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Revealed: Italy's Call For Urgent Help Was Ignored As Coronavirus Swept Through Europe
Exclusive: A litany of failings meant that when Italy faced disaster, its distress call to the EU met with a shocking silence
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When Secret Coronavirus Contracts Are Awarded Without Competition, It's Deadly Serious | George Monbiot
Deals worth billions have been granted by a government willing to brazen out disgrace until outrage subsides
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The Day Bristol Woke Up To A New Statue
City responds to guerrilla installation of sculpture inspired by the day the Colston statue fell
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Will Silicon Valley Be Your Healthcare Provider One Day? It's Very Likely | Christopher Kulendran Thomas
Chinese big tech was at the heart of China’s official response to Covid-19. Now Apple and Google are doing the same in the west
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Playboy's Bad Bunny Cover Is A Welcome Sign That Masculinity Is Transforming | Priya Elan
The Puerto Rican pop star has embraced a gender-fluid and queer aesthetic - and his fans love it. Playboy is changing, too
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Trump May Be No Good At Leading America – But He Is Really, Really Good At Lying | Richard Wolffe
US credibility has been contorted to protect the feelings of one man-child. No wonder he finds Anthony Fauci so offensive
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‘Compelling’ Evidence Air Pollution Worsens Coronavirus – Study
Exclusive: best analysis to date indicates significant increases in infections, hospital admissions and deaths Coronavirus – latest updates
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Is The Word 'Macbeth' Really Cursed?
This week, we investigate how Shakespeare’s 17th-century tragedy became emblematic of theatre’s ultimate superstition
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Valentina Sampaio Becomes First Openly Trans Model In Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
Sampaio, of Brazil, describes moment’s significance: ‘Being trans usually means facing closed doors to people’s hearts’
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Enough Of The Psychobabble. Racism Is Not Something To Fix With Therapy
Unconscious bias training is a lucrative industry, but it won’t change consciously hostile policies
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'A Hell Of A Lot Of Hurt': Writers Confront South Africa's Apartheid Past
A wave of new books try to deal with the murder, deception, torture and racism of a brutal regime
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On My Radar: Sheku Kanneh-Mason's Cultural Highlights
Muhammad Ali on film, classical music on Instagram and a dessert to die for – the cellist shares his recent discoveries
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'They Scavenged Scraps': The Britons Rounded Up By The Nazis In Occupied France
Descendants of the 3,000 British internees and their families recount one of the war’s forgotten episodes
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The Novel Is Dead – Again. And This Time, It's Women Who Have Murdered It | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett
No one wants to make the Great White Male Novelist extinct - they just want more diversity in publishing
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'Cute But Cruel': The Crime Drama Hailed A Chinese TV Milestone
In the hit Chinese web series, Hidden Corner, a children’s song presages the show’s most violent moments. “Under the blue, blue skies, in the silver river is a small white boat,” three young children sing tremulously, looking into a camera propped up
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My Biggest Lockdown Mistake? Relying On TikTok As A Co-parent? | Emma Brockes
I hoped the app would buy me some much-needed peace in lockdown. Then it turned my five-year-olds into proto-teens
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Black Lives Matter Isn't About Statues Or TV Shows. It's About Real Lives Being Ruined | Nosheen Iqbal
Ignore the trivialising punditry. This movement exists because of police brutality and systemic unfairness
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'He's So Strapping And Virile': Patrick Stewart At 80 – By Shatner, McKellen, Tennant And More
Horse rides in stockings, rehearsals in deep freezes, fights in string vests ... as Patrick Stewart hits 80, friends from Harriet Walter to Brian Blessed pay tribute to the great actor
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'Mama Boko Haram': One Woman's Extraordinary Mission To Rescue 'Her Boys' From Terrorism
Aisha Wakil knew many of Boko Haram’s fighters as children. Now she uses those ties to broker peace deals, mediate hostage negotiations and convince militants to put down their weapons – but as the violence escalates, her task is becoming impossi
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Chef And My Fridge: The South Korean Cooking Show That Will Get You To Clean Out Your Fridge
Four chefs have 15 minutes to create dishes using only what’s in the depths of a celebrity guest’s refrigerator. What’s not to like?
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'Our Spirit Will Never Be Crushed': Hong Kong Activists Vow To Keep Fighting Despite New Laws
Joshua Wong, Lee Cheuk-yan and James To say they have no choice but to oppose draconian legislation imposed by Beijing
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Warning Of Serious Brain Disorders In People With Mild Coronavirus Symptoms
UK neurologists publish details of mildly affected or recovering Covid-19 patients with serious or potentially fatal brain conditions Coronavirus
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Trans Rights Have Been Pitted Against Feminism But We're Not Enemies | Kim Humphery
One of the most distressing aspects of the hostile narrative is that it sidelines a reality of alliance
The Guardian4 min gelesen
What Can We Learn From Amy Schumer's Pregnancy Docuseries?
In Expecting Amy, the comedian navigates marriage and a grueling pregnancy with her trademark candor, but what’s most compelling is left just outside of the frame
The Guardian4 min gelesenSociety
Anti-racism Requires So Much More Than 'Checking Your Privilege' | Momtaza Mehri
Self-reflection is welcome. But until we undo the structures that hold up anti-blackness across the world, injustice will persist
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Rock God! Is The Dalai Lama’s First Album Really A 'Certified Banger'?
The spiritual leader has released an album of ethereal songs. Here’s what the music critics had to say …
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Solved: Do Uncertain Political Times Always Result In Great Art?
From Ghost Town to Grapes of Wrath, the idea of hard soil breeding potent work has grown steadily since the 1960s
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The Goop Lab: Wellness Feels Surreal Right Now, But It's Worth It For Episode Three
A real-life vulva is the star of a series otherwise mired in woo-woo – but if you don’t take it too seriously, there’s fun to be had
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Srebrenica 25 Years On: How The World Lost Its Appetite To Fight War Crimes
Ratko Mladić was brought to justice but where’s the desire to investigate mass killings in Syria, Yemen and Myanmar?
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Planet Virus: Seven Novelists From Around The World On Living With The Pandemic
Covid-19 has exposed social and political fault lines from Brazil to Iceland to South Korea. Here, seven acclaimed writers share their lockdown experiences
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