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Bread Making: The Most Unlikely ‘New’ Trend Of 2020
People took up all sorts of new hobbies during lockdown, from sewing to stockpiling vast quantities of toilet roll. However, arguably the most popular of all was bread making. Sadly, the boom in home-based baguette wrangling led to some entirely unfo
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Playstation 5
Finally. after months of teasing, Sony revealed a 19 November release date and price for the PlayStation 5 and hopefully you’ve already got your pre-order in. At £459.99 for the full fat version and £359.99 for the disc-free Digital Edition, the new
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Raise A Toast!
What’s better than bread? Hot bread! Or, as the pros like to call it ‘toast’. This Dualit classic is a staple of hotel breakfast rooms and every part can be serviced, for a lifetime of toasting. £200, dualit.co.uk If you feel like £200 is a bit much
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Ps5 Accessories
The only official place to hear Sony’s new Tempest Engine in all its 3D audio glory, the Pulse headset is ready for all those long-promised 360-degree soundscapes. And because one microphone clearly isn’t enough for the new generation, two builtin no
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The Perfect Tablescape
Up your starter game with this decorative plate designed by French floral designer Christian Tortu. To create a stark contrast, sit it on top of a darker hue dinner plate, or for a very decadent finish pair it with gold cutlery. As the plate measures
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Xbox Series X
In a long-rumoured but nonetheless surprising move, Microsoft effortlessly turned the new generation console battle into a three-horse race with the announcement of the Xbox Series S. Yes, on 10 November, two Xboxes will be unleashed on the world. Th
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Pinarello Etreviso
If 2020 has made one thing abundantly clear, it’s that our commute has changed forever. Most of us are working closer to home and even those who have a distance to travel are eager to avoid stepping into places like tube carriages. Fortunately, Pinar
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Gadget Guru
Q CHRIS HENSON, GLASGOW A Ho ho ho: drones don’t walk, silly! They fly! Once Guru has served his full life sentence in dad joke jail, he will recommend you something that does automated person-stalking, because presumably you want a device that’s goi
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Xbox Series X/s Accessories
While cooling gel-infused memory foam ear cushions should always be top of any wishlist, Turtle Beach’s latest flagship wireless headset is an impressive audio powerhouse with virtual surround sound. Even better is the fact that the promised 20 hours
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Gadget Guru’s Magic Box
GaGu Jr has, through some financial miracle, managed to save up enough pocket money to buy himself the Lego Super Mario starter set (£50). There’s very little building involved, and what ‘game’ there is to it feels entirely arbitrary. But what it has
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What if you could go big and go home? Samsung’s Q80T range goes all the way up to 85 inches and comes with everything you need to make the most of PS5 and Xbox Series X. With impressive ALLM, variable refresh rate (VRR) and 120Hz support, this colour
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Editor’s Letter
It’s the moooost wonderful time of the yeeear. No, not Christmas. Are you kidding? My home office is still bedecked with mouldering pumpkins and spider webs – although that’s largely because it’s become a selfsustaining ecosystem I can’t bring myself
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Now Playing
Canadian rockers TWRP make electronic funk so palatable that even Guru’s father-inlaw approves; as we all know, Nigel’s opinion is the one that matters when it comes to music. While GaGu knows all things tech, even he has learned things from host Ale
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Awesome Android Phones For Everybody
PERFECT FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS Beyond its laptop-level specs, the Galaxy S20 Ultra astounds with its photography-focused features, starting with that impressive five-camera setup. Shutterbugs can zoom up to 100x, record 8K videos, take super-sharp selfies
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T3’s Mission
Our mission is to bring you the clearest recommendations we can – and that means a great deal of hard work happens before a product even reaches our pages! Because we only feature products the T3 team would happily use ourselves, we end up discarding
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Duncan Bell Is Scaling Down
This month something quite significant happened in the world of tech. It wasn’t a big leap forward. In fact, it was a step backwards, as both Google and, to a lesser extent, Apple released brand new, flagship phones that were less expensive and less
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From £699 (iPhone 12 mini)/£799 (iPhone 12), apple.com Leave it to Apple to go big. Where Google’s Pixel 5 elicited, if we’re honest, a bit of a shrug, Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 12 – and its attendant mini, Pro and Pro Max variants – caused
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Living Room
The Z LED Strip from smart lighting experts Lifx can be fitted just about anywhere and gives you an endless array of colour options through its app. There are actually eight different zones in each two-metre strip, so you can get your living room loo
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In T3, we feature only the finest gadgets out there, and we believe that you – our loyal reader – deserve only the best tech in your life. We don’t want you to waste time, and money, on inferior products, and that’s exactly why our Tested section exi
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Best Foot Forward
A vintage version of the classic Docs, the 101s have air-cushioned soles for all-day comfort, and an anti-slip outsole held in place by the durable Goodyear Welt. £149, drmartens.com You’ll never tire of wearing these boots. They’re crafted from full
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Home Office
Many laptops and desktops come with a webcam built in, but don’t settle for what you have – the Creative Live Cam Sync 1080p will almost certainly boost the video and audio quality of your calls. The clip-on webcam can point in any direction, and it
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Apple Watch SE
Processor S5 SiP with 64?bit dualcore processor Screen 324x394 pixel / 368x448 pixel Retina OLED Storage 32GB Battery up to 18 hours OS WatchOS Connectivity GPS / GPS + 4G, Wi-Fi 4, Bluetooth 5 Dimensions 40x34x10.4mm / 44x38x10.4mm Weight 30.7g / 36
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Money No Object
There’s no better way to approach winter than with the softest scarf wrapped around your neck. And when it comes to luxury accessories of the knitwear kind, Loro Piana is the brand to look to. Founded in 1924, the Italian brand has built a reputation
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If you didn’t think your fridge could be smarter, think again: the LG InstaView Door-in-Door model has a built-in ultraviolet light purification system for your chilled water and an intelligent temperature control system to minimise internal temperat
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Apple Watch 6
Given you’ve already read our Apple Watch SE review (p64), here we’re focusing on what makes the Watch 6 unique. And there’s plenty to justify its price, with a boosted screen and more health sensors than you can shake a stick at. Starting with the s
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Which Watch
Updated for the first time since 2012, now a single millimetre larger than its predecessor and powered by Rolex’s new calibre 3235, which has a 70-hour power reserve and a proprietary Chronergy escapement. £6,450, rolex.com A stylish nod to the origi
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Ikea makes some solid furniture, and its outdoor Sollerön range is no exception. These armchairs come in either grey or brown, and you can use them on their own or combine them to form a modular sofa. The matted plastic surface will stand up to the w
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Oculus Quest 2
Processor Snapdragon XR2 Screen 72Hz (90Hz with update), 1832 x 1920 per eye Memory 6GB Storage 64GB / 256GB Battery 2-3 hours Tracking internal cameras Weight 503g There’s no doubt that standalone headsets were always the future of VR – it was just
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