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My Running Life
SENIOR EDITOR GOT A DRAWER FULL OF SALTED CARAMEL GU. WANNA PARTY? 1 / Apple AirPods Pro $249 Toggling between noise-canceling and transparency modes helps me seamlessly adjust to my surroundings. 2 / Asics EvoRide $120 I’ve shaved 30 seconds off my
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8 RW+ Members Who Used Running to Defy Their Age, Overcome Grief, Lift Communities, and Change Their Lives
We all experience disappointments—the days nothing goes right—but the PRs and BQs come from all the days after, when we put our shoes back on and head out again. That’s the definition of endurance. But as these Runner’s World+ members demonstrate, en
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Lighter Hats Prevail
A hat’s job is to comfortably protect us from the sun. We evaluate them accordingly, donning them before sweltering lunch runs and weekend adventures in the woods and comparing notes on comfort, sweat-wicking, and packability. The latter metric is es
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Human Race
I RUN FOR MY FAMILY. Everything I do, every check I bring home, goes to them, whether that’s back home in Kenya to build my family a better home, or here in Auburn, California, with my daughter, Belvia. Running was a talent I knew I had after high sc
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The Inside Lane
AS AMERICA WENT into its second month of lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19 and spring races were canceled, I, like so many runners, wondered, “What do I do with this fitness?” I was planning to run the Boston Marathon but, instead, like so many
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Richard Edmonson
FOR DECADES, RICHARD EDMONSON SWAM A MILE three days per week. “The problem,” he says, “was the view.” The retired attorney says by the time he was 70 years old, “I got tired of looking at the bottom of the pool.” Just like that, he took up running.
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Don’t Tolerate Streaks
While working from home, I decided to shave my head for the first time. Why not? I figured I could just wear a hat to a Zoom meeting if it turned out badly. An unintended consequence is that I was left with pasty white flesh that hadn’t seen unobstru
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Strengthening These Overlooked Muscles Can Prevent Injury
When we strength-train, we tend to target and sometimes isolate the big guns in our legs (our glutes, hamstrings, and quads) and often neglect smaller muscle groups—like those tiny muscles in our feet that are equally important for powering our strid
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Meagan Cooper
MEAGAN COOPER IS AN ER DOCTOR AND mother of four. Having too much free time is not a problem for her. But last spring the woman who says she always needs “a million things happening” announced to her husband she was going to run a marathon. He suppor
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Comfort Tested: Phone Armbands
In our experience, the best thing an armband that holds your phone can do is not be annoying on the run. After all, adding half a pound to a swinging extremity means that chafing and irritation are likely if the armband isn’t particularly well design
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I Ended a Five-Year Plateau With This Fix
Everyone remembers their first marathon. It’s an extraordinary sense of accomplishment that lies somewhere between incredulous joy and “wow, I’m never doing that again.” But then, when the soreness begins to fade, we realize we haven’t yet come close
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Yoshiko Jo
YOSHIKO JO KNOWS SHE’S OBSESSIVE, BUT FOR HER, RUNNING IS NO different from eating, sleeping, or breathing: It’s just something you do. Jo teaches Japanese language at Swarthmore, a small liberal arts college west of Philadelphia. And before the pand
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Will An Armband Phone Holder Ruin My Stride?
Probably not, according to Michigan-based biomechanist Geoff Burns. “Adding that mass to one arm requires a systemic rearrangement of the various momenta to conserve the overall system dynamics,” Burns wrote in an email. Adding the weight of the phon
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Upgrade To Runner’s World Plus for Just $30
You’re about to be a stronger, healthier, faster runner. Join now at Expert-designed training plans to crush your goals Premium content, including access to a running coach, members-only newsletter, and workout videos Access
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Ted Fine
TED FINE’S FIRST CHILD, RIPLEY, DIED FROM SUDDEN INFANT DEATH Syndrome (SIDS) in 1997. She was just 10 weeks old. Fine says it was “the worst thing that could ever happen”—an incredible, awful shock. “A lot of families that lose a kid, especially the
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JUST AS IMPORTANT as slathering on sunscreen is for saving your skin, a pair of sunglasses protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Those same beams can pose damage even when the sun is hidden behind a layer of clouds, so it’s important to
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Running More Is Great, But What Does It Do to Your Immune System?
