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Writers’ Demons And Angels
CYNTHIA MORRIS is an author, artist, and writer’s coach in Denver. She leads writing programs online and in Paris. ■
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Aurielle Marie
University of Pittsburgh Press (Cave Canem Prize) the opposite of flying is death the opposite of falling is death the opposite of death is a skinned knee and only a skinned knee —from “gumbo ya ya” HOW IT BEGAN: In the early stages of Gumbo Ya Ya, I
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Submission Calendar
WINTER ANTHOLOGY Writing Contest 92Y UNTERBERG POETRY CENTER Discovery Poetry Contest NEW AMERICAN PRESS Poetry Prize NORTH CAROLINA WRITERS’ NETWORK Rose Post Creative Nonfiction Competition POETRY SOCIETY OF VIRGINIA North American Book Award UNIVE
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Page One
“Here is the trick: Compartmentalize your life.” All Day Is a Long Time (Harper, January 2022) by David Sanchez. First book, novel. Agent: Dan Kirschen. Editor: Jenny Xu. Publicist: Katherine Beitner. “My paternal grandmother was ornery, fat, and for
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Poets & Writers Magazine
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Writing Past Burnout
SINCE EARLY 2020 we’ve all been carrying more burdens—some with heavier loads than others no doubt, but every one of us has had to bear more anxieties, more uncertainties, more demands on our time. Too often these burdens can lead to burnout; we’re d
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Like Coming Home
I’m a zip-lock bag knitter, which means I knit things that fit in zip-lock bags, like hats and fingerless mitts. Small, portable things that I can take wherever I go. I learned to knit almost twenty years ago after my five-year-old daughter Grace die
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Shangyang Fang
Copper Canyon Press Like a stranger in a long lost photograph, I stand the correct distance from the present. —from “Almost Hour” HOW IT BEGAN: I didn’t have the idea of a “book” in mind. There were scattered words, and I tried to collect them. I thi
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Conferences & Residencies
POETS & WRITERS MAGAZINE ANNOUNCES application information for writers conferences, literary festivals, and residencies of interest to poets, fiction writers, creative nonfiction writers, and translators. Applications for the following events are due
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A Place Built by Poets for Poets
While South Central Los Angeles has long had a vibrant poetry community, local writers lacked a dedicated venue to write, read, and listen to the work of poets—until this past summer, when poet and educator Hiram Sims opened the Sims Library of Poetr
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A Freeing Space
THE page was my freeing space to say some truth about shit, to wrestle in the wide berth of freedom it created for me,” says poet Threa Almontaser about writing her debut collection, The Wild Fox of Yemen. Almontaser’s book and the nine other titles
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Desiree C. Bailey
Yale University Press (Yale Younger Poets Prize) my goddess is the wave unsheathing strung through my name the conch’s contralto —from “Chant for the Waters and Dirt and Blade (Slight Return)” HOW IT BEGAN: What Noise Against the Cane came out of the
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Recent Winners
Four poets won the 2021 Discovery Poetry Contest. They are Kenzie Allen of Toronto, Ina Cariño of Raleigh, North Carolina, Mag Gabbert of Dallas, and Alexandra Zukerman of Tel Aviv. They each received $500, publication of their work in Paris Review D
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Small Starts
I like to encourage writers to think of low stakes, or “small starts,” in their writing. … Of course there are difficult days when I don’t feel like drafting a poem or the start of an essay. So think smaller: brick by brick. One line. One anecdote. M
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Devon Walker-Figueroa
Milkweed Editions (National Poetry Series) The neighbor is eating locusts again, as if a plague were just another point of view, sitting out back of his caved two-story, squinting skyward, a cast iron in hand, a mouthful of wings ground to dust. —fro
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Small Press Points
The two-person editorial team behind Damaged Goods Press (damagedgoodspress.com) operates with a clear sense of purpose: “We are doing this out of love and admiration for queer and trans peoples’ resilience in a world filled with bigotry and violence
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A Monstrous Silence
BETH GILSTRAP is the author of Deadheading & Other Stories (2021), winner of the Red Hen Press Women’s Prose Prize. She is also the author of I Am Barbarella (Twelve Winters Press, 2015) and No Man’s Wild Laura (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2016). Born and r
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Moheb Soliman
Coffee House Press Concrete rubble to Lake Ontario / wear me down to my girders / the lake / the half-naked lake / slipping off its jersey / started in with its cats’ tongue —“From jots at probably Tommy Thompson Park, Toronto when this all started”
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Threa Almontaser
Graywolf Press (Academy of American Poets First Book Award) The first hope was no bigger than an eyelash, was born in the middle of war, where we were told prayer can change the fate of anything. Even dirt. —from “Operation Restoring Hope” HOW IT BEG
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Ana Portnoy Brimmer
YesYes Books Fierísima cacerola, let your mangled face be remembered as we fight off the tug to return to this violent place we call normalcy. Thrum through lull, play us—insistent and enraged. —from “Ode to the cacerola combativa” HOW IT BEGAN: If I
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An Update toOurCommunity
POETS & WRITERS IS MORE than a magazine. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving creative writers. We pay fees to writers giving readings and leading workshops, provide information and advice to authors, and help them connect with one an
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POETS & WRITERS MAGAZINE ANNOUNCES state, national, and international prizes in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. We list only prizes of $1,000 or more, prizes of $500 or more that charge no entry fee, and prestigious nonmonetary awards. Appl
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Anitra Budd of Coffee House Press
Anitra Budd began her tenure as publisher and executive director of Coffee House Press this past October, but she first put down roots at the Minneapolis-based publisher as an intern more than two decades ago. Budd subsequently served as a managing a
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Lambda Expands Writers in Schools
For over five years Lambda Literary—a national organization that champions lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) books and authors—has been changing the lives of students across New York City through its free Writers in Schools progr
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Poets & Writers Magazine welcomes feedback from its readers. Please post a comment on select articles at pw.org, e-mail editor@pw.org, or write to Editor, Poets & Writers Magazine, 90 Broad Street, Suite 2100, New York, NY 10004. Letters accepted for
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Tiny Doable Things
IN THE prologue to her novel The Book of Form and Emptiness (Viking, 2021), Ruth Ozeki writes, “A book must start somewhere. One brave letter must volunteer to go first, laying itself on the line in an act of faith, from which a word takes heart and
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W. J. Herbert
Beacon Press (National Poetry Series) Ghost fish, tail flapping like a translucent scrap of linen in the wind, flag of surrender with a spine inside, eyes riding on slow light through the deep ocean’s darkness: Do you know what my mother was looking
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Phishing Schemes Target Writers
It is not altogether uncommon for Aimee Suzara to receive an invitation to speak at a writers conference. The successful Filipino American poet and playwright has performed as a spoken word artist across the country, including at Mount Holyoke Colleg
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BRIAN GRESKO is a writer based in Brooklyn, New York, where he co-runs Pete’s Reading Series. JESSICA KASHIWABARA is the digital director of Poets & Writers, Inc. KEVIN LARIMER is the editor in chief of Poets & Writers, Inc. He is the coauthor, along
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Dennis James Sweeney
Autumn House Press (Rising Writer Prize) A heart is too found to run through. Arrive— The blizzard mourns fully and gently over you. —from “75°30’S 107°0’W” HOW IT BEGAN: What I love about writing poetry is that I never set off to do anything. The pr
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