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A 3-Phase Plan to Get into (and Out of) Real Estate Investing
As founder and CEO of Kay Properties, I talk with hundreds of clients each month, allowing me the privilege of listening to some fascinating life stories while helping people with their long-term investment goals. I recently encountered such a story
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Could Buffett Buy Out Occidental Petroleum (OXY)?
Warren Buffett keeps pumping cash into the oil patch, upping Berkshire Hathaway's (BRK.B, $267.52) stake in Occidental Petroleum (OXY, $56.09) by more than a half-billion dollars in a series of recent purchases. And in fact, Buffett's ever-growing ar
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Financial Independence After Divorce: You Can Go Your Own Way
Divorce is unsettling for many reasons, but financial worries are at or near the top of the list. Too many people might stay or be tempted to stay in unfulfilling – at best – or toxic marriages for fear of the financial fallout of going it alone. If
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Best Credit Unions Why it won: Alliant offers a straightforward, strong set of accounts. Standout accounts: High-Rate Checking yields 0.25% if you meet two simple requirements. High-Rate Savings boasts a 0.75% yield. Where it is: Alliant oper
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Best Banks for Higher-Net-Worth Clients Why it won: Clients who maintain big balances enjoy prime treatment and can visit branches around the nation and world. Standout account: The Citigold account package provides a load of complimentary services and unique benefits.  Where
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Janus Henderson Global Equity Income Fund (HFQTX) Hangs Tough
Value-oriented funds are having a moment, even overseas.  Foreign-stock fund Janus Henderson Global Equity Income (HFQTX) – a member of the Kiplinger 25, the list of our favorite low-fee mutual funds – is above water over the past 12 months, despite
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Best Internet Banks Why it won: Axos offers a well-rounded group of free checking accounts that suit just about any need.  Standout accounts: Rewards Checking yields as much as 1.25% if you meet various monthly requirements. Earn 0.61% on up to $25,000
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Stock Market Today: Safety-Seeking Investors Drive Stocks Higher
Defensive stocks and the Nasdaq were in rare alignment, leading the way Thursday as much of Wall Street watched Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell continue his economic tightrope walk. A day after telling the Senate Banking Committee that a recessio
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Best Banks for Retirees Why it won: TD offers a dedicated checking account with perks well suited to retirees, who get to skip fees on some savings accounts, too. For in-person services, TD has branches that stretch along the East Coast. Standout account: 60 Plus
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10 Smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks to Buy
Artificial intelligence (AI), for all of its futuristic elements, is not a new category – not by a long shot. The roots of the technology go all the way back to the late 1950s, when computers started to become much more powerful. But the proliferat
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The Best Bank for You, 2022
If you’re searching for a better banking relationship, check out our sixth annual rankings of the best financial institutions among national banks, internet banks and credit unions, as well as the best institutions for three client profiles: high-net
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Dividend Stocks Are Paying Off for Income Investors
When the stock market hits a rough patch, it can pay to hide out in dividend stocks. Those cash payouts to shareholders are akin to a vaccine or an underground war bunker. They may not shield you from all of the financial pain of a market in free fal
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Should You Prefer Preferred Stocks?
In a topsy-turvy stock and bond market, preferred securities may provide extra income and a small dose of stability. These hybrid investments are part bond, part stock. Their dividends get paid ahead of common stock dividends (but not before bond int
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Best National Banks Why it won: Most of TD’s accounts have reasonably low minimum-balance requirements and features to satisfy a variety of customers. Standout account: Beyond Checking offers several perks and three ways to waive the monthly fee. Where it is:
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What is Your ‘Personal Inflation Rate’?
I’ve been reading a lot about inflation lately and the potential impact it can have on households.  I’ve also received questions from clients about inflation projections going forward.  Some of the current thoughts around this issue relate to a “pers
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10 Stocks to Buy When They're Down
When you buy shares of stock, you become a partner in a business. Perhaps I'm stating the obvious, but I doubt all investors see their purchases that way. Many see stocks as horses to bet on or as scorecards that tell them how their 401(k) is doing.
