1 million tax returns last year, but that represented just 0.5 percent of all returns. That means the chances of getting audited are fairly low
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How Much Money Is Being Spent in the Illinois Governor’s Race?
by ProPublica The 2018 race for Illinois governor could be the most expensive in U.S. history. With election day coming up Nov. 6, the two major candidates have already raised a combined quarter bill
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ProPublica, New York Times Magazine and Harvard Law’s Charles Hamilton Houston Institute Present “How Bad Science Is Corrupting the Justice System”
by ProPublica On Oct. 25, ProPublica, Harvard Law School’s Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, and The New York Times Magazine will present “How Bad Science Is Corrupting the Justic
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The Business of Silence — “Trump, Inc.” Podcast
by Eric Umansky President Donald Trump has had many roles in his life: Real estate scion, reality show star, Oval Office holder. But through it all, one thing has remained consistent. He works to keep p
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Four Men Arrested Over Unrest During 2017 “Unite the Right” Rally
by Rahima Nasa Federal prosecutors on Tuesday announced they had arrested four members or associates of the Rise Above Movement, a white supremacist group, over their alleged role in the infamous 2017 “
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Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Chief Executive Resigns From Merck’s Board of Directors
by Katie Thomas, The New York Times, and Charles Ornstein, ProPublica Dr. Craig B. Thompson, the chief executive of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, said Tuesday that he would resign his seats on
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A Surgeon So Bad It Was Criminal
by Laura Beil, special to ProPublica The pain from the pinched nerve in the back of Jeff Glidewell’s neck had become unbearable. Every time he’d turn his head a certain way, or drive over bumps in the
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In Montana, a Tough Negotiator Proved Employers Don’t Have to Pay So Much for Health Care
by Marshall Allen Marilyn Bartlett took a deep breath, drew herself up to her full 5 feet and a smidge, and told the handful of Montana officials that she had a radical strategy to bail out the state’s
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Cancer Center’s Board Chairman Faults Top Doctor, Saying He “Crossed Lines”
by Charles Ornstein, ProPublica, and Katie Thomas, The New York Times The chairman of the board of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center bluntly disparaged the hospital’s former chief medical officer o
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Meet the Data Institute Class of 2018
by ProPublica
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