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Americans Think Apple Leads in 5G (Spoiler: It Doesn’t)
American consumers think Apple is the leading phone vendor when it comes to 5G, by a crushing margin over Samsung. That’s a little shocking, because most observers believe Apple is going to introduce 5G phones a full year later than Android phone ven
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Safety First
We get a lot of reader questions at PCMag, and a high percentage of them have to do with security concerns. Here are a few recent queries our experts addressed.
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How Much Electricity Does Your PC Consume?
We all know we should put our computers to sleep when we’re not using them, but it’s easy to get lazy and leave them on all day long. But how much money are you actually spending on electricity by doing that? I decided to find out. The cost of runni
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How Does Quantum Computing Work?
Quantum computing just plain sounds cool. We’ve all read about the massive investment in making it a reality, and its promise of breakthroughs in many industries. But all that press is usually short on what it is and how it works. There’s a reason: Q
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BlackBerry Key2 LE: A Productivity Powerhouse
BlackBerry Key2 LE $449.99 4/5 Stars PROS Solid keyboard. Speed Key lets you quickly access apps and features. Excellent productivity and privacy software. CONS Keyboard lacks capacitive touch. Mediocre cameras. We like the BlackBerry Key2, but
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Verizon And AT&T Jumped The Gun On 5G
It turns out those 2018 5G launches weren’t really launches at all. On Verizon’s earnings call in February, CEO Hans Vestberg explained that a lack of standards-compliant 5G hardware means the company won’t be able to expand its 5G home service beyon
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The AI Industry’s Year of Ethical Reckoning
Ever since deep neural networks won the world’s most important image-recognition competition in 2012, everyone has been excited about what artificial intelligence could unleash. But in the race to develop new AI techniques and applications, the possi
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Google Has the Key to Keeping You Secure, But You Don’t Need It
Creating a perfect solution doesn’t matter if people won’t use it. That’s the fundamental conflict in security, and it’s one Guemmy Kim, product management lead for Google’s Account Security team, understands quite well. In July 2018, Google announc
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12 Google Calendar Tricks You’re Probably Not Using
Even if you’re not a daily devotee of Google Calendar, you’ve undoubtedly used the productivity tool at some point to organize your personal and professional life. And with good reason: It’s really useful. But as useful as Calendar has become to our
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Razer Blade Stealth (2019): Smart Refinements
Razer Blade Stealth (2019) $Starts at $1,399; $1,599 as tested 4.5/5 Stars PROS Sleek redesign. Super-thin bezels enable smaller footprint. Good performance (and discrete graphics option). Choice between 1080p and 4K displays. Bigger touchpad, bet
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Hostwinds Web Hosting: A Top Option
Hostwinds Web Hosting $4.50 per month 4.5/5 Stars PROS Terrific uptime in testing. Excellent dedicated, reseller, and VPS hosting plans. Good customer service. Minecraft server hosting. CONS Not every plan has a Windows server option. Looking fo
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Microsoft Surface Studio 2: Beautiful and Pricey
Microsoft Surface Studio 2 Starts at $3,499, $4,199 as tested 4/5 Stars PROS Elegant all-in-one digital creation solution. Snappy performance. Super-thin, spectacular display that reclines. Accurate touch input for art/design work. USB-C support.
