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World Letter From The Editor
Q+A WITH THE E.I.C. you would tell YOUR 20-YEAR-OLD SELF if you had the chance? —@l_b_jefferies) FIRST I’D GRAB the little bastard and tell him he’s gonna regret that Dave Matthews Band tattoo. (That’s a joke.) Then I would ask him to kindly put out
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WHEN WE talk about strong skin, we’re essentially talking about collagen, the body’s main structural protein. “Collagen provides strength and elasticity,” says dermatologist Ife J. Rodney, M.D. But our bodies can start steadily losing it as early as
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By The Numbers 15 Seconds Of Fame
BRYCE HALL’S mission is to go viral—at any personal cost. He pranks himself, mocks others, pranks himself more. He says “bro”—a lot. Lest you forget what he stands for, there’s the line of branded merch to buy and energy drinks to guzzle. Those would
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Meanwhile, On Instagram …
Times are tough. Drew Ramsey, M.D., a dip-lomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and Greg Brown, M.D., founder and director of Austin’s Center for Green Psychiatry, are here to help every Friday on our IG Live. Check out some of th
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The Scaaaaaaary Side of Fatherhood
HALLOWEEN IS a big deal in my New England neighborhood. I know you’re thinking, Yeah, yeah, I’m sure, and that’s exactly how my wife and I responded to our new neighbor Gregg. He warned us about the approaching holiday after we moved into our house i
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I’m Repping The Next Generation Of Athletes
IF YOU’RE skeptical about a 19-year-old with a company named after himself, Ariel Levy gets that. Levy has been working in sports marketing and management since he was 15, when he convinced some agents to give him a shot at bringing them players they
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How Exercise Helped Me Find The True Meaning Of Pride
I didn’t realize it at the time, but starting in 2013, I began to spiral into depression. I was out as a gay Black man, and I felt proud. But I didn’t fully understand how the oppressive body standards inside gay culture—men with thick shoulders, sle
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Microaggressions, Major Trauma
DEANDRE SMITH, a filmmaker from Chicago, remembers being one of two Black students in the Columbia College Chicago film program back in 2011. One of his professors, a “liberal, progressive white woman,” often pitted the two Black students against eac
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The Making Of A Young Activist
AS A KID GROWING UP in South Carolina, Righteous Keitt came of age in the era of caught-on-camera police killings. “Since I was nine, I can remember Black people being shot on camera, and those videos going viral, and then nothing happening,” he told
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This Month In Things You’re psyched About…
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Beating Microaggressions
A colleague regularly dismisses what you have to say during meetings. THE EMOTIONAL APPROACH Talk to the person in private and say, “I felt hurt when you said that.” This can help convey your frustration and helps them avoid defensiveness. A person s
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The American Soldier At 20
THEY WERE BORN JUST BEFORE 9/11, and they’ve grown up in an age of nearly constant warfare, in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. All while engaging in simulated warfare from their couch with the rise of blockbuster first-person-shooter games like Call of
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Blood Rush!
