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Epic Versus Apple? I’m Rooting For The Users
You’ve probably seen the stories: it’s an epic (eye-rolling pun intended) war between two technology giants. In this corner is Apple, accused of being a greedy colossus using its tight-fisted control over its platforms to stifle innovation and ruin c
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Mac 911
While the Files app for iOS and iPadOS gives you access to browse iCloud Drive, some parts of local storage, and third-party cloud storage, it omits a critical piece of information that’s been a useful part of file navigation since the start of compu
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Time For Apple To Reevaluate How The App Store Does Business
If there’s a segment of Apple’s business that seems to fly in the face of the company’s philosophy—not just in terms of making a product that is substandard or lackluster—but in terms of actually being at odds with the way it otherwise does business,
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Nomad Base Station Pro: Luxury Wireless Charging At A Luxury Price
Nomad’s new Base Station Pro is a wireless charging pad that costs $230. For most of you, that’s going to be the end of the review. Devices to charge your phone are meant to be inexpensive. A good wireless charging pad shouldn’t cost over $50, and a
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Mycharge Camping Lantern Power Bank
The myCharge Camping Lantern Power Bank is two handy gadgets in one. As its name indicates, it’s both a super-bright portable LED light source and a long-lasting USB power bank for charging your smartphone or other mobile devices. While it’s equipped
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Most people who take a look at the iPhone 12 will see a very familiar phone. Its shape hasn’t changed much since the iPhone X was introduced three years ago. The back is basically identical to the iPhone 11. And the sides are a clear callback to the
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Every year Apple releases a new iPhone, and every year we note that it is faster and has a better camera, along with one or two other small feature changes. In rare years, like with the introduction of the iPhone X, we get a dramatic shift in design
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MacOS Big Sur: Learn About The User Interface Changes
With macOS 11 Big Sur, Apple takes the opportunity to refresh the Mac’s user interface. The changes aren’t dramatic—don’t worry, you’ll be able to use your Mac like usual. The changes give the Mac a more modern look, and also have led to speculation
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Apple Watch Series 6 Review: Still A Rhapsody, Now In Blue
There are plenty of decent smartwatch options out there, including Apple’s own SE, but the Apple Watch Series 6 is the only real choice in smartwatches. You might not need all of the things it does right now, but if you’re going to spend a few hundre
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MacOS Big Sur: Add, Remove, And Manage Notifications And Widgets In The Notification Center
With macOS 11 Big Sur, Apple redesigned Notification Center. It is now a single column of notifications and widgets to provide quick information with just a click. Let’s take a look at the new Notification Center, and how you can customize it to your
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How To Use Keynote’s New Play Slideshow In Window Feature With Videoconferencing Services
Keynote is designed best for presenters to work across two screens. One is typically a projector or large monitor; the other, a laptop screen or computer screen in front of the presenter. Keynote fills that second screen with a variety of presenter’s
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MacOS Big Sur: What’s New In The Photos App
Photos might be the most important app on the Mac. After all, it is used to manage your precious, invaluable photos. It is the app we get the most questions about for our Mac 911 column (see page 136). So when a new version is in the works, you proba
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How To Disable Content Blockers On A Per-site Basis In MacOS Safari
Content-blocking Safari extensions let you select what kinds of items you want websites to load. Popular blockers prevent third-party tracking links, auto-play video, known malicious content, and a number of other undesirable elements. However, most
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Apple’s Pay Services Explained, And How To Find And Change Payment Methods
As part of its digital services, Apple offers different payment methods that you can use at its own store as well as other online retailers and third-party walk-in shops. It can be difficult to sort out what method applies where. Here’s the rundown t
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How To Remove Page Numbers When Printing From Numbers
Numbers for macOS offers sophisticated options for printing spreadsheets, charts, and other items created in the numerically minded app. In producing this output, you might want to remove page numbers or customize a header or footer with additional d
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Houdahgeo 6: Mac Geotagging App Now Plays Nice With Apple Photos
No matter how many cameras get added to future iPhones, Apple is unlikely to ever match the quality of images captured by a true single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. With the market for point-and-shoot cameras demolished, smartphones have been deemed goo
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How To Delete Text In All Sorts Of Ways On Your Mac
If you’re a long-time Mac user or a new one, it’s possible you’re only aware of the Delete key, which is technically a “backward delete”: it deletes characters to the left of the current cursor in English and other languages that read left-to-right.
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Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9: Good For Macs, Waiting For Multi-os Improvements
It’s not that common to find full-featured security suites for the Mac. Quite often major antivirus makers provide a stripped-down version of their Windows product with notable bells and whistles missing. Not so with Intego’s Mac Premium Bundle X9, a
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HomePod Mini: 6 Things To Know About Apple’s New Smart Speaker
Apple in October added a new member to its smart speaker lineup. The HomePod mini is a smaller version of the HomePod speaker Apple released in 2018, and if it takes off, it will help Apple grab a bigger piece of the burgeoning smart speaker market.
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Hot Stuff
This hybrid robot vacuum and mop impresses with its multiple cleaning modes, smart navigation and mapping, and a powerful suction. Using the physical remote or the Kyvol companion app, you can activate the various cleaning modes, start and stop clean
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HomePod Mini: What It Means To Apple’s Smart Speaker Lineup
There was big news out of Cupertino in October—big news! Apple announced a new, smaller version of one of its products at a cheaper price point, potentially opening it up to a whole new class of customers. I speak, of course, of the HomePod mini (see
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IOS 14: How To Use The App Library
Prior to iOS 14, one of the central problems with iOS (compared to Android) was that every single app you’ve ever downloaded has to exist somewhere on your home screen. You can have folders, you can have multiple home screens, but you can’t simply hi
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Apple Music TV Launches Quietly, Streaming Music Videos 24/7
Without so much as a press release, Apple has unveiled a new 24-hour-a-day music video channel. Simply called Apple Music TV, the service currently streams nothing but one music video after another, all day, every day. You’ll find Apple Music TV in t
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IOS 14: How To Add, Remove, And Customize Widgets
Apple has released iOS 14, and it’s the first time in years that the company has made significant changes to the home screen. There are several new features, but perhaps the most significant change is the new Widgets system. We’ve had Widgets on the
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Fluance Ai60 Bluetooth Speaker: Large And In Charge!
Since 1999, Canadian audio company Fluance has built a reputation for high-performance, high-value passive speakers, turntables, and what it calls “music systems”—self-powered Bluetooth speakers. Last year, I reviewed the Fluance Fi20, a small, porta
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IOS 14: Everything New In Maps
Apple Maps got off to an ignominious start, but Apple has done a really great job in the last couple years of bringing it up to par. The new in-house maps data has now expanded throughout the entire U.S., and it has made a huge difference in the prec
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Andover Audio PM-50 Planar Magnetic Headphone: Audiophile Sound, Tolerable Price Tag
Andover Audio’s PM-50 headphone is one of the few but growing number of headphone models built around ultra high-resolution planar magnetic drivers (50mm, in this case). This $500 over-the-ear, open-backed model does a fine job of distracting and div
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The macOS menu bar is convenient for quickly accessing favorite widgets, but it doesn’t take long for this real estate to become overcrowded. That’s why I love apps that perform multiple tasks while consuming a minimal amount of precious space along
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Does The Apple TV Have A Future?
The Apple TV: perhaps the most unloved of Apple’s major platforms? Even though the Apple TV has been around about as long as the iPhone—it was actually shown off by Steve Jobs before the iPhone’s announcement, though it was then called the “iTV”—the
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