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WHILE WORKING ON THIS ISSUE, IN PARTICULAR THE magnificent portfolio of photos and essays offering a glimpse inside the notebooks of Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, and six other brilliant (and generous) authors, I sheepishly dug up on
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Taylor Johnson
Alice James Books No name in the city of undoingI lengthen beyond what I know —from “self/hood” HOW IT BEGAN: The poems in Inheritance were formed while I walked around D.C. or had conversations with friends and lovers, or as a response to a theoreti
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Feedback from readers I want to tell you how moved I was by Elizabeth Wetmore’s observations in “5 Over 50” (November/December 2020) that she felt a terrible grief when she thought that her characters’ stories might not get told and that their book w
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Leila Chatti
Copper Canyon Press … All night I listenfor you listening. If thereis something you needto tell me, God, you musttell it to meyourself. —from “Annunciation” HOW IT BEGAN: I first became sick—or realized I was sick—in 2012, the year I applied to MFA p
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Grants Celebrate Disability Culture
In October, twenty disabled artistswere announced as the first class of Disability Futures Fellows and received grants of $50,000 each, to be used in whatever way is most useful in supporting their work. The new fellowships celebrate disability cultu
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Destiny O. Birdsong
Tin House This is a singular, decadent life,a truthI know would kill her,or make her murderous in itsknowing. —from “Her” HOW IT BEGAN: It was a few things. Rage at a hate crime I experienced in 2016. The fear that if I didn’t write it right then, I’
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M. LEONA GODIN is a writer, a performer, and an educator who is blind. Her first book, There Plant Eyes: A Personal and Cultural History of Blindness, is forthcoming from Pantheon in summer 2021. ALISSA GREENBERG is a volunteer editor at the San Quen
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Chad Bennett
Sarabande Books (Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry) What we have is smalland strange. But true. —from “Trick” HOW IT BEGAN: The book emerged from the off-kilter personal experience of ending a long-term relationship and coming out as a gay man at a r
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Page One
“There’s nothing like a Black man on a mission.” Black Buck (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, January 2021) by Mateo Askaripour. First book, novel. Agent: Tina Pohlman. Editor: Pilar Garcia-Brown. Publicist: Taryn Roeder. “I remember you at the helm the da
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Claire Meuschke
Noemi Press birds made homes out of treesand then we didassociated or dissociateda figure is reala number is literateproducts like peoplecome with a number and a name —from “figurative as literal” HOW IT BEGAN: Two events happened that coiled my mind
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Books Offer Lifeline in Incarceration
In the first letter Danny Harriswrote to Gary Fine from solitary confinement, he made what seemed to Fine like a simple request. “‘Books are like a window to the world,’” Fine remembers Harris writing. “‘I have no window.’” He wondered if Fine could
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Torrin A. Greathouse
Milkweed Editions (Ballard Spahr Prize for Poetry) … Misplaced chromosome.Missing rib. Screw balded as aknuckle. First cell tometastasize. Our language unableto speak my genderout of disease…. —from “When My Gender Is First Named Disorder” HOW IT BEG
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In Memoriam
Walter B. Barbe Joan Bingham Diane di Prima Joan Drury Jim Dwyer William B. Eerdmans Jr. Harold Evans David Gale Fred Hills Franck André Jamme Randy Kessler Fred Klein Richard A. Lupoff Naomi Long Madgett Derek Mahon Tom Maschler Daniel Menaker John
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Chessy Normile
American Poetry Review (APR/Honickman First Book Prize) All the books on timeare pretty good. —from “Ever” HOW IT BEGAN, TIME IT TOOK TO WRITE THE BOOK: I didn’t think of these poems as leading toward anything beyond their own conclusions. Each poem
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Little Libraries, Big Impact
Early in March a box was erected outside the Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans (AAMA) in Houston. Orange and with a slightly pitched roof, the box stands on a short post and bears illustrations by John Parra from the children’s boo
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Tommye Blount
Four Way Books Why not take his razorto my faceto see if I can findbeauty buried —from “Fable of the Beast” HOW IT BEGAN: The backbone of the book, a quartet of poems called “Fantasia for the Man in Blue,” originated from two interactions I had with
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Small Press Points
A new teaching press based at High Point University in North Carolina, Threadsuns (threadsunspress.com) draws its name and its vision from the title of a poem by Paul Celan. In the poem as translated by Pierre Joris, “Threadsuns” refers to “songs to
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Roy G. Guzmán
Graywolf Press What are wewitnesses to that implicates usinsufficiently? Graywolf Press HOW IT BEGAN: For a long time I didn’t know how or where to find the words to write this book. I didn’t believe I could write a book. The book itself is an extens
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Literary MagNet
In his new book, Craft in the Real World (Catapult, January 2021), Matthew Salesses collects more than a decade of thinking on craft, audience, and writing. Salesses, a novelist and essayist, combines exacting analysis of common craft axioms—“show, d
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The Nitty-Gritty
SAY you’ve just written a scene into your novel in which a character puts in her earbuds and joins Adele in belting out a few lines from her 2015 hit “Hello.” Or say you’ve written a collection of essays and want to use quotations from your favorite
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Akbar Edits Poetry of the Nation
In September the Nation, a bastion of progressive journalism since 1865, welcomed Kaveh Akbar as its newest poetry editor, succeeding Stephanie Burt and Carmen Giménez Smith. To say Akbar lives poetry is an understatement: The author of Calling a Wol
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Four prizes of $500 each and publication in the Paris Review Daily are given annually for a group of poems. Winners also receive lodging and travel expenses to give a reading at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. Poets who have not yet published a f
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“When we name things simply, with words preceding their meaning, a cosmic narration takes place. Does the discovery of origins remove the dust?” writes painter and poet Etel Adnan in Shifting the Silence (Nightboat Books, 2020). “It reminds me of a c
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Submission Calendar
92Y UNTERBERG POETRY CENTER Discovery Poetry Contest NEW AMERICAN PRESS Poetry Prize NORTH CAROLINA WRITERS’ NETWORK Rose Post Creative Nonfiction Competition POETRY SOCIETY OF VIRGINIA North American Book Award UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS Dobie Paisano Fell
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Button Chair
THE anxiety simmers and sputters, threatening to spill over into the sunshine of the day. I am consumed by the trivial things on my to-do list: E-mail this person, put the dishes away, vacuum the living room, balance the checkbook. And then there is
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Recent Winners
Four poets won the 2020 Discovery Poetry Contest. They are Asa Drake of Ocala, Florida, Luther Hughes of Seattle, Ana Portnoy Brimmer of Luquillo, Puerto Rico, and Daniella Toosie-Watson of Middletown, New York. They each received $500, publication o
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The Smudge Scrawl and the Inside the Writer’s Notebook
Ideas do not come out of nowhere. Beauty, epiphany, inspiration—these things don’t happen in a vacuum. Before the poem on the page, the essay on the screen, the book on the shelf, there is this: a magnificent tangle of uncertainty, possibility, unbou
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Conferences & Residencies
A.I.R. Studio Paducah offers residencies of two weeks to three months to poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers in the Lower Town arts district of Paducah, Kentucky. Residents are provided with a private apartment, studio space, and
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Renew your commitment to writing by visiting The Time Is Now, our series of weekly writing prompts for poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers. While you’re there, get recommendations of the best books for writers and sign up to get T
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A Life In Poetry
EVERY year since 2005 we have highlighted a group of writers who have published their first full-length poetry collections in the prior twelve months. We ask the poets to describe what set their books in motion, what keeps them returning to the page,
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