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7 Car-Care Myths That Need to Die
Your Great-Uncle Frank may have gotten 150,000 miles out of his Studebaker, but the advice he handed down is probably out of date. There are many sayings and shibboleths to watch out for if you want your car to have a long and healthy life. Even if y
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20 More Best Stocks to Buy That You Haven’t Heard Of
The best stocks aren't always going to be the most familiar. But sometimes, investors confuse the two. Recognizability is a powerful thing - so much so that investors occasionally make the mistake of trusting that familiarity more than a company's un
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Want a Second Passport? Here Are 3 Countries You Can Buy Your Way Into the EU
One's wealth serves as a safety net for professionals and their families. However, the current geopolitical and economic landscape might mean that wealth alone, without a larger plan, may not be enough. When it comes to travel freedom, the passport
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Estate Planning for Single Parents
Every estate planning conversation eventually focuses on the children, whether they are still minors or are grown, established and independent. When I advise families on estate planning, I first work to determine my clients' overall perspective abou
Kiplinger2 min read
Why Your Investment Return May Differ From the Fund Company's Returns
[Question]My mutual fund statement shows that I've lost money over the past four years, but the results published by the fund company show annualized returns of more than 9% over three- and five-year periods. Why is my return different? [Answer]Many
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Before You Retire, Consider an Internship
My, how times have NOT changed! For those of us who have been out of college for 20+ years, this may take some reflection, but do you remember how you felt about your first college internship? The interesting thing is, those nearing the end of their
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10 Small-Cap Growth Stocks Analysts Love the Most
Investors who can stomach more risk stand to reap greater rewards. That's where small-cap growth stocks come in, and they just might deserve a place in your buy-and-hold portfolio. Research shows that growth stocks with small market capitalizations -
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Are You a Helicopter Parent, a Lawn Mower or Worse: A Payoff Parent?
It's time to come clean with yourself. Are you "that" parent (or grandparent)? The current arrests surrounding the college admissions scandal scream for us to look at ourselves in the mirror ... now. Now don't get carried away, I'm not suggesting t
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5 Ways to Increase Your After-Tax Spendable Income - and Legacy
Over dinner with friends a few nights back, they expressed concern about how the recent tax law changes increased their federal income taxes. New rules limit the amount of property and state income taxes that can be deducted -- and they live in a hig
Kiplinger2 min read
How To Add Treasury Bonds, Bills And Notes To An IRA
[Question]Can you purchase Treasury securities for an IRA directly from the U.S. Treasury through TreasuryDirect? How can you add them to an IRA? [Answer] is intended as a way for individuals to buy securities from the Treasury and
Kiplinger5 min read
8 Places That Will Pay You to Live There
Places such as New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C. (all among our list of the Most Expensive U.S. Cities to Live in) and other large cities are popular destinations for young professionals. And for good reason: Better job prospects there generall
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Why Your Credit Score May Drop When You Shop for a New Phone Plan
[Question]My FICO credit score hovers between 825 and 830, but when I recently switched cellular companies, my new provider reported that my score was 703. Is this inaccurate, or will the phone company's report negatively affect my score going forwar
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14 Stocks With Special Dividends to Watch
If regular dividends are the bread and butter of income investors, then special dividends are the icing on the cake, making the investment that much sweeter. These "one-time" payouts are used for several reasons ... and occasionally, they are paid ou
Kiplinger4 min readSociety
Ladies, Take These 7 Steps to Own Your Financial Future
Women are the economic engines of more than half of American households. Most will live longer than their male counterparts. And in their lifetimes, four out of five will be solely responsible for their finances. When thinking about women and finan
Kiplinger4 min read
Critical Choices for IRA Beneficiaries
Retirement account holders aren't the only ones who need to plan how to make prudent investment selections, minimize taxation and strategize when to take withdrawals. Perhaps you are the designated beneficiary of a traditional IRA or recently inherit
