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The Lonesome Death of Thomas Valva
An eight-year-old boy’s murder in Long Island exposes the fallacy that mothers and fathers are equally likely to be good caregivers for young children.
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Mayor Yang?
After a disappointing result in Tuesday’s New Hampshire Primary, the most unlikely breakout star of the 2020 Democratic primary season, entrepreneur and nonprofit executive Andrew Yang, ended his longshot bid for the Democratic nomination. Despite ha
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A California-style Brexit
Are California Democrats—responsible for the state’s new anti-gig-worker law, AB5—so out of touch that they’re not aware of the growing anger of their constituents? It appears so. Since AB5 took effect on January 1, hundreds of thousands of Californi
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Why Classical Architecture Matters
Catesby Leigh joins Seth Barron to discuss President Trump’s draft executive order to give priority to classical-style architecture in the design of federal courthouses, agency headquarters, and other federal office buildings. The classical style has
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Anti-Semitism, Toujours
The most dangerous place to be a Jew in Europe today is France—that’s the conclusion of an as-yet unpublished, two-year report on anti-Semitism in 11 European countries, conducted by former NYPD commissioner Raymond W. Kelly for Ronald S. Lauder, the
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Targeting Cops
Last weekend, in a span of roughly 12 hours, two uniformed NYPD officers were shot and wounded in attempted assassinations in the Bronx—apparently by the same suspect. One officer, while seated in a marked police van on Saturday night, was hit in the
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AB5 Backfire
Barely a month old, California’s poorly designed “gig-work” law is already having unintended consequences.
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Britain’s Criminal-Justice Frivolity
The British criminal-justice system once again exposed its elaborate and ceremonious frivolity. This frivolity is serious in its effects, not only for its immediate consequences on Britain’s crime rate but also because it undermines the legitimacy of
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Brokered System
Progressives like Bronx congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are celebrating the enactment of a new law in New York that eliminates most broker’s fees for renting apartments. “New York elected a bunch of ‘far-left radical socialists’ and look at wh
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Finding Beauty in the Public Realm
In the latest City Talk, Philip Bess discussed New Urbanism, South Bend, the role of churches in poorer communities, and more with Charles F. McElwee, assistant editor of City Journal. Bess is Professor of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame
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Red v. Blue
The political and cultural war between red and blue America may not be settled in our lifetimes, but it’s clear which side is gaining ground in economic and demographic terms. In everything from new jobs—including new technology employment—fertility
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The Wrong Solution for New York’s Housing Crunch
Comptroller Scott Stringer’s Universal Affordable Housing proposal will discourage private investment and worsen the problem.
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Wanted: Better Neighborhoods
One of the most influential ideas to shape public policy at the end of the twentieth century was the concept of “mediating structures.” While the principle is old, an influential 1977 essay, To Empower People, by Peter Berger and Richard John Neuhaus
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The Digital Economy's Voracious Energy Demand
Mark Mills joins Brian Anderson to discuss the enormous energy demands of the world’s modern information infrastructure—or “the Cloud”—the subject of his new book, Digital Cathedrals. “Tech companies confront an inconvenient fact,” writes Mills. “The
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America’s Quiet Policing Crisis
Across the United States, from cities to rural counties, police departments are confronting a recruitment crisis. “Going back to 2010, we had about 4,700 online applications. That dropped down to about 1,900 last year,” said Steve Anderson, chief of
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More Laws, Less Freedom
Rafael A. Mangual joins John Stossel to discuss how the expansion of state and federal criminal laws puts well-meaning citizens at risk of serious prosecution. The number of state and federal laws carrying criminal penalties has grown dramatically si
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Preferences by Any Other Name
Washington State legislators continue to push for race-based quotas despite the voters’ rejection of them.
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Nannied From Dawn To Dusk
Last fall, the United Kingdom’s outgoing Chief Medical Officer, Sally Davies, published a report on childhood obesity. Among her proposals for “bold action” were measures to “allow children to grow up free from marketing signals and incentives to con
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Measuring the Caucus Effect in Iowa
This week, ahead of Iowa’s presidential caucuses, City Journal assistant editor Charles F. McElwee interviewed Peter Orazem, University Professor of Economics at Iowa State University. Orazem, who has served on the faculty since 1982, discussed the i
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Flu Remains the Real Danger
Seasonal or pandemic influenza poses a much more significant public health problem than coronavirus.
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California Says No to the Future
This week, California’s Senate voted down SB50, a bill introduced by State Senator Scott Weiner to address the housing-affordability crisis. The bill would have removed local control over zoning for many areas of the state—including those near transi
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Free to Be Vulgar
A French free-speech controversy also illustrates the decline of civility in an educated society.
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Parenting In The City
Karol Markowicz joins Kay Hymowitz to discuss raising young children in New York City. “Raising a family in the city is just too hard,” concluded The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson last summer. But in Park Slope, one of New York’s most desirable neighborh
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Remembering Kobe Bryant
I dislike the cult of celebrity. I don’t care who stars are dating or divorcing, or what they wear or for whom they plan to vote. I often feel alienated from public rituals of grief over deaths of the famous. But this time is different. This time—wit
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A Threat to Humanity
Over the past century, as globalization accelerated, viral epidemics have become a serious threat to humanity. In 1918, the Spanish flu killed about 50 million people around the world. The average age of victims was 20, and many died within a day. A
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Taking the Freedom Out of Freelancing
AB5, California’s new “gig-work” law, misunderstands the changing labor market and will hurt the people it’s intended to help.
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The Principled Disrupter
Entrepreneurs mourn the death of Clayton Christensen, 67, and for more than the Harvard guru’s contribution to the business-consulting sector.  Christensen identified a concept that changed the nature of business: disruptive innovation. Business lead
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Abuse of Procedure
The House Democrats make an underwhelming case for impeachment—one without a constitutional basis.
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The Fight for Cleaner and Safer Cities
John M. MacDonald, a professor of criminology and sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, reviewed anti-blight efforts in U.S. cities with Charles F. McElwee, assistant editor of City Journal. MacDonald’s current research focuses on how changing
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Old Energy, New Boom
Digital traffic will fuel the next dramatic economic expansion—but digital machines need the reliable and affordable energy that only hydrocarbons can provide.
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