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How An Army Ethicist Works To Mold Moral Soldiers
Maj. Jared Vineyard loves the Army. This, despite the car bomb in Iraq that took the lives of eight in his platoon. This, despite the faces around him of combat veterans who have seen “too much.”  Major Vineyard, an Army chaplain, U.S. Military Acade
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A Global Gauge To Set The World Aright
The first five months of 2022 have provided vivid illustrations of how the world’s problems have become even more interconnected. The war in Ukraine has exacerbated the effects of climate change on food insecurity in Africa and Asia, and its impact o
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Voting: Should It Be Only For Citizens?
The right to vote may seem inextricably linked to citizenship in the United States. But since America’s founding, 40 states – at different times – have allowed noncitizen voting in local, state, or federal elections; and while today it’s now illegal
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‘We Own This City’: Can A Show About Corruption Lead To Better Policing?
After the critical acclaim of “The Wire,” it was always going to take a huge story for its creator, David Simon, to return to the world of crime, drugs, and the Baltimore Police Department. But when the real-life corruption scandal of the city’s Gun
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Is There A Middle Ground On Abortion?
When Monitor reporters Jessica Mendoza and Samantha Laine Perfas packed their bags for Louisiana, they knew they were about to wade knee-deep into one of the nation’s most rancorous debates.  It was 2019 and it looked like the question of reproductiv
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Ukraine's 'Surzhyk' Hybrid Language Came From 'Flour Mix'
According to Russian propaganda, Ukrainian is not a “real” language, but rather a regional dialect of Russian. According to most linguists, it is a separate language, about as different from Russian as Spanish is from Portuguese, or English from Dutc
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Work From Home? Alabama Towns Say ‘Come On Down.’
It’s springtime in Northwest Alabama, when the birds chirp away in the evenings as Heather Brown and her wife, Janice, watch the day slip by from their white-painted front porch in Sheffield. It’s a slow-paced town of about 9,000, among a series of s
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‘Downton Abbey’: Is A Crawley Road Trip The Diversion Filmgoers Need?
When it was announced that the sixth and final season of “Downton Abbey” would be followed-up by a film, there was much skepticism from critics and fans alike.  They were unsure if its large ensemble of characters and storylines would be suited to th
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Glimpse Of Ukraine-Russia Ties To Come
Cheek by jowl as neighbors, Russia and Ukraine will someday need to live peacefully with each other again, perhaps even reconcile. In a courtroom this week, during the first war crimes trial held by Ukraine of a Russian soldier, the world caught a gl
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In Georgia Primary, A Test Of Trump’s Influence
David Perdue smiles reassuringly into the camera as he tries to explain to Republican voters in Georgia why he’s challenging their party’s sitting governor, Brian Kemp. “Look, I like Brian. This isn’t personal,” the former GOP senator says in a campa
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How Pro-Ukraine Alliance’s Success Explains Why Biden Is In Asia
As Joe Biden arrived in South Korea Friday for his first trip to Asia as president, he left behind rumblings in Washington questioning the timing of the trip. For some, this is not the moment to distract the United States from the biggest internation
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How One ‘Neighborhood Hero’ Is Nourishing Buffalo After The Shooting
When 13 people were shot (10 fatally) at a Buffalo, New York, Tops Friendly Markets store last weekend, Dakarai Singletary did what came naturally to him – the work of a hero. As the founder and president of Candles in the S.U.N., a nonprofit based i
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‘Replacement Theory’: The View From An Immigration-wary Georgia District
Justin Walis, a 26-year truck driver, doesn’t see his beliefs in the Buffalo, New York, shooting last weekend.  Mr. Walis wears his fourth-generation German immigrant status like a name tag, praises foreign-born colleagues, and says he supports more
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Walls Start To Fall In Northern Ireland Classrooms
A generation after the Good Friday Agreement ended one of the world’s longest sectarian conflicts, Northern Ireland’s carefully balanced calm is showing signs of strain. A ballot victory early this month by the political party Sinn Féin marked the fi
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Russia And The NATO It Didn’t Want: A Disaster, Or ‘No Problem’?
