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Estranged Modernisms
Drawing out the personal, historical, and the philosophical, a new translation of Yi Sang’s work edited by Don Mee Choi offers an original look at a classic writer.
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You tunneled into reason: that many earthlings you had observed had enjoyed ecstatic many moments already where they had relaxed into the comfort of being invisible.
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Cat Dreams
The first time I read On Cats, I was in a sentimental mood. I had just returned home after seven months in Germany, where I’d left behind two cats belonging to my host family, two small piebalds to whom I’d grown rather attached and whom I was missin
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Lineal Gaps
Every Christmas while she was still alive, my mother’s mother would leave a single unwrapped toy among the other presents under the tree for each of her children. My mother and her sister would always get a baby doll, their faces uncovered and waitin
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The Water Defenders
In 2009, an environmental activist was murdered in El Salvador. What happened next challenges conventional wisdom about activism, "the poor," and where real power really lies.
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When Housing Was a Human Right
Two former classmates reconnect to talk about growing up in New York City cooperative housing in the 1970s.
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There’s No Simple Way to Make it OK
I was enamored with the notion that all I had to do to drive the sadness away, to have something to look forward to, was open a can of meadows.
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Loving Lebanon is one thing; living there is another. Generation after generation, surviving in the homeland sometimes costs too much.
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Life In The Bush Of Borscht
Red Wave explores one American woman’s journey in the underground world of Soviet rock 'n' roll.
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Behold A Pale Rider
It is customary in cases such as these to express regret and plead for mercy. You will hear no such words from me.
Guernica Magazine5 min gelesenLGBTQIA+ Studies
Hot for Epistolary Poetry
The editors of We Want It All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics on imagination, abundance, and what keep them up at night
Guernica Magazine12 min gelesenGender Studies
Melissa Febos: Trailheads of Discomfort
The author of Girlhood talks about patriarchy, empty consent, and being aware of her feral qualities.
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Te-Ping Chen: “Every Story Unfolded As A Series Of Surprises In The Writing.”
The author of Land of Big Numbers talks about interweaving real life with the fantastic to write about today’s China.
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Forsyth Harmon: Love and Self-Loathing in Long Island
The author of the illustrated novel Justine reflects on queer teenage longing, deprivation, and Diet Coke.
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Obum stretched his hand with the same carefreeness that he reached for Ralu’s balls and turned up the volume.
Guernica Magazine40 min gelesenAmerican Government
Nihilism, Optimism, and the Noble Cause
On the day before the January 5 runoff election, I was standing in downtown Atlanta near the Centennial Olympic Park, watching then-president-elect Joe Biden speak to a stadium-sized fleet of cars whose drivers had climbed onto their roofs and were c
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Let’s Make a Deal
In the author’s note of Mateo Askaripour’s debut novel Black Buck, he asks the reader to do three things: “1) Let down your guard and open your mind to what I’m going to tell you. 2) Understand that I want all people to be successful, but…I’m startin
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A Monumental Shift
A group of artists and creative technologists wield augmented reality to insert women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ icons into the landscape of public memory.
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The Life and Death of Antonio Sajvín Cúmes
He planned to write a memoir, The Life of a Migrant. Its central thesis: The American Dream is a lie.
Guernica Magazine13 min gelesenNature
Bad Birds in Quarantine
Last winter, Ray Harinarain, a heating and air-conditioning contractor living in Brooklyn, flew home to Guyana with several thousand dollars in cash. Escorted by armed guards, he drove from village to village, examining wild finches like some veterin
Guernica Magazine13 min gelesen
Patricia Lockwood: “I Like The Things People On The Internet Can’t Talk About.”
The author’s debut novel, No One Is Talking About This, is about the internet. Here, she takes us on a virtual tour of the memes that helped her write it. 
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Elizabeth Lo: “Like The Dogs, I Existed In A Limbo Where I Wasn’t Entirely Part Of Human Society.”
The director of Stray talks about shooting a film from a dog’s point of view, and what we can learn from de-centering the human gaze.
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Hamilton’s Familiar Sound
The songs performed by women in Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical don't sound very revolutionary.
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Men I Hate: The Stasi Men
All the dogs in Berlin had the same face. A wiry, bearded face with intelligent eyes and perked ears. None of the dogs paid me the slightest bit of attention even though I was so dog hungry, missing our Labradoodle and yellow Lab back home in Boston.
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Chaos Theory
The astrologist’s question has nothing to do with star-crossed lovers. Rather, she tells me, the positioning of the planets suggests a terror within me.
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The Idiots
I am an idiot who has been to a museum, and not just to take my picture with the Mona Lisa.
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Memory Loss
A mini series, co-published with Urban Omnibus, that explores sites of public and private remembrance in New York City.
Guernica Magazine16 min gelesen
Mourn and Organize
Faced with so much loss, we need space not simply for coping, but for mobilizing against the forces that allow such losses to happen.
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Mother Tongue
A dream is never too dreadful that a child cannot narrate it. Say it just as it is. —A Yoruba proverb Your mother once had a dream that her mother outlived her. In the dream, though your mother is dead and buried, she sits in her favorite armchair, k
Guernica Magazine16 min gelesen
Girls On The Playground
Content warning: This essay contains descriptions of sexual assault. I was out sick for my elementary school’s single day of sex education, and no one would tell me what I’d missed. Years earlier, my mom said women became pregnant through prayer. Aft
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