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WE WRITERS tend not to give rejection the love or respect it deserves. We speak ill of it, as if it’s a malevolent demon, a destructive force, an uninvited guest that ruins our party. We revile it. We curse it. We reject it. Because rejection is a da
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Recent Winners
WALLACE STEVENS AWARD Rita Dove of Charlottesville, Virginia, won the 2019 Wallace Stevens Award. She received $100,000. The Academy’s Board of Chancellors judged. The annual award is given to a poet to “recognize outstanding and proven mastery in th
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Open the Book
WHEN I open a book, I open my life,” says artist Diane Samuels. “I find worlds to explore beyond my own. Doors open to experience solace and pleasure and joy.” Writers and readers the world over can surely relate to that feeling of escape that so oft
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Conferences & Residencies
POETS & WRITERS MAGAZINE ANNOUNCES application information for writers conferences, literary festivals, residencies, and colonies of interest to poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers. Applications for the following events are due sh
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Patty Crane
as if desire is a kind of blindnessthat listening unveils—from “Frogsong” HOW IT BEGAN: I didn’t set out to write a book. I set out to write the poems that came to me and compelled me to keep writing. Poem by poem, that writing was mainly driven by m
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A Jubilee Year
The year 2020 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Poets & Writers. As we look back on a half century of service to writers—and forward to decades more of bringing you the inspiration, information, and guidance you count on from Poets & Writers Magazine
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Jake Skeets
the closest men become is when they are covered in blood or nothing at all—from “Naked” HOW IT BEGAN: It started with the body. The learning of desire prompted many of the poems in the early versions of the manuscript. My life shifted when I moved ba
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SOME TIME AGO I WAS ASKED TO MODERATE A PANEL ON inspiration at the Kauai Writers Conference. No problem, I thought. All the panelists were best-selling authors, all brilliant writers: Christina Baker Kline, Meg Wolitzer, and Greg Iles. This was goin
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Poetic Lenses
FOR our fifteenth annual look at debut poetry, we chose ten poets whose first books struck us with their formal imagination, distinctive language, and deep attention to the world. The books, all published in 2019, inhabit a range of poetic modes. The
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Poets & Writers Magazine welcomes feedback from its readers. Please post a comment on select articles at www.pw.org, e-mail editor@pw.org, or write to Editor, Poets & Writers Magazine, 90 Broad Street, Suite 2100, New York, NY 10004. Letters accepted
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Camonghne Felix
No but wait you’re the water—from “Willing in the Orisha” HOW IT BEGAN: In my MFA program at Bard, Ann Lauterbach asked me, “Are you representing or presenting?” And I wanted to see if I could present Blackness both in theory and in practice without
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Graphic Narrative Workshops
On Sundays at a community bookstore in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, a group of a dozen or so people, ranging from high school kids to retirees, gather to make nonfiction comics. The eight-week course was started in 2018 by writer
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It is a certain life and not its answer that is worthy of being repeated. Invitation, invocation, request.—from The Year of Blue Water HOW IT BEGAN: A series of events forced me into a major emotional reckoning. I was barely able to go through the mo
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Page One
“Ever since you were a boy, you’ve dreamt of being Kung Fu Guy.” Interior Chinatown (Pantheon, January 2020) by Charles Yu. Fourth book, second novel. Agent: Julie Barer. Editor: Tim O’Connell. Publicist: Josefine Kals. “today, i elect jonathan, elev
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Marwa Helal
language first my learned isecondsee seefor mistaken am i nativego i everywhere—from “poem to be read from right to left” HOW IT BEGAN: Wanting to bear witness to the experience my family went through in immigrating, wanting to find others who had si
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Ahsahta Press Closes Its Doors
In September 2019 the creative writing program at Boise State University announced the closing of Ahsahta Press, a lauded poetry publisher housed at and subsidized by the Idaho university and led by director and editor Janet Holmes, a member of the c
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Maya C. Popa
It was earth that taught menames for all the planets, how to lookat an angle for the hummingbird,dark satellite of sugar in the blossom’s mouth.I could picture that vast absence of us,moons spinning coolly in unscripted pasts.—from “American Faith” H
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The Anthologist
Fight of the Century: Writers Ref lect on 100 Years of Landmark ACLU Cases (Avid Reader Press, January 2020), edited by Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman, honors the centennial of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) with a collection of essays
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Sara Borjas
I am the scrape of the lowrider as it exits the driveway,bothering the neighbors.—from “Ars Poetica” HOW IT BEGAN: In my heart I wanted to love better. We are a colonized people putting ourselves together for hundreds of years. Much of our lives, ide
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An Indie Alternative to Amazon?
The past few years have been rocky for Chris Doeblin, owner and cofounder of Book Culture, four beloved independent bookstores in New York City. “Before Amazon we had a viable company. I made a decent living in New York City. We bought an apartment,”
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Maya Phillips
Erou born in the county of Kingsraised in the lap of Queenssitting on the throne of his mama’sfront stoop.Isn’t this how an Erou begins?—from “Erou I.” HOW IT BEGAN: I’ve always been obsessed with mythology, and for years I knew I was, at some point,
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Small Press Points
“Poetry can change your life, and it doesn’t happen on the page; it happens in the rooms and places where poetry connects you to people who change how you are in the world,” says Megan Burns, publisher of Trembling Pillow Press (tremblingpillowpress.
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Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes
these five hundred years in our bonesstriated conquistas draggingthe letters of the harrowed tongueinto the geographyof our marrow, down—from “prayer for the children who will be born with today’s daggers in their tomorrow eyes” HOW IT BEGAN: This bo
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Literary MagNet
After moving to a small Norwegian village on the edge of continental Europe’s largest glacier, Beth Peterson began writing the essays that would become her debut collection, Dispatches From the End of Ice (Trinity University Press, November 2019). “I
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Keith S. Wilson
You bankrupt the sun, underwaterstatue. Dark galaxy of faults, our beda garden of the littlest sighsof our waking. Our room, abstract.—from “Aubade to Collapsed Star” HOW IT BEGAN: At Callaloo, Gregory Pardlo challenged us to write the hardest poem w
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Kelly Link Returns to Bookselling
In October 2019 author Kelly Link and editor-publisher Gavin J. Grant opened their own bookstore in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Book Moon, formerly White Square Books, carries both new and used books and features titles by local authors and a variety
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Word By Word
Fifteen years ago we published our first look at debut poets in an effort to brighten the spotlight on emerging poets. Every year since then we have featured ten to eighteen poets who have recently published their debut books—172 poets in total—and g
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The Time Is Now
Suggested Reading: Consider This: Moments in My Writing Life After Which Everything Was Different (Grand Central Publishing, January 2020) by Chuck Palahniuk Best-selling novelist Chuck Palahniuk takes readers behind the scenes of the writing life in
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The First in a Yearlong Series Inside Publishing
THE LITERARY AGENT ASSISTANT is a contributing editor of Poets & Writers Magazine. SAY you’ve written a young adult novel and you think Emily van Beek is the right literary agent to represent your work. You’ve read her bio on the website for her agen
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WRITER’S block, I have always maintained, is not real. It is an invention. A self-inflicted wound. A chimera. After all, every time we fall asleep we write stories in our dreams. And yet whenever I give a talk to young writers, eventually a hand goes
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