Amid Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine, the perennially neutral Nordic states of Finland and Sweden have reversed decades of policy and applied for membership in the NATO military alliance. For Moscow this is, at least on the symbolic level, a d
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I’m Up A Tree, And I Like It
Do children still climb trees? When I was a kid, many decades ago, I couldn’t stay out of them. A sycamore grew in front of my home. At the age of 10 I was just tall enough to reach its lowest branch and hoist myself into its embrace. Standing on tha
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How ‘Angel Of Vorzel’ Rescued Ukrainians Trapped Behind Russian Lines
The Russian military had turned districts north of Kyiv into killing zones, where neither cars nor Ukrainians could safely pass. Yet Konstantin Gudauskas found a path to carry out rescue missions – ferrying civilians out of occupied areas – day after
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Voters Tweak Lebanon’s Rule By Sects
More than three-quarters of Lebanon’s population lives in poverty. Among young people, more than 70% want to emigrate. The value of the national currency has dropped 90% in the past two years. And the electoral system remains rigged for religion-base
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Courage Seeking Truth: Shireen’s Lesson For Younger Journalists
I can never forget Shireen Abu Akleh’s lesson in courage. It is a lesson I was reminded of when I learned that my mentor and friend had been shot and killed last week, reportedly by Israeli forces, while covering an Israeli military raid in the north
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In Key Battlegrounds, Races For Secretary Of State Take On New Weight
Most voters can’t name the secretary of state where they live. Traditionally a low-profile office, it doesn’t often merit much in the way of media coverage or fundraising when on the ballot, as it is in 27 states this fall.  In Georgia, however, GOP
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Poland Given Pass On Rights Violations Because Of Ukraine War Role
At first sight, the political map of Europe 10 weeks after Vladimir Putin launched his war on Ukraine would warm the cockles of any Western strategist’s heart. The view from 30,000 feet shows unprecedented levels of unity, both among European states
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Biden's Bid To Boost Somalia
The Biden administration said Monday that it would redeploy hundreds of American troops to Somalia to help contain a threat from Islamist insurgents. A day later, it said it would provide $670 million in emergency food assistance to the East African
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As Youth Anti-war Sentiment Persists, Russia Pushes Patriotism At School
The letter Z, the symbol of Russia’s “special military operation” against Ukraine, has proliferated across the urban landscape: on billboards, windshields, public buildings, and T-shirts. Increasingly, it’s even being displayed by children at school
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Ahead Of Crucial Party Congress, Xi Faces Doubts Over Policies
A huge red banner lining a corridor in a warehouse-like Shanghai quarantine hospital declares Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s exhortation in bold white characters: “Persistence is Victory!” Mr. Xi’s call for persistence is now China’s watchword – not onl
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To Fish Is To Live Just A Moment In The Future
My husband, Dave, never cared much for fishing, until it was late enough in the game that the frying pan came out. He’s a whiz in the kitchen, but he likes a little more ... activity in his activities. Fishing is boring, he says, because most of the
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Russian Info War Matches Its Land War: Loud, But Unsophisticated
The letter circulating on Telegram recently offered an explanation for why Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol continue to resist despite overwhelming odds. Ukrainian soldiers, it said, face execution if they are found to have surrendered to Russian force
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Buffalo’s Defining Recovery From A Mass Shooting
Mass tragedies often bring a community closer together, as Buffalo, New York, discovered May 14 after the killing of 10 people at a neighborhood store. Crowds gathered in prayer vigils, many singing “Amazing Grace,” near the Tops Friendly Market. Mus
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A Post-pandemic Need For Trust
Is trust in tatters? The pandemic, inflation, and climate change have shaken public confidence in the ability of governments to solve serious threats. Long stretches of social distancing and remote work have undermined trust between people – the rece
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Why Many Republicans Now Oppose Abortion Exceptions For Rape
Ryan Bomberger was 13 years old when his adoptive parents first told him he was conceived after his birth mother was raped. He grew up in a devout evangelical family with 15 children, 10 of whom were adopted by his parents, who were committed to prov
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What’s Drawing The US Back Into Libya? Ukraine, Russia, And Oil.
A decade after NATO countries helped oust dictator Muammar Qaddafi, the United States is close to getting Libya’s bitterly divided political factions to unite – over oil. Driven by the Ukraine war-induced energy crunch, U.S. officials have dramatical
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