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Dogs of the Dow Are 2022's Best in Show
All portfolio doctors should prescribe high dividends to remedy rising interest rates and stiff inflation. In 2022, the first year in recent memory pockmarked by those twin afflictions, dividend-heavy stocks such as utilities, pharmaceuticals, pipeli
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Baron Funds: The Masters of Growth Investing
On a recent sunny morning in New York City, Ron Baron, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Baron Capital, is standing and studying Sixteen Jackies, a famous painting of Jackie Kennedy by Andy Warhol that Baron purchased through a dealer.
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Hennessy Cornerstone Value (HFCVX)'s Data-Driven Success
Staying the course can be difficult for many investors when the stock market gets choppy and drifts down, as it has of late. But that’s not the case for the three managers at Hennessy Cornerstone Value (HFCVX).  Over the past 12 months, managers Neil
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Smart Investing in a Bear Market
The bear that's been lurking on Wall Street all spring finally stepped out of the shadows on June 13, taking hold of what is now officially a bear market. The S&P 500 dropped nearly 4% in a day, erasing $1.28 trillion in a single trading session. Sin
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Ron Baron: A Fund Legend Shares Stock-Picking Secrets
Ron Baron is chairman, CEO and portfolio manager at Baron Capital, the investment firm he founded in 1982. Read on as we ask the master of Baron Funds about what he looks for in growth companies, what he emphasizes to his portfolio managers and analy
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Stock Market Today: Market Moves Mostly Sideways in Quiet Session
One might have expected a pause in equities after yesterday's widespread resurgence – after all, that has been stocks' M.O. throughout 2022's bear market. And that's exactly what we got after stocks reversed a morning slump, then let an afternoon ral
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PODCAST: How to Find a Job After Graduation, with Beth Handler-Grunt
Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Overcast | RSS David Muhlbaum: Welcome to Your Money’s Worth. I’m senior online editor David Muhlbaum, joined by my cohost, senior editor Sandy Block. How are you doing, Sandy? Sandy Block: I
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Financial Advice I Would Give My Younger Self – Planning for Education Funding
At the end of most lectures I give, the moderator usually asks, "What else should our audience know?"  I always look at the younger members in the room or on the screen and think — if only I knew this when I was your age.  While my business is in pro
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Stock Market Today: Stocks Start Short Week With a Snap-Back
A light-news Tuesday gave the stock market the breathing room it needed to mount an aggressive rebound rally.  Whether the rally is of the short-lived "relief" variety remains to be seen. Today's widespread bullish action came on the heels of a 5.8%
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Analyst: FedEx Stock Has Upside Potential Ahead of Earnings
FedEx (FDX, $227.14) headlines this week's light earnings calendar, with the shipping giant slated to report its fiscal fourth-quarter results after the June 23 close. FDX made waves last week when it announced a massive dividend hike – boosting its
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How NOT to Sell Your Idea at Work
“I work for a business strategy firm that encourages input from employees on ways of expanding our menu of services. Every few months we have ‘Pizza and Proposals Day,’ where employees are encouraged to pitch new marketing programs. “After lunch we l
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I’m Retired. Should I Pay Off My Mortgage?
It’s 5 p.m. on a Tuesday, and you tune in to The Ramsey Show as you sit in gridlocked traffic.  Dave Ramsey is going on about the best ways to pay down debt and why it’s imperative to be debt-free.  You have two things working in your favor: (1) You
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How to Grow Your Wealth Like the Real Estate Moguls Do
Many investors are plagued by contradictory behavior where they adopt a pro-risk attitude with their investments, but when it comes to the strategies we are about to discuss, they take on more of a scarcity mindset. It is well known that entrepreneur
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Fed’s Latest (and Greatest) Rate Hike Sure to Cause More Pain
The Federal Reserve Board of Governors unanimously voted to increase the interest rate paid on reserve balances by 0.75% to a range of 1.5% to 1.75%, effective June 16, 2022. It is the largest increase by the Fed since 1994. Over the past several mon
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