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Should Dating Apps Tell Us How Sexy We Are? | Coco Khan
App algorithms rank results so dating opportunities end up being hoarded by the few. One app told me my score
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Belgian Monks Finally Launch Website To Sell 'World's Best Beer'
It has been described as the world’s most sought-after beer. Just over 5,000 barrels are brewed annually by the 19 Trappist monks of St Sixtus abbey in Westvleteren, Flanders, and drinkers tempted by the regular appearance of its darkest brew at the
The Guardian3 min readPolitics
China Is Harvesting Organs From Detainees, Tribunal Concludes
An independent tribunal sitting in London has concluded that the killing of detainees in China for organ transplants is continuing, and victims include imprisoned followers of the Falun Gong movement. The China Tribunal, chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice
The Guardian3 min readPolitics
Sound Of Hong Kong's Defiance Reverberates In Beijing
Beijing’s public support for Hong Kong leader likely hides private fury, but letting her go would be another humiliation
The Guardian7 min read
The Best (and Worst) Songs Of The Summer, From Rihanna To Las Ketchup
Every year has its anthem, be it Drake, Calvin Harris or Beyoncé, but which one is the best of the millennium so far?
The Guardian6 min readSociety
'Police Are A Force Of Terror': The LGBT Activists Who Want Cops Out Of Pride
Queer groups are protesting mainstream festivals and organizing alternative events that recognize ongoing police mistreatment of LGBT people
The Guardian2 min read
Narco-trafficking And Petrol: A Quarter Of Colombia's Fuel Goes To Make Cocaine
The country’s drug industry thrives despite a 2016 Farc deal which helped farmers substitute coca crops for legal alternatives
The Guardian2 min readSociety
Up To Four Avocado Trucks Stolen In Mexican State Every Day
Packers and exporters took out newspaper adverts to decry situation in Michoacán, a battleground for warring crime factions
The Guardian4 min read
How Do You Bring A Derelict Manchester Train Station Back To Life?
59 Productions’ adaptation of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities will transform Mayfield depot for the Manchester international festival
The Guardian2 min read
World’s Fattest Parrot, The Endangered Kākāpō, Could Be Wiped Out By Fungal Infection
The world’s fattest parrot is facing an existential threat in the form of a dangerous fungal infection which has already endangered a fifth of its species. Seven of New Zealand’s native kākāpō have died in recent months after falling victim to the re
The Guardian2 min read
Laurie Anderson: 'It's A Great Time To Be Creating New Realities'
The avant-garde pioneer’s virtual-reality installation To the Moon is coming to Manchester international festival
The Guardian3 min read
I Was Forced Out Of My Job After Having A Baby. Then I Was Silenced By An NDA | Anonymous
I faced maternity discrimination and was pushed into signing an NDA. An MPs’ report shows my story is all too common
The Guardian2 min read
My Biological Clock Is Ticking – But Having Children Seems An Unaffordable Luxury | Arwa Mahdawi
Kids have always been expensive, but insecure housing and jobs markets have made becoming a parent more financially challenging than ever
The Guardian5 min readSociety
Want To Be A Male Ally? Start By Helping To Clean The House | Moira Donegan
Liberal men say they want to be equal partners in housework and parenting. But it hasn’t happened
The Guardian10 min read
Snipping Away At The Iron Curtain: When Hungary Opened Its Austrian Border - Archive, 1989
The cutting of the border fence between Hungary and Austria in June 1989 showed the division of post-war Europe was coming to an end, and heralded the region’s evolution
The Guardian2 min read
Carnivorous Plants Have A Taste For Salamanders, Scientists Find
The northern pitcher plants, also known as turtle socks, devour juvenile spotted salamanders
The Guardian2 min read
Kim Jong-nam, Half-brother Of North Korean Leader, 'Was A CIA Informant'
Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, was a CIA informant before he was assassinated in Malaysia in 2017, a report has claimed. Citing an unnamed “person knowledgeable about the matter”, the Wall Street Journal said
The Guardian2 min readPolitics
Yevgeny Prigozhin: Who Is The Man Leading Russia's Push Into Africa?
Former hotdog seller became known as ‘Putin’s chef’ because of his Kremlin catering contacts
The Guardian5 min readPolitics
Leaked Documents Reveal Russian Effort To Exert Influence In Africa
Exclusive: Kremlin ally Yevgeny Prigozhin leading push to turn continent into strategic hub, documents show
The Guardian3 min read
'It Has Transformed My Life': The Restaurant Where All Staff Have A Disability
Universo Santi in the southern Spanish city of Jerez is dedicated to helping people with disabilities join the mainstream workforce
The Guardian2 min read
From Bears To Hippos: The Expert Guide To Surviving Killer Beasts
Former soldier and explorer Levison Wood runs through how to endure or avoid confrontation with some of nature’s most dangerous animals
The Guardian3 min read
How Hackers Can Permanently Lock You Out Of Your Accounts | Dylan Curran
Some hackers use malicious code, but most just hide in plain sight. It can be devastatingly effective
The Guardian2 min read
Daily Lives Of Ancient Greeks Revealed In Acropolis Museum’s Huge Archaeological Dig
The pride – and purpose – of the Acropolis Museum has always been the Parthenon gallery. With its 360-degree panoramic view from the top floor, the museum has always been on a mission: to let the world know that this is the most appropriate place to
The Guardian3 min read
Toe-wrestling, Oysters, Happiness … There’s A Micro-festival For All Of Them
Social media is bringing people together for more than 18,000 niche interest events around Britain this year
The Guardian4 min read
How To Minimize Your 'Noise Footprint' | Paige Towers
Noise pollution is an environmental and public health crisis. Here are some simple steps to fight back
The Guardian3 min read
'Like Juggling And Doing Gym': Life As Ardern's Sign Language Interpreter
Alan Wendt is the first interpreter to be regularly employed by a New Zealand prime minister – and he has had a busy year
The Guardian2 min read
When In Rome, Don't Dress As A Centurion, Say City Authorities
Dressed as a gladiator, Remi Sanz, a visitor from Spain, was unaware that his outfit might land him in trouble as he hung around Rome’s famous Trevi Fountain on Friday morning. Authorities in the Italian capital have now enforced a slew of rules, upd
The Guardian2 min read
Why The Guardian Is Changing The Language It Uses To Describe Abortion Bans
New style guidance encourages editors to avoid medically misleading terms like ‘heartbeat bill’ in reference to restrictive abortion laws sweeping the US Make a contr
The Guardian20 min read
El Chapo: What The Rise And Fall Of The Kingpin Reveals About The War On Drugs
As the capture and conviction of Mexico’s notorious drug lord has shown, taking down the boss doesn’t mean taking down the organisation. By Jessica Loudis
The Guardian2 min read
'An Inspiration To Us All': Victims Of Nazism Honoured By Queen
For 50 years, Ruzena Levy could not speak of the horrors she endured and witnessed in the Nazi death camps. On arriving at Auschwitz at the age of 13, she was ordered to turn left; her mother, clutching her youngest child in her arms, was told to go
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