Kiplinger7 min read
10 Things Retirees Should Never Keep in Their Wallets
One of the worst feelings is reaching for your wallet and finding it's not there. Panic ensues: Did you leave it at home? Drop it? Were you the victim of a pickpocket? Following our advice won't salve that panic, but it may lessen it. Because with ev
Kiplinger4 min read
Nearing Retirement? It's Time to Focus on Goals Instead of Investments
You've worked, wondered and perhaps second-guessed yourself for years as you monitored the investments that -- you hoped -- would one day provide you a well-earned and fun-filled retirement. But as the day of your actual retirement draws closer, I s
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Goldman Sachs: 5 Stock Picks to Survive the Trade War
U.S.-China trade war tensions are rising again, and investors are scrambling to find the right defensive stock picks to weather this latest flare-up in what has been a year-plus standoff. President Donald Trump recently hiked tariffs on $200 billion
Kiplinger5 min read
Nearing or In Retirement? Capitalize on Tax Cuts with a Roth IRA Conversion
We can't control the government or tax rates, but we can control how we invest our money. That's especially important in retirement, when the last thing you want is an unwelcome tax surprise. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 offers a window of opp
Kiplinger4 min read
Control What You Can When Volatility Shakes Market Confidence
If you often feel anxious about what's happening with the stock market -- especially in regard to your retirement savings -- you're not alone. Emotional reactions to the daily ups and downs of both global and U.S. markets are so common that the fina
Kiplinger8 min read
10 Small-Cap Value Stocks Analysts Love the Most
Small-cap value stocks can be a long-term investor's best friend. Indeed, research shows that historically, value stocks with small market capitalizations - or market values between roughly $500 million and $2 billion - are the best-performing asset
Kiplinger4 min read
How to Buy Out Your Retirement 'Business Partner' - with a Roth Conversion
We've all heard the saying, "There are only two guarantees in life: death and taxes." With that in mind, let's discuss the tax law that was passed under President Trump -- the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. This law has changed the rules for at leas
Kiplinger3 min readPolitics
Is Your Home Adequately Insured by the Right Company?
Nov. 8, 2018, began as a beautiful, sunny day for the residents of Paradise, Calif., a small town in rural Northern California. Within hours, most of the city was gone, with over 18,000 structures destroyed in the deadliest, most destructive wildfire
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Rewards Cards: Watch Out for These Category Catches
You drop a hundred bucks on groceries at Walmart, fill your tank at the store's gas station and pay for both purchases with a credit card that claims to offer heightened rewards on grocery and gas spending. But when you check your statement later, yo
Kiplinger8 min read
7 High-Yield Dividend Stocks With More to Give
Income investing can sometimes feel like a give-and-take situation. You can get red-hot dividend growth from stocks, but those stocks often start at paltry yields that take a while to plump up. But high-yield dividend stocks have their own problems -
Kiplinger2 min read
Here Come the Zero-Fee ETFs
The race to the bottom for fund fees has finally hit, well, bottom. Two exchange-traded funds that launched at the beginning of April charge 0% in expense ratios--at least for the first 14 months. Another ETF, awaiting Securities and Exchange Commiss
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What to Do If You Have to Retire Early
Early in his career, Drew Parker's goal was to retire at age 57--or at least be financially prepared to quit working by then. But three years ago, at age 55, his retirement came sooner than expected when his employer, Nordstrom, restructured and offe
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Tips for Retirees Who Are Single
Of all the letters I have received as author of this column--and I am fortunate to get a ton of them--two of the most sobering came from a couple of readers who are single. "Publications and websites talk to their readers as if they are always marrie
Kiplinger5 min read
Don't Be Afraid to Invest in Emerging-Markets Stocks
In my February 2017 column, I wrote that the stocks of emerging markets, which had been languishing for six years, "present a special opportunity." It was a good call, but only temporarily. That year, the MSCI Emerging Markets index returned 37.3%, w
Kiplinger2 min read
Janus Henderson Contrarian Fund Gets a Promising New Manager
Contrarian investing is all about bucking trends. It's fitting, then, that when Nick Schommer took the helm at Janus Henderson Contrarian (JSVAX) in July 2017, he overhauled the fund's strategy. It doesn't have much of a track record, but so far, th
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