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Your GPS Devices May Stop Working On April 6
Remember the Y2K bug? It didn’t turn out to be the disaster everyone predicted. But come April 6 of this year, we could be facing a similar kind of disaster—only this time, it’s GPS devices rather than computers that might grind to a halt. As The Re
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Casper Glow: Helps With Smarter Sleep
Casper Glow $89.00 4/5 Stars PROS Attractive modern design. Small and portable. Easy to set up. CONS Pricey. Limited customization. No Google Home or Alexa integration. When you think of Casper, you probably think of mattresses, but the company
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How To Raise Your Home’s IQ
The allure of the smart home is strong. You can unlock your smart door lock with your phone, walk into your house, have the lights turn on automatically, and ask your virtual assistant to make you a cup of coffee. When you’re not there, a robot vacuu
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H&R Block Deluxe 2019 (Tax Year 2018)
H&R Block Deluxe 2019 (Tax Year 2018) $29.99 4.5/5 Stars PROS Excellent user experience. Clear navigation. Comprehensive coverage of tax topics. Top help tools. Thorough return review. CONS Lacks linear navigation wizard and all-in-one step-throu
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Moving Into the Smart Home Era
In ancient days, we had to do all of our household chores slowly, laboriously, by hand. But early in the 20th century, there was a revolution. It started with the humble vacuum cleaner—the first portable electric one, that is, dubbed the Electric Suc
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230 New Emojis Arriving This Year
Heads up, emoji lovers: A brand new batch of icons—including gender-inclusive couples, a waffle, a pinching hand, a sloth, an otter, a yawning face, a guide dog, an ice cube, and a white heart—are coming later this year, and the Unicode Consortium of
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Smartwatch Sales Jump Thanks To Built-In LTE
Americans are increasingly hopping on the smartwatch bandwagon, according to new data from The NPD Group. Sixteen percent of US adults—about one in six—now own a smartwatch, up from 12 percent in December 2017, the market research firm announced. Du
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Most Website Terms of Service Are Functionally Incomprehensible to Americans
A recent study on the terms of service (ToS) policies used by Google, Facebook, and hundreds of other prominent online sites have concluded that the documents are written in a way that renders them functionally useless to most US adults, despite the
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ADATA HD830 External Hard Drive: Superior Protection
ADATA HD830 External Hard Drive $109.99 as tested 4/5 Stars PROS IP68 resistance to water and dust. Highly crush-resistant chassis. Aggressive price for capacity and build. Two colors to choose from. CONS On the heavy, bulky side for some. Only w
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Beef Up Security and Performance With Network Segmentation
By now, you’ve probably seen references to network segmentation in features on network security and discussions of best practices in network monitoring. But for many IT professionals, network segmentation is one of those things you always plan to get
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Facebook Tops the List of Least Trusted Tech Companies
In December, the latest in a long string of Facebook privacy scandals came to light: According to a report in The New York Times, the company skirted its own privacy rules to give more than 150 companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, and Spo
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Geeni Spot Smart Wi-Fi Plug: Affordable and Wi-Fi-Enabled
Geeni Spot Smart Wi-Fi Plug $19.99 4/5 Stars PROS Affordable. Small footprint. Voice command support. Works with other Geeni devices. CONS Lacks energy usage reporting. Doesn’t interact with third-party devices. No HomeKit or IFTTT support. The
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BMW’s Vision iNext Car Is a Sci-Fi Living Room on Wheels
The most futuristic vehicle at CES (aside from the Hyundai Elevate and its robotic legs) was the trippy BMW Vision iNext concept car. The SUV-sized vehicle has a shimmering blue carpet, wooden floors, and a coffee table in the center console. The sl
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At CES 2019, 5G Took a Break
This may be the year of 5G, but you wouldn’t have known it at CES 2019. Wireless carriers and device makers alike declined to make any 5G news at the world’s largest technology trade show, and they refused to answer the questions consumers are most c
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LG gram 14 2-in-1: A Top 2-in-1 Pick
LG gram 14 2-in-1 $1,499.00 4/5 Stars PROS Extra light for a convertible PC. Snappy performance. Great-looking IPS display. Excellent battery life. Includes Wacom pen. CONS No Thunderbolt 3 ports. Weak speakers. Available in only one configuratio
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High-tech Healthcare: Today’s Innovations Are Powering Tomorrow’s Medicine
Microneedle patches, handheld diagnostic machines, and better sensing capabilities, as well as 3D bioprinting, are just a few of the technologies coming to a doctor’s office near you—or maybe even into your home—in the next decade.
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How Secure Is Your Messaging App?
Which messaging app would you choose for absolute security? Every developer will say they responsibly consider the security and privacy of their users. But with so many different choices, it can be hard to tell which messaging platforms you can trust
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JBL Endurance Run Sound Great for the Price
JBL Endurance Run $19.95 4/5 Stars PROS Powerful audio performance with deep bass and crisp highs. Sweatproof, secure-fitting design. Can be worn in two different ways. Excellent mic clarity. CONS Light on accessories. Not for audio purists. We
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