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Make a Difference in Your Sailing
Last month, on this same page, I referenced Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken with respect to going sailing as opposed to making your way through the world solely under power. This month, I find myself again thinking about this poem as I reflect on s
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Doublehanded Prep
A few months ago we took a look at the development and attraction of doublehanded racing (Two to Tango, June/July 2020— Hopefully, that served to whet your appetite. If so, the question becomes: “How do I
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Ellen Massey Leonard comments on the difficulty of getting drinking water on the west coast of Baja (Cruising on the Wilder Side, Aug/Sept). In the ‘70s my dad and mom did a sabbatical trip down the west coast of Baja on our 37ft cutter. He was a che
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A Badly Snagged Prop
When a winter norther blows through the Bahamas, the northeast trades can reach gale force as they funnel through the Windward Passage between Cuba and Haiti. After waiting for a lull, though, we had a fabulous beam reach aboard our Liberty 458, Dist
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Cats In The Saloon!
Four years ago, my husband, Paul, and I sold our five-bedroom Victorian home in Baltimore, Maryland, with the intention of buying a sailboat to live aboard in the future. From there we moved into a rental apartment in Washington, D.C., across the str
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Man Overboard! Safety Is A Matter Of Mind Over Tethers
Imagine this simple scenario: the boat’s powered up, sailing close-hauled in a building breeze under full sail. I come on deck as the skipper during the watch change to make sure the new crew is comfortable and the boat is properly set up for both th
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Excess 11
Granted, to call the new Excess 11 catamaran “small” is nuts. At 37ft long and nearly 22ft wide, she’s anything but petite. Nonetheless, as the entry point into Beneteau’s new Excess (or XCS) line, which also includes the Excess 12 and 15, she’s the
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The Sailing Scene
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Dufour 390
The boatbuilding scene in La Rochelle, France, was significantly transformed in 2018 when the town’s largest catamaran builder, Fountaine Pajot, acquired the town’s largest monohull builder, Dufour Yachts. Soon afterward a revised design brief for Du
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A South-of-the-Border Sojourn
Just 24 hours before our scheduled charter in the Bahamas, the government clamped down again on visitors from the United States. Having endured two Covid-19 brain swabs in preparation, I looked at my packed bag on the floor and reached for the rum. I
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Cruising Tips
Just as a creative car driver speeding into a bend may have to apply “opposite lock” when the back end breaks away, a similar technique afloat prevents that messy mini-broach, which often accompanies a sloppy jibe. Here’s the task list, based on what
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A Key Approach to Passagemaking
How you approach off shore sailing is key to the success of each passage. In addition, some of the most valuable, even crucial attitudes and skills may not be either learned or valued in everyday life on shore and may even fly in the face of talents
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Vendee Timeline
11/7 Due to pandemic restrictions, the skippers undergo strict quarantining and testing before the race starts. The race village is closed early and sendoff festivities are limited. 11/8 The fleet leaves Les Sables d’Olonne. Fabrice Amedeo (Newrest—A
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Cleats, Clutches and Jammers
Since the invention of rope, there has also been a need to belay, or secure it. Every sailboat has rope on board so, unless you own a superyacht with captive reels or winches, you’re going to have to find a way to make it fast. (As a side note—and be
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Contrasting Cruisers
One of the most fascinating things about sailboats is the different ways that sailors, naval architects and builders will approach a single design problem. The result has been a bewildering array of rigs and hull forms over the years, and in the case
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This new top from Musto is part of the company’s Flexlite Vapour collection, which brings the latest technology to Musto’s foulweather gear in order to make it more suitable for multi-season wear. Though neoprene has long been the material of choice
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Heavy Metal
The first cruising couple I ever met who were sailing an aluminum boat told me an interesting story. They were French—of course. They’d been anchored a long time and had a lot of growth on their hull. When finally they decided to move on, they jumped
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No Salt, No Sharks, No Worries
I didn’t come up with the title to this story on my own. I actually saw it on a T-shirt in downtown Bayfield, Wisconsin. At the time as we were roaming around town after returning our boat to the Superior Yacht Charters base ( th
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Croatia Out if Time
As is the case with so much of the Mediterranean, to sail in Croatia is to take a journey though time. Centuries before the birth of Christ, Greeks traded amphoras of oil, wine and grain across these waters. During the first millennium, the Romans bu
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West Coast Chartering
Although two-thirds of the U.S. boating population lives along the Eastern Seaboard, there are many hardy and enthusiastic cruising sailors on the “left coast” as well. Better still, if you’re looking to charter on the Pacific side, there’s plenty of
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Reflections Of An Old Salt
I am 90 years old, dwindling in mind and body and fear living too long. Twenty years have passed since I last weighed anchor. Still, when a Carolina blue sky is polka-dotted with billowing cumulus clouds and the wind blows fair, I sorely miss raising
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Ask Sail
Q: I have a boathandling question. I recently chartered a 36ft sailboat from a well-known maker. While sailing in Vancouver Harbor, I confronted a very large tanker swell, which I took head on. The boat slammed down after peaking, knocking us about a
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In Praise of Things Analog
For Christmas this year I bought myself an aneroid barometer. It is, in many ways, an utterly frivolous purchase, the same as my 2021 Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book. Time was that such things were essential to safe navigation. But those times are long
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A Mix of Speed and Smarts
While it’s safe to say that U.S. production boatbuilding is a shadow of its former self, one North American company that is still going strong is Rhode Island-based J/Boats. Not only that, but far from just surviving, the company continues to push th
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Comfortable Passagemaking
A weather forecast—like an old-school dead-reckoning plot—will decrease in certainty with the passage of time. Over the past five years of arranging off shore charters aboard our Swan 48, Isbjørn, and our Swan 59, Icebear, we’ve tempted the gods by c
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Dolphins To The Rescue
We were sailing in the Indian Ocean from the Seychelles Islands to Madagascar on my brother’s plywood-built 40ft trimaran, Romany Road, a 1,000-mile voyage. It was a clear, calm day far from land. The gentle wind drove us smartly along through the ro
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In The Wake Of Ancients
Almost anywhere a sailor drops the hook someone else has been there before. We are hardly ever the first. Th at remote Maine harbor without a soul in sight: there’s a lobster trap. the south coast of Newfoundland: the crumbling remains of a fisherman
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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410
A few years ago, Jeanneau set about the business of revolutionizing its storied Sun Odyssey line when it introduced its SO 490 and 440 models, designed by Phillipe Briand. Building on that momentum, the French builder has since passed the baton to a
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The Sailing Scene
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