WORK THROUGH enough reps of any exercise with a challenging weight and you’ll experience the mythic pump, a swelling of blood and metabolites within the muscle that, over time, gives you the superhero muscle you want. But what if you could skip the a
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Finally, a Name for What You’re Going Through
I’VE HEARD it all in the past six months—fury over job loss, dismay at a crumbling social life, discomfort about race, frustration induced by the stir-crazies. As I’ve listened to clients at my psychiatric practice tell me their struggles, I’ve reali
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I’m A Native American Defending My History—and Future
IN JANUARY 2013, about 2,000 people, many of them Native American teenagers, staged a protest outside a courthouse in downtown Chicago. In the crowd was 12-year-old Anthony Tamez-Pochel. Amid flags and signs, drumbeats and chants, Tamez-Pochel began
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The Multitasking Muscle Builder
FEATURED MOVE MAESTRO: Yusuf Myers Spiderman Lunge to Thoracic Spine Rotation Start in pushup position, core tight (a), then step your right leg forward, outside your right hand (b). Squeeze your glutes. Lift your right arm and reach toward the ceili
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A Brief History of Violence
EVERY NOW and again, my wife will hear a noise in the middle of the night. “I heard something downstairs,” she’ll say, waking me. I strain my ears to listen. “Did you hear it?” “No,” I’ll say. I never hear it, but then again, my hearing is ruined fro
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A New Playbook For Coming Out
DURING AN assembly his junior year of high school, Jake Bain began his speech with tears in his eyes: “Most people don’t have to come out. Most people don’t have to worry that they will be judged based solely on who they’re attracted to.” Maybe you w
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The Sports Agent
CASEY WASSERMAN keeps a three-year-old photo on his iPhone. In it, he’s standing next to NBA star Russell Westbrook. Westbrook boasts the jacked arms and chiseled body. Wasserman? He’s 200 pounds of out-of-shape PR maven. “I saw that picture,” he say
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America Is Hungry. CAN GYMS HELP FEED IT?
IT ALL STARTED WITH 44,000 pounds of lettuce. There it was, a literal truckload of leafy greens, sitting in a semi parked up the street from the medical office where Dannette Wheeler worked in Fentress County, Tennessee. After Wheeler approached them
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Rethinking The Role Of Activism
Q&A What do you hope to change? I’m hoping that our country stops acting like a bully and starts standing up to the bullies we systemically support. CAMERON KASKY spent much of his summer in a little town house in Alaska, taking a fiction workshop to
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Bear Down!
YOUR STANDARD PLANK is slacking, but we’ve got a fix: the bear plank. Get on your hands and knees, hands below your shoulders, knees directly underneath your hips and in line with your wrists, and back flat. Squeeze your abs and lift your knees sligh
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10 Fitness Groups Filling a Need
NATIONAL The franchisor behind Pure Barre, CycleBar, Row House, and other fitness clubs teamed up with Feeding America in late April to organize donation efforts at its locations. In total, the company initiative raised more than $20,000 for Feeding
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By The Numbers: Top Of The Game
Last year, Jay Won ascended to the pinnacle of his sport. Granted, Won’s world is esports and his game is Overwatch, a team-based first-person shooter. But before you scoff, consider this: Won’s team, the San Francisco Shock, claimed a purse of $1.1
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The Mostly Healthy Guy’s Guide to Getting Really Healthy Now
FOR A LOT OF US, what was initially stay-at-home “self-care” has gradually turned into an Everest of White Claw cans, more than a few pounds, and a languishing list of workouts you were going to do tomorrow. We all let our games slip. But now that mo
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DUE RESPECT to Hunter S. Thompson, who wrote those words in 1994 to describe the fate of the “poor bastards” born at the turn of this century, but it hasn’t been quite so bad. Consider the Americans born in the year 2000, the first natives of the bra
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Calling Tech Support
AS PORTIONS of the country went into lockdown earlier this year, Liam Elkind stepped up. In the beginning, you’d find him at a stranger’s doorstep in New York City in a mask and gloves, with a smartphone in hand and a grocery bag in tow. Elkind is a
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The Humbling Power of PAIN
THE BAD PAIN STARTED in my right arm soon after dinner. By the next morning, it hurt for me to make a fist. I was on the chronic-injury ride. One of my sons and I had been bull raking from a skiff near an island in Narragansett Bay, scratching up bas
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HOLD ON, we’ll get to the essence of Zion Williamson, basketball’s Next Big Thing, in a little bit. Just wait. Patience is not a trait we associate with youth—or with our pop culture at large. But if there’s one thing we have not been able to fully d
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I’m A Dreamer
NELSON MARTINEZ DE LOS SANTOS remembers hiding on bus rides to school. When police cars passed, he’d duck. In 2001, when he was one, his parents arrived in the United States with their four children. Back home in Saltillo, Mexico, drug cartels ruled
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