If you’re lacing up to fight cabin fever, you’re not alone. It seems that with extra free time available and fewer places to work out, more and more people are turning to running, suggesting that ours is the perfect social-distancing sport. And there
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Helenann Phillips
HELENANN PHILLIPS CALLS HERSELF “A competitive sort.” She scored top-five finishes at the 2018 New Mexico Senior Olympics and the 2019 National Senior Games. She refers to her Apple and Garmin watches as her activity “report card.” And she has a fier
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Inov - 8 Trailroc G 280
PRICE: $150 WEIGHT: 10.4 oz (M), 8.3 oz (W) DROP: 14.5 mm (M), 13.5 mm (W) TYPE: Trail INOV-8 WAS BORN in 2003 when fell runners sought grippier shoes for racing the wet and craggy moorland of northern England’s Lake District. Those same hills supply
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Should I Keep Running During A Pandemic?
While running itself may not suppress the immune system like we once thought, other factors certainly can, including increased levels of stress, poor sleep and eating habits, and of course, exposure. “Everyone has a high level of anxiety at this poin
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Christina Torres
CHRISTINA TORRES CAN STILL FEEL, IN HER BODY, HOW much she hated her first 5K. It was 2010. She’d reluctantly agreed to run the race with new Teach For America friends and students as part of a program to train middle and high school kids to run the
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Asics Gel-ds Trainer 25
PRICE: $120 WEIGHT: 8.9 oz (M) 7.4 oz (W) DROP: 8 mm (M), 8 mm (W) TYPE: Road IF WE DREW a Venn diagram of shoes we’d recommend for daily running and racing, the Asics Gel-DS Trainer would land squarely in the middle. The quasi-racer retains the Flyt
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4 Amazing Lockdown Challenges
The spring racing season, crushed by race cancellations and postponements because of the COVID-19 pandemic, came with a certain sting. On the professional side, the likes of Eliud Kipchoge and Kenenisa Bekele could not race for a marathon world recor
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Jim Vickery
AS A U.S. AIR FORCE BOMB DISPOSAL technician for 15 years, Jim Vickery didn’t run for fun—it was literally just a job requirement. The Air Force mandated he be able to run a mile and a half in less than 9:45, but that was the peak of his ambitions. S
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Hoka One One Arahi 4
PRICE: $130 WEIGHT: 9.8 oz (M), 8.0 oz (W) DROP: 10.5 mm (M), 7 mm (W) TYPE: Road THIS STABILITY SHOE uses a novel design to prop up a pronating foot. Instead of a traditional medial post or the popular guide rails other brands use, Hoka goes with a
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What Ever It Takes
The Pittsburgh Marathon had a massive virtual turnout as more than 13,000 participants crossed the finish line in their own locations. In another backyard ultra-style event, Sally Van Nuland from Greensboro, North Carolina, ran at least 1 mile each h
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Pj Thompson
IT’S EASY TO ASSUME PJ THOMPSON IS campaigning to be Austin’s Mayor of Running. The job doesn’t exist, but if it did, this relentless advocate for running would lead the polls. Thompson is a people person. For the past decade of his professional life
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Saucony Hurricane 22
PRICE: $160 WEIGHT: 11.7 oz (M), 9.9 oz (W) DROP: 13 mm (M), 13 mm (W) TYPE: Road IF WE RANKED this Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson wind scale, it would be an easy CAT 5; this shoe takes support, cushioning, and energy return to the highest level. “I
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Speedwork Makes Every Run Faster. These 4 Workouts Get You Started
Here’s the thing about running: If you never run fast, you’ll never get faster. So if you’re trying to improve your running performance, smash a new personal best, or spice up your usual training, then it’s time to incorporate speedwork into your rou
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“If I Can Do It, You Can Do It!”
JESS MOVOLD SPRINGS off her living room floor like a superhero taking flight. With a soft landing, she bounces back up 11 more times to complete the set of jump squats. She’s already led her Instagram Live audience through a series of dead bugs, jump
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