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This Year’s Winter Harvest Takes The Cake
SERVES 12 RECIPE BY AMY SYMINGTON Hands-On Time: 25 minutes Total Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes (plus cooling) 2 cups whole-grain spelt flour3 tbsp ground flaxseeds2 tsp ground cinnamon1½ tsp baking powder1½ tsp baking soda¼ tsp ground nutmeg¼ tsp allspic
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Wolf Wisdom
Dear Wolf, In the last few years, I’ve found the yoga community to be charged with politics. While I agree with some of what’s said, it taints the practice for me. Why can’t yoga just be yoga? Sincerely :: Just Be Peaceful Dear Just Be Peaceful, If y
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Yoga Helped Me Master the Art of Sucking at Snowboarding
I should have known when I swiped right that eventually I’d be in trouble. And sure enough, five months into a relationship with someone passionate enough about skiing to include a photo of it on his dating profile, I was headed to the slopes. It’s n
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Elevate Your Meditation Practice by Engaging Your Senses
Palo Santo candle,$38, Offering all the warmth of palo santo without the ethical considerations, this vegan wax candle made from coconut and apricot emanates a complex profile of blackcurrant nectar, Arabian rose, and cedar to re-cre
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Ardya Matsyendrasana
POSES A Begin in Sukhasana (Easy Pose) with your left leg crossed on top of your right. B Root down with your sitting bones and elongate your spine. C Imagine a central axis running from your pelvic floor through your torso to the crown of your head.
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Ardya Matsyendrasana Variations
While seated, place a bolster lengthwise on your yoga mat. Shift your right hip to touch the short edge of the prop. Drape your torso on the bolster, belly side down. Rest your arms on either side of the prop. Keep your knees bent. Turn your head to
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5 Mindful Tips to Beat Stress and Boost Your Immune System
Feeling strong and often uncomfortable emotions during challenging times is completely natural. And while it may be tempting to suppress anger, sadness, grief, and frustration, mental health experts say that doing so can physically stress your body a
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A Sequence for Liberating Your Soul
My name is Alicia Crysta Easter, which means “noble anointed one of dawn.” (Ēostre was a Germanic goddess of spring.) I am the daughter of Cynthia Geneva Lawson and granddaughter of Eleanor Cecilia Lawson. I am a yogi, Black woman, teacher, podcast h
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Finding Enchantment In Imperfectness Can Heal Us All
There’s a poem by Mary Oliver called “The Swan” that changed my life the first time I read it. It made me evaluate what I thought being beautiful meant—how I had been groomed by the media to believe it was skin-deep—and how I had trained myself to th
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Letter From The Editor
I started at Yoga Journal the same week in March that pandemic-induced lockdowns spread across the country. I was overwhelmed by the stress of starting a new job while navigating e-learning with my then second- and fourth-grade daughters and worrying
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4 Steps to Help Manage Overwhelming Emotions
This challenging year has depleted our emotional well-being in unpredictable ways. During times like these, failing to remember our innate unbreakable wholeness—and its qualities of indestructible joy and peace—can cause us to over-identify with our
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Exploring Kaiut Yoga
Yoga can help us be deeply loving and accepting of our history, pain, and trauma, instead of ignoring or denying these experiences. I learned this while growing up in Brazil. My father was in the military, and one day when I was five years old, my co
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Music Icon Tina Turner Stays Grounded While She Keeps on Rollin’
Even after six decades in the spotlight, Tina Turner has no plans to slow down. Next on the legendary singer-songwriter’s agenda: the release of her third book, Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good, out December 1. The inspir
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Pride and Joy
AMBER KARNES Is well aware that the body positivity movement has been co-opted by commercial campaigns designed to sell us soap and overpriced razors under the guise of developing self-esteem. But when she founded Body Positive Yoga in 2010, the conc
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Can You Actually Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor?
For many of us, the word “Kegel” entered our lexicon when Samantha Jones proclaimed she was “doing [them] right now” on Sex and the City. But when it comes to your pelvic floor—the three layers of muscles that lie like a hammock from your pubic bone
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Redux Resolution
Twenty-twenty felt like an epic dystopian novel come to life. A global pandemic, murder hornets, and a recession (to name a few) have left our zen heading for the hills. (Even meditation master Deepak Chopra has struggled to make sense of the collect
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Brainspotting Helped Me Find My Blind Spots— And Face Them Head-On
I sat cross-legged on my therapist’s couch, just like every other Friday afternoon, except this time she sat on the couch next to me. After years of talk therapy to cope with PTSD, I was trying something different—a supposed fast track to fully overc
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Compassionate Leadership
Oour yoga and mindfulness practices occupy a cherished part of our lives. They make us more aware, allow us to feel a greater sense of connection, and, ideally, inspire us to act kinder toward ourselves and one another. The goal, of course, is to tak
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Let’s Create Safe Spaces for Transgender and Nonbinary Yogis
For years, I stood behind the desk of a well-known yoga chain, watching as students hurried through the doors. They’d drop their canvas bags and jangling keys on the counter and exhale their names to me, eager as kids at a pool party to hop into clas
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Heal Thy Self?
Over the past few years, self-care has shifted from expensive, instant-satisfaction indulgences such as manicures and massages toward consistently nourishing pursuits such as prioritizing sleep, developing a regular meditation practice, and spending
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Discover The Tranquility Of A Tea Ritual
The health benefits in a cuppa can stretch well beyond the ingredients in the brew: Taking time to boil the water, inhale the aromas wafting up from the steeping leaves, and feel the warmth of the cup in your hands before you take your first sip enco
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10 Questions With Liv Lo Golding
1. If I weren’t a fitness entrepreneur, I’d be: A mother. 2. The best advice I’ve ever heard: Don’t pretend you have arrived when you have only received the invitation. 3. The change I’d like to see in the world: A return to nature in all things for
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POSES A From Tadasana (Mountain Pose) with your hands at your hips, inhale to lengthen your spine. Engage your quadriceps by lifting them up and away from your kneecaps. B Exhale, hinging at your hips. As you fold your torso to your legs, let the cro
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Uttanasana Variations
Try using blocks to keep your hands grounded rather than straining to touch the floor. This makes it easier to keep your chest open with your core muscles engaged. Bend your knees slightly if it’s more comfortable. For a more relaxed version of the p
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Editor's Letter
It’s hard to think of a time when the world has been more in need of collective healing. Many of us, and our loved ones, have been affected by COVID-19, racial injustice, unemployment, and the sheer stress of the unknown. There aren’t quick and easy
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Safely Care For Your Body As You Stretch Into Forward Bends
Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) is a common pose that gently massages your abdominal organs, calms your nervous system, and stretches your back body (hamstrings, glutei, and back muscles). The pose—an integral part of Sun Salutations and flow yoga
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The Healing Sequence Designed for First Responders Can Help Us All Navigate Life's Challenges
It was our first date, on a New York City spring afternoon, at an al fresco dining table perched high above Second Avenue, when I saw Brian’s jaw go slack, his handsome firefighter’s profile tightening as he scanned the crowded bar scene. “Crystal, t
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Actor Mena Massoud Discovers a Whole New World in Plant-Based Meals
Mena Massoud, who stole our hearts last year in Disney’s Aladdin, knows a thing or two about eating vegan on the go. With his latest endeavor, a cookbook/travel guide hybrid that hits shelves in September, the actor melds his personal journey toward
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