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Spike — Email, Chat, Notes
Free From Hopflow, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 10.0 or later Spike started life as an email app that presented message threads like a conversation in a messaging app, making it feel less formal than a traditional email cl
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Get Started With The Music App
CATALINA MAY HAVE split media across separate apps, but for music little has changed. All songs and playlists from the iTunes library on your Mac are imported when you first run the new app. This might include tracks you ripped from CDs, bought as MP
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Grammarly Keyboard
Free (IAPs) From Grammarly, Made for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch Needs iOS 11.2 or later When it comes to spelling and grammar, iOS has only basic tools and can leave you reliant on Pages or Office for some assistance. What Grammarly Keybo
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Customize Control Center
iPad running iPadOS How to customize the Control Center in iPadOS 20 minutes CONTROL CENTER IS one of the most useful but perhaps also one of the most under–used features in iPadOS. Not many people realize how handy it can be and that you don’t have
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Slay The Spire
$9.99 From MegaCrit, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 9.0 or later Every now and then an example of the most elegant game design appears and makes you wonder why others didn’t do things that way all along. Slay The Spire is su
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Apple Music: I Stream, You Stream
APPLE MUSIC IS separate from the iTunes Store. It costs $9.99 a month, $4.99 for students, or $14.99 for a family of six. You can browse 60 million tracks and stream them live from Apple’s servers, and add tracks to your library so they’re listed alo
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6 Apps To Take Creative Photos
It’s easy to take attractive photos with your iPhone thanks to all the wizardry Apple does behind the scenes, such as improving exposure, ironing out shaky shots, and nailing that focus. And it’s simple to edit photos to adjust your framing or make t
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Learn More With Readwise
An iOS device, the Readwise app How to import, memorize, and organize ebook highlights and notes 20 minutes READING EBOOKS CAN be thought–provoking, inspiring, and educational, prompting us to highlight memorable passages and take copious notes along
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Smarter Car
$299.99, The Drivesmart 65 builds Alexa support right into it. You can ask for directions, or use any Alexa feature you like. You get hands–free calling, full North American map regions, and it’s a good size. $72.99, This two–po
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Master your Music Library
OUR MUSIC LIBRARY is managed on your Mac by a database, previously called iTunes.itl and now called Music Library.musiclibrary. This references a folder, officially “the Music Media folder” but actually just called Music, which by default lives in yo
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Smarter Assistant
Every smart assistant, like every computer platform, is different — your Mac is not the same as someone else’s Windows PC or Linux box. Although they share a vast amount in terms of concept and design, while they might use some of the same components
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Export Apple Books To Readwise
Syncing your content from online services to Readwise is easy, but there’s one exception that takes a bit more work: Apple Books. First, download the Readwise Mac tool from and install it. Launch the app and let it sync your Books highlig
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Smarts Without The Speaker
You absolutely don’t need a smart speaker. Don’t rush to forget everything you’ve just read, though: smart speakers and smart assistants are two separate entities, and if you want to try out the brains of any of the big smart AIs then you can do so w
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Explore The TV App
THE TV APP feels stuck between the old iTunes and the Music interface. The tabs across the top show iTunes Store content, except for Library, which brings up a sidebar like Music’s. In Watch Now, Up Next picks from your library and the iTunes Store.
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Multiroom Artificial Intelligence Speakers
1 Sonos One $199, It should come as no surprise that the room–filling Sonos One is an exciting compact smart speaker. You can’t help but notice it; there are cheaper options, but the additional multiroom expertise inside may be worth the ex
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Take Note In Music Memos
iOS 11 or later, something to play or sing How to master Music Memos 10 minutes IF YOU’RE MUSICALLY minded, you’ve probably used Voice Memos to capture ideas. But while it’s a great app it’s also very basic. Apple’s Music Memos for iPhone and iPad ta
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Hot Topics Right Now
To find out which Mac computers are equipped with a retina display, what their native resolution should be, and how to optimize your retina display, head over to If you want your children to be able to make purchases on an iPhone, i
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Podcasts, Books, and Audiobooks
ALL PODCASTS SUPPORTED by Apple are free, and found in the Browse and Top Charts tabs. Clicking through to a podcast gives you a Subscribe button, which adds all new episodes to your library as they appear; or click the “+” for an episode to add it a
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Which Is Smartest?
We’ve looked at Loup Ventures’ research in these pages before, and the company’s most recent suite of AI IQ tests has determined that the Google Assistant is the smartest thing going. That’s both in its digital assistant form (as in when accessed thr
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Haptic Touch
All about Haptic Touch for iPhone and how it differs from the older screen technology 3D Touch. The word haptic comes from the Greek “haptesthai,” meaning to touch; the word was anglicized to become “haptic,” which means “relating to the sense of tou
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Working With Sensitive Documents
Get official documentation at | Get help with hardware at Encrypted sparse bundles are an excellent way to protect sensitive documents in macOS, but currently aren’t supported in iOS/iPadOS, although they mo
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Backing Up Photos Libraries To Dropbox
Email Mac|Life at To make a faithful backup, as Time Machine and other backup apps do, the disk that you’re storing your backups on needs to support all the features used in the original files. Few cloud services provide those, and Dr
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What Was Wrong With 3d Touch?
Many apps didn’t use 3D Touch at all, but the biggest problem was that the technology coexisted with long–pressing. That caused confusion. If you wanted to move or delete an app and pressed too hard you’d get the 3D Touch options; if you wanted 3D To
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Better Battery Management Tool
Apple introduced this new battery health management system in the macOS 10.15.5 update, but it doesn’t give the user any more information about or control over their battery. It also doesn’t apply to older models of MacBook Pro, but is available on a
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Your Apple device can do far more than you probably give it credit for. Beneath the intuitive surfaces of macOS and iOS lurks a plethora of hidden features that only reveal themselves to those curious enough to delve. Here we run you through our favo
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Quick–fire Questions & Answers
If your iPhone is running iOS 13.5 or later, look in Settings > Privacy > Health. However, this is only available if you’re in a region in which it’s supported. That normally means a country which has an approved app to access it, and you will need t
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Mac Clones
IN THE MID–1990S, Apple was struggling. CEO Michael Spindler’s one major achievement was to form a partnership with IBM and Motorola that resulted in the PowerPC processor, giving the Power Macintosh range higher performance than comparable Intel–bas
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Digital Improvements
Do you read Mac|Life on your iPad? If so, you should have received a survey in the Mac|Life app in the last issue. I’m hoping that’s the case anyway, but not being control of the reins on that side of the business means I can only hope you did. If th
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HERE AT MAC|LIFE we believe you should only buy the things that you really need, which is why our Reviews section is so important to us, and you. We don’t want you to waste time and money on inferior products, and while we aim to include only the bes
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