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All Fun, No Car
Hop on the Hudson Line in Manhattan and escape the city to Bull Hill. This 5.5-mile hidden gem in the Hudson Highlands has all the charms of crowd favorite 1,260-foot Breakneck Ridge but half the people. Hop off the train at Cold Springs and walk a q
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Mountain Mystery
A FEELING OF PEACE washed over me as soon as my boots hit the dirt. At the base of Mt. Washington’s Jewell Trail, the October sun felt warm on my bare arms. But having grown up exploring New Hampshire’s White Mountains, I knew the conditions up high
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Game Thory
ALDO LEOPOLD WAS SURE of himself, as young men so often are. It was 1919 and the 32-year-old had been promoted to assistant district forester, bringing 20 million acres of Southwestern wildlands under his purview. He knew two things: that hunting was
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Big Trundle
Dear Exhilarated, First of all, it sounds like you might have some pent-up frustration. We’re here to talk if you need. Secondly, you’re right that rocks, trees, and ice fall all the time in nature. But that doesn’t mean rock trundling is an appropri
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Public Lands Private Industry
Legal protection for our national parks has been under assault for four years now, but the threat moves up a level with H.J. Resolution 46. Sponsored by Arizona rep Paul Gosar, the bill would nullify a 2016 rule that gives the National Park Service f
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Editor’s Choice
BREATHABLE PUFFY Every alpine start brings the same choice: Begin cold and warm up, or leave camp comfortable but stop 5 minutes later to delayer. Here’s how to simplify your decision: Wear the L3 50/50. It’s warm enough that we wore it straight out
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Above It All
AFTER A NIGHT of wind howling through the treetops above my campsite, I wake to a silent dawn. The rain that drummed on my hammock all night turned to ice when a cold front moved in. A thick, freezing fog has settled here on the top of 4,222-foot Big
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BY ELISABETH KWAK-HEFFERAN BEST PROTECTION OUR TAKE Yes, it costs more than the lease payment on a new Tesla. But with the Archangel, you get what you pay for: On above-treeline ski tours, sleetsoaked climbs, and expeditions where a leak would be dis
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Coastal Getaway
I REALLY DON’T want to step on a salamander, but they’re making it difficult. A typical November morning drizzle has brought the forest to life as I weave through a sea of massive, moss-covered logs and evergreen salal shrubs. I’ve barely started the
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Editor’s Note: We usually focus on the pleasures of a long-distance hike. We tell ourselves the pain will dissolve into a march of panoramas from Mexico to Canada. But the truth of thru-hiking is that it is brutally physical. This excerpt from recent
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Back Country Hide Out
I HUSTLE MY WAY past the edge of the forest and into the frosty winter morning, breath fogging before me. Beyond the edge of the bluffs above Lake Carlton, the San Bois Mountains spill to the horizon in rolling hills of pine, sandstone, and bare-limb
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Subscriber Exclusive KURIL ISLANDS, RUSSIA There are no official trails to the peaks of this volcanic island, but adventurous hikers can snag this view from the caldera’s rim. Chris Burkard, an award-winning outdoor photographer and explorer from Pis
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Ushishir Kuril Islands, Russia
Modern wilderness photography is a paradox. It’s practitioners quest to find and compose the perfect shot in untouched terrain, knowing that their published image could very well undo the remoteness that made the place special. Chris Burkard knows th
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Denali, Alaska
Alaska is the last American frontier, and its scale and severity have called to Burkard for years. Denali is its ground zero. To get this shot, Burkard visited the historic Don Sheldon Mountain House situated just above Ruth Glacier. His objective wa
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Landmannalieio, Iceland
There’s only one place on earth to see a rootless crater like this: Iceland. These depressions are formed by steam rather than lava, and Burkard has traveled to Iceland 43 times over 14 years to photograph the country’s reserve of natural wonders. Th
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Backpacker Magazine
What are your winter goals? Editorial Director Shannon Davis Get miserable (see page 36—not as bad as it sounds!) Executive Editor Casey Lyons Snowclimb the Angel of Shavano. Senior Digital Editor Adam Roy Ski as much pow as I possibly can. Gear Edit
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Aleutian Islands, Alaska
There is nothing else like the Aleutians. The archipelago extends like a swooping tail from mainland Alaska into the Bering Sea, and is comprised of 64 islands and uncounted islets. Burkard received a grant to conduct an aerial survey of the islands
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Warming Up To Winter
Backpacking is so many things. It’s a leisure pursuit, a way to connect with nature, an athletic feat, a means of forging bonds with your friends and family, a problem-solving game, an escape, a subculture… Realistically, it’s something unique to eve
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Sleeping In A Winter Wonderland
Adapt your kit to where you’re camping. For wetter climates (like the Pacific Northwest) you’ll want Gore-Tex layers, waterproof gloves, and a heavy-duty synthetic or hydrophobic down sleeping bag to help manage moisture. For drier climates (like the
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WE RECEIVED TONS of reader feedback for “Meeting the Moment” (, our Fall 2020 Editor’s Note. In it, Editorial Director Shannon Davis addressed our push to do more for social and climate justice in the outdoors, in our cont
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Create A Cozy Camp
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National Summit Day Winner
On August 1, BACKPACKER nation turned out to hike high and raise money for Big City Mountaineers, a program that provides adult-mentored wilderness experiences to youth from disinvested communities. Reader A.J. Matthews went up in Washington and came
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Turn Up The Heat
Cold fingers and toes cause quick misery in the backcountry. The key to feeling as warm as possible is keeping your digits toasty. Take care of your hands and feet and you’ll have a much more pleasant winter camping experience. The numbness you feel
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Frosted World
Once winter settles over the Appalachians, the higher you go, the less people you see. This spot at the top of Roan Mountain is no exception. Where summer finds it brimming with hikers, winter brings stillness. The 5-mile round trip can be a bit slip
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Get Pack Ready
Kaelyn Silva, CSCS, is the owner of Pasadena Sport Science. When she’s not training clients, she enjoys loading up her pack and hiking with her dogs in California's Ansel Adams Wilderness. This exercise works quads and glutes, and strengthens the mus
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Meet the Neighbors
I STARTLE AWAKE AT DAWN to the sound of heavy breathing an arms-length from our tent. Heart pounding, I bolt upright, ready to fend off sharp-toothed swamp monsters lurking under our chickee—a 10-by-12-foot wooden platform on stilts that serves as a
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Who’s Afraid of Winter
EVEN IF THE LAST SPOONFULS of oats weren’t frozen solid, there still wouldn’t be enough. Worse: The coffee was already icing over, my toes and nose were numb, and was it snowing inside the tent? So. Stinking. Cold. We were cruxing all of a half-mile
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Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore MUNISING, MICHIGAN
A teenage Tom Nemacheck wasn’t happy when his family relocated from Detroit to the Upper Peninsula in 1969, so after graduation he joined the Air Force to head somewhere new—only to find himself stationed back in northern Michigan. “After that, I dec
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Calorie Bombs
This Superbowl party favorite never lasts long in camp. Makes 2 servings 1 cup instant refried beans6 Tbsp cream cheese powder4 Tbsp sour cream powder1.5 oz. cheddar cheese2 Tbsp taco seasoning1 4.25 oz. bag of Fritos2 single-serving packets of salsa
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11. Chase the Sunrise
This dawn view from Main Overlook in New River Gorge is well worth an early wake-up. This prime suncatching spot, the start of the Grandview Rim Trail, connects with the North Overlook and Turkey Spur overlook further along the 3.2-mile out